Jimmy Dore: MSNBC Courts Younger Viewers With Neocons and FBI Agents

What is the Left?

As Jimmy Dore correctly points out, the Democrats have recently grown a neocon imperialist wing, a Pentagon wing, a Wall Street wing and an FBI wing. The people who we have locked horns with for twenty years since George W. Bush was president are increasingly MSNBC contributors. In fact, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are now the toast of the Democratic Party.

Have you noticed the shift? The new Democratic Party is Russia obsessed shitlibs, FBI agents, glorifying Liz Cheney, “trans,” the SALT caucus and Ibram X. Kendi. Among other things, the Democrats don’t believe in free speech, civil liberties or equality anymore. Liberalism is also white supremacy now. Turn on MSNBC and these days you will find a neocon airing straight up Deep State propaganda.

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  1. The homosexual pederast Democratic Party wants to pick a fight with the Christian Russian Military

    The Christian Russian Military will destroy the homosexual pederast US Military

  2. Just call the Bolsheviks. That Joni Mitchell clone is revolting. There for all the aging boomer feminists with ruined families obviously. It’s the man’s fault!

    • HT-88

      The 1960s counter-cultural revolution destroyed young White Boomer Women…the crop that was born between 1945-1948 had a massive fertility drop by 1970…to the great joy of Paul Ehrlich and the numbersusa.com childless freaks….Post-1965 the Democratic Party took advantage of the massive drop in White Female Boomer fertility by importing Mexicans…Hindus…Chinese…Koreans….Pakistani Muslims…Hmong…Central Americans….The demographic nullification of the Native White Vote on Nov 3 2020 was a direct consequence…..

      The childless White Boomer Women who slept with Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band in the 1970s are going to be euthanized in a Hospice-horrible death…

      White Boomer Women born in 1945 should had 7 children per White Women…..There would be no demographic nullification on Nov 3 2020…

      Feminism=whorism…think about it…

      • @Patrick of Greenport:

        Well, I’m a little more optimistic than you are. Young White leftists are having and have been having fewer children, but young people in more conservative areas are having more children. Out in the smaller, bedroom exurb towns, I notice that the younger side of Gen X, and many Gen Y are having at least three children. One of my nieces has five children. (Very fertile Myrtle) and she is raising six altogether, because her stepdaughter’s mother died. So, this young couple are raising quite a few kids. Their friends are all White and the family with the least amount of children has three.

        Mind you, these are working class White families who, because of their jobs, all have neighbors and coworkers who are Hispanic and many of them have three to six children. And while you may think that’s a bad thing, I have to respectfully disagree, because many Whites limited the number of children because the Usual Media Suspects convinced them that to properly raise a child to reach adulthood requires a quarter of a million dollars. So many White New York Times readers are what old-timers used to call “more book smart than street smart,” so they dutifully budgeted for children that would ultimately cost a quarter million each. That’s why so many families had two children, tops.

        My niece has a three bedroom house and three girls share one room and three boys share another. She and the husband don’t eat fancy; she cooks from scratch and though they eat it, meat is more of a garnish than anything else when it comes to meal prep and she has a garden especially during Co-Vid when she was one of those whose field would have been considered non-essential. She couldn’t collect unemployment, because she had not been working for a long time because her last pregnancy came with complications and a hysterectomy.

        To sum it up, where there’s a will, there’s a way. My niece and her husband sold their second vehicle and when she went for groceries, my niece shopped the sales carefully bringing coupons with her to stretch the family budget. Whites don’t like it when times get hard, but that’s when the creativity God gifted them with really kicks in and they absolutely thrive. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. That and if ALL Whites work collectively to help each other, we will do fine.

        I’m not that worried about White families in my niece’s age group; even though I dislike the intensely, I am truly terrified for the Urban White liberals with two or less children who are still reading/believing the New York Times propaganda and have voluntarily surrounded their tiny families with the most Vibrant Dievershitty Imaginable especially those will be fired up with the all the Anti-White themes of Critical Race Theory. But I neither have the power nor the persuasion to get them to change their ways, so maybe this is Darwin’s Natural Selection working for our race.

  3. I happened to see some CNN yesterday, and they were praising the Cuban protestors waving American flags and begging for the freedom to be conquered by international capital. If it were White Americans waving flags and talking about freedom, CNN would label them domestic terrorists.

    • Cuba is a conundrum for boomers being a Jewish project from the start. The confusion is hilarious to watch.

    • The MSM-amplified “Cuban protest” psyop with the U.S. flags waving is just ridiculous, unless it succeeds. Hundreds of capitalist ringleaders all over Cuba are being paid big money by the U.S. directly and indirectly, to do this psyop, and the rest of the exaggerated crowds, tagging along for free, are just confused.

      Meanwhile the U.S. is working very hard (behind the scenes) to prevent democratically-elected socialists from taking power in Peru, and has carried out (through Colombian proxies) yet another major attack on the electrical grid in Venezuela, designed to wear down the the people and make them miserable enough to beg for capitalism. Election coming soon in Nicaragua too, that must be swayed. The Empire is busy busy busy, imperialist guns on rapid fire everywhere.

  4. Jimmy dore is great.

    Most of those questions can be answered by the simple reality that the Dems are now the ruling party and will be moving forward

    I know brad and others see opportunities for the GOP to capitalize on woke excesses. That might pan out but right now the safe bet is still the dems will continue to go in dominance and america will become a one party state like California.

    And when you’re the ruling party you *HAVE TO* become the war party, the intelligence party, the financial party etc because if not, Dems would actually have the power to make changes. And upsetting the apple cart is not what america is about.

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