NY Mag: The Kids Were Safe The Whole Time


COVID isn’t killing children.

New York Magazine:

“The kids are safe. They always have been.

It may sound strange, given a year of panic over school closures and reopenings, a year of masking toddlers and closing playgrounds and huddling in pandemic pods, that among children the mortality risk from COVID-19 is actually lower than from the flu. The risk of severe disease or hospitalization is about the same.

This is true for the much-worried-over Delta variant. It is also true for all the other variants, and for the original strain. Most remarkably, it has been known to be true since the very earliest days of the pandemic — indeed it was among the very first things we did know about the disease. The preliminary mortality data from China was very clear: To children, COVID-19 represented only a vanishingly tiny threat of death, hospitalization, or severe disease.

Yet for a year and a half we have been largely unwilling to fully believe it. Children now wear masks at little-league games, and at the swimming pool, and when school reopens in the fall they will likely wear masks there, too. But the kids are not at risk themselves, and never were. …”

Didn’t we know this from the beginning?

Was there ever any evidence that COVID was killing lots of children? Anywhere in the world?

Note: I kept my son in school all of last year. He was fine and never had any problems.

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  1. @ pulled our kid out of school, didn’t like it one bit, but she want to wear the mask all day, I have not wore a mask for five minutes, since this all started, how could I send her to school, under those circumstances, when I would not wear a mask myself.

  2. More people are getting sick and dying from the “covid” vaccine than the “disease” itself.

  3. There’s no reason vaccinate kids. Just those over 50 and people who want to over 40. Liberals just fell in love with grovelling in front of niggers and teachers liked the time off. Bunch of fucking cunts. They tried to get Boris out by creating loony rules and removed Trump. It’s all political charade on that level.

  4. My feeling is, it wasn’t just an hysterical overreaction, these are people who want a communist style police state, and this ‘pandemic’ gave them a good excuse to shut down schools, churches, legal business, and basically stomp all over what’s left of the American people’s constitutional rights.

    • My feeling: This is just a dry run for whatever else they plan to unleash on us in the near future.

  5. Yes we knew that from the beginning, but of course children with the benign infection become silent spreaders to adults. Public health should not be divided. The general quarantine including children was/is to protect the entire, general public. Some other diseases strike the young more than the mature and the mature with benign infection can spread them to the young. Kennel cough, a coronavirus that infects dogs, can kill puppies but is less serious in adult dogs, and puppies catch it from adults.

    Yes of course the kids were safe the whole time and are still safe, but adults, especially older adults, and the immunocompromised, were NOT safe. They are still not safe because too many people refuse to be vaccinated, so the disease becomes endemic insuring mlllions more unnecessary deaths in the future until a milder but still infectious strain of the virus evolves. The death toll in the U.S. is probably now almost one million, not just the official +600,000, because for a very long time there was no testing. We are learning from blood bank samples and city sewage samples that the disease was widespread in the U.S. in 2019, and the distinctive “ground glass” lung signature of Covid was appearing in victims of “vaping pneumonia” and nursing home “atypical summer pneumonia” in outbreaks fanning out from the vicinity of the Fort Detrick biological research facility that had recently been closed for breach of security protocol.

    • No it wasnt around in 2019. The disease did originate in Wuhan and showed up in Qom after that. Lab Leak, sloppy hygenic practice hubristic spelunking. The most sinister possibility is that some jew in the Defence department struck at China with a bioweapon though. The video of the Chinese virologists spelunking the bat caves is a smoking gun tbh.

  6. Brad- SRSLY? You were THE scaremonger par excellence over the last 18 months, with your graphs and charts, telling us all, ‘the numbers of dead,’ etc. Over and over again.

    And you called those of us who woke up to the Fauci’s lies (sometime during Trump’s feeble attempt to talk about hydroxychloroquine) little short of the Covid equivalent of ‘Birthers,’ during Obama’s era!!!

    And you ALLOWED posters to presume intelligence, while spouting the CDC’s Bullcrap- while silencing others.

    You censored numerous posts I made, in which I linked Ann Barnhardt, Dr. Mercola, and other ‘doubters’ back when doing so, cost me at least half of the ‘contacts list’ on my phone. You then mandated that no one talk about the fact that:

    1) Covid is a corona virus… just like the common cold.
    2) The elderly that died, died of the things elderly people die of – pneumonia, co-morbidities, etc.
    3) Boosting one’s immune system (Via Vitamin D, Zinc, Querticin, etc.) was futile… until it has been shown by ‘scientific studies’… that it DOES help keep people healthier, and points out the utter vacuity of the Giant Agribiz industry giving us empty, but pretty, Frankenfoods.
    4) You almost got to ‘Trust the Science’ like the LIBTARD idiots I still have/call my ‘friends’ – who only maintained that relationship, ONCE I AGREED TO REFRAIN FROM TRYING TO TELL THEM, they were idiots for believing the short Wop who gave us the AIDS crisis, forty years ago, and was now trying to stigmatize the REST of us!
    5) Even when Ivermectin began to be used in other countries (in Africa, India, etc.) I don’t think you once gave a nod to help Americans gain awareness of this off-market, effective option from the COVID PRICK.

    I truly don’t mean to be your continual thorn in the side, but “Dammit, Brad!” (Rocky Horror reference, there)

    Could you admit you were a little over-zealous (i.e., WRONG) about much of this?
    There are those of us, who would appreciate it.

  7. The obsession with practically demanding that everyone get the jab makes me wonder what’s really in the “vaccine”. Now a door to door campaign to locate the un jabbed?

  8. I echo much of what John has to say above.

    The virus is real. So are the variants. Even the regimes numbers are conclusive at this point though, that this thing was overwraught to say the least. It was a threat to fat boomers and inner city minorities in general, and not a real threat to anybody else.

    The reaction and policy thats resulted was based on a media generated hysteria that amounted to nothing more than a psyop intended to lose Trump the election, and centralize control in the bureaucracy. Yes Trump was incompetent but this isn’t the point and is just a red herring.

    It was convenient for the folks on the dissident right who were trying to suppress turnout for Trump to boost the covid psyop.

    It was cynical at best. But thats what everybody was doing in their own way ranging from TRS spending most of their time on holocaust revisionism and black pill carpet bombing to Richard Spencer openly endorsing Biden to cause whiplash in the dissident right that effectively paralyzed alot of people and made them tune out.

    The real problem, in addition to the fact that the real consequences of the bad policy over reach (suicides, delayed medical treatments and destroyed businesses) cannot be covered in good faith by the “populist” dissident right now, because they were primary boosters of the regimes propaganda at the time, as John says above, and were forceful in quashing those of us calling bullshit at the time. This, and the fact that its now known that the media has lied about the vaccines we were all bullied about using, about death figures, which were inflated and most importantly about the origin of this virus (which spoke to Trumps credibility) has resulted in the intellectuals of the dissident right being totally out of step with the White working class who were disproportionately damaged by the psyop, and are now fully animated in opposition to the psyop, won’t take the vaccines and have nothing but mistrust even for their state governments now by and large.

    The dissident right sided with the regime against the White working class’s president. I’ve litigated this to death. I think it was a short sighted mistake. Time will tell.

    This is the issue now though, because it wasn’t done for good reasons, but just for the sake of autistic purity spiraling about Trump being the president of Israel, and bombing brown hero general (neither issue matters to normy Whites). It doesn’t matter if independents actually flipped (the shear amount of circumstantial evidence for fraud in the swing states (coverage of which is conspicuously absent here) is making me doubt any of the regimes bullshit exit polls and statistics, so I don’t find this or any other stats coming out of the mainstream polling firms and media convincing). Trumps base, which is huge and still firmly behind him, is the bulk of the White working class, and they think it was stolen. That is all that matters now. And the dissident right is out of position on this.

    I don’t want a mea culpa from anybody. I’ve given lots of space for the narrative to be corrected, and don’t want to cause dissent because its counterproductive.

    But to date I’ve seen no course correction, and thats a problem for me, as it leaves me in doubt about what is animating this thing if not unifying the White working class.

    I think folks are jumping the shark and mistaking antisemitism for being pro-white. The 2020 election is a case in point for them not being the same thing at all, and for why its important to have your priorities straight.

    There’s nothing wrong with copping to being wrong on stuff. Only demagogues never admit they were wrong. I wouldn’t consider TRS, Spencer, OD or any of the other outlets, VDare or even most of the people writing at Unz.com to be demagogues. I reserve that distinction still for Andrew Anglin and his flunkies.

    • It is important to remember what was being said at the time:

      1.) The virus was “just the flu.”

      2.) The virus was “just the flu,” but it was also a HOAX. It wasn’t real. Every hospital in the world was part of a massive global conspiracy. Everyone who claimed that they were infected with the virus was lying.

      3.) Millions of people would starve to death because of the lockdowns.

      4.) The military was going to drag people out of their homes and force them to take the vaccine.

      This was gospel on Daily Stormer and other conspiratard websites. Feel free to read the archives. My position was that the virus was real. It wasn’t the flu. It was a moderately lethal, highly infectious virus. It was killing people and the overwhelming majority of them were sick and old people. The hospitals weren’t part of a conspiracy. I had family members who were treating COVID patients. It wasn’t a threat to children which is why I kept my own son in school. Finally, I said the public health establishment discredited itself when it endorsed the George Floyd riots at the end of May and the beginning of June, which made the lockdowns pointless.

      What did I say at the time? I said that the virus was going to cost Trump the election. I said that he was losing Independent voters. I never at any point endorsed Joe Biden. In fact, I said that Joe Biden was going to be an awful president on one of the podcasts with Spencer. I figured he would win. Both the 2020 election and COVID played out as I said it would. Trump lost the election because he lost the support of White Independent voters which we documented here and warned would happen for four years.

      Anyway, it is all over now. We don’t have the reach to swing elections. We can only discern how they are going. We’re more of a barometer of a slice of the Independent electorate.

      • I agree 100% with all of your comment. You are excellent on public health, and many other issues, though I differ on some others in my present understanding.

      • I hope your dad comes out of it with minimal ill effects.

        My criticisms of policy prescriptions are always in general, and do not of course minimize my sympathy for individual serious cases, which aren’t representative of the norm.

        In any case we aren’t going to accomplish anything arguing about it now, so I’m pretty done talking about it.

        pax vobiscum

        Think about the JQ thing. Its a more salient critique right now.

  9. The kids were in school most of last year in my town, but forced to wear masks. Now they are maindating the vaccine, which I don’t care for either. I’ve tried to tell local elected officials that they are the people’s representatives, not these cunt busybodies at the health dept.

  10. Children are not COMPLETELY safe. In the poorly vaccinated state of Mississippi, for example, children are hospitalized with Delta variant, including seven children now in intensive care, two of them on ventilators, in the very poorly vaccinated state of Mississippi. Many more children are sick enough to show symptoms, and all are able to infect others. Delta is now the dominant strain in the U.S. and it can break through both vaccine and prior case immunity. Fully vaccinated people now account for seven percent of Delta variant deaths.

    • China is taking the more infectious Delta variant even more seriously than the “original” strain. China said it did not need vaccination for the original strain, because testing, masking, distancing and quarantine was enough to eradicate it in China. But to control this new more infectious strain that was recently introduced to China from outside, China is carrying out universal vaccination (using state of the art Chinese-created MRNA vaccine) – unlike mostly scientifically-illiterate Americans, they really know what they are doing!

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