Tucker Carlson: Chaos In South Africa Is a Lesson For America

Tucker Carlson covered the violence in South Africa last night.

He also said that he would be doing another segment on it tonight. It looks like his team will have plenty of material to work with. There are far too many clips coming out to post here. BTW, the lesson for America here is that these scenes could easily be Lenox Square in Atlanta or the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Note: Last night, it got so serious that a KFC was set on fire.

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  1. Tucker is such a race realist, yep so kosher is he,

    Will not tune in tomorrow with his analysis of what we could only imagine is happening to whites and not the infrastructure that’s been in decay for decades sine low IQ tolerant (((rule)))

  2. There is only one lesson here:

    The Historic Native Born White American Majority allowed themselves to be voted into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Nonwhite Legal Immigrants and their US Born nonwhite geneline=The highly racialized majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc….and White Males allowed this to happen because NFL TYRONE BALL was more important….

    If you are still watching NFL TYRONE BALL….You are a cucked faggot….and this means you are a homosexual..

    • @Patrick – I would only take exception to the assertion that the Majority “allowed” themselves to be voted into a minority. We were never asked. In the case of an occasional direct referendum, results that did not echo the anti-White agenda were inevitably reversed.

  3. Thank God , for modern electronics.
    If not for cellphones , we wouldn’t be seeing any truth.
    The obsolete media would never cover the facts, they would be dismissed with vague euphemisms, like “unrest’.

  4. I watched a wonderful clip from the helicopters circling a burning Durban mall. There was a KFC bucket statue outsite that was left unburned somehow.

  5. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    Post-1965 NONWHITE LEGAL Immigrant Policy

    Massive increase in the Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    Massive increase in the power of the Democratic Party

    The Democratic open intent to enslave and exterminate

    The Historic Native Born White Working Class Majority



    Nov 3 2020

  6. The looting nigger kwaps say it all.

    Kaffirs are lootin’, shootin’, rapin’ apes. That’s all they can or will ever be.

  7. The one with the little whipper makes me angry. The Whites just take it and don’t even really try to fight back. Kind of sums everything up.

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