Europeans Are Going Childfree To Save The Planet

I’m deeply skeptical of climate change.

The class of people who are pushing this propaganda can’t be trusted on countless other issues. Climate change is their biggest hobby horse. It is backed by “science” like “trans.”

Back in April, Vogue ran an article which asked if having children was an act of pure environmental vandalism. It is based on the same logic that sees a chicken sandwich as a moral catastrophe and which is fueling this bizarre media obsession with promoting bug eating. Now, Prince Harry and Meghan are pushing depopulation for the ostensible purpose of limiting carbon emissions.


“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been named as environmental “role models” for deciding to have no more than two children to reduce their impact on the planet.

Population Matters, a UK-based charity that campaigns for a “sustainable human population” said it had chosen the couple to receive an award for their “enlightened” decision.

Harry previously told British Vogue he and Meghan would have “maximum” two children. The couple’s son, Archie was born in May 2019, followed by their daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana in June this year.

“In choosing and publicly declaring their intention to limit their family to two, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are helping to ensure a better future for their children and providing a role model for other families,” a spokesperson for Population Matters said. …”

Anything that emits carbon is destroying the planet.

Therefore, it is immoral to have children and to eat meat.

France 24:

As the global population exceeds 7.8 billion people, some French people have made the decision not to have children – a radical choice born out of a desire to help the planet and do their part to reverse global warming.

“Having a child would be totally against my principles. I’ve never wanted children and am more certain of this decision the older I get,” says Manon, 26. “I don’t see why I would impose another consumer on this world. In the Western world, we consume more than the resources available,” she adds.

Like Manon, more and more young adults are deciding not to have children for environmental reasons. Online they call themselves “childfree” or even “ginks” – short for “green inclinations, no kids” – and they staunchly defend their decision not to have children. World Population Day, which falls on July 11, serves as another reminder of the world’s ballooning population. It comes from the Day of Five Billion – July 11, 1987 – chosen by the United Nations as the approximate day on which the world population reached 5 billion.  

“I have absolutely no desire to leave this planet to a child,” YouTuber Anna Bogen tells her more than 15,000 subscribers in a video on her channel. “When the planet has no resources left, I’ll be six feet under. But if I have a child, they and their children will have to live with it. I don’t want to inflict that on anybody.”

Denis Garnier, the president of Démographie Responsable (Responsible Demographics), an organisation founded in 2009 to promote a lower birth rate, says that over the past 10 years, talking about not having children has become a lot more common. “Young people are a lot more aware, thanks to the publication of studies about global warming and more public questioning about the destruction of biodiversity,” he explains.

graphic on the organisation’s website counts in real time the number of people alive on earth. The counter steadily ticks upwards. “We’re already at 7.8 billion. It’s already too much. We should hit 8 billion by 2022 or 2023,” says Garnier. 

‘One less child, that’s 40 tonnes of carbon saved a year’ …”

Just observing these people, I get the sense that climate change is becoming a central tenant of their post-Christian religion. It has replaced the Apocalypse. They have their own diet now like the world’s other great religions. They have their own original sin which is whiteness.

Note: Christianity doesn’t deify Mother Earth. Christianity also encourages procreation.

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  1. Only WHITES are stupid enough to swallow this poison or pay attention to it.

    The other races just ignore it, as so much distant noise.

    • In the reality of things, not having WHITE children is the greatest of environmental disasters, because it is from those WHITE children the solutions to environmental problems will come.

      The growing populations of non-whites will only lead to compounding environmental failures and never any solutions.

    • Arrian,

      That is true. As I have written before I am one of 11 children. When I marry I plan to have lots of children. Last year my family counted our first cousins. We had 88. I believe there are more now.

  2. These are the same people who push for more immigration to fill vacancies due to labour shortages.
    They’re the same people who never flap a lip over Chinese pollution. They’re the same people who are happy to see more habitat destruction to make way for more roads, buildings and infrastructure……..due to ongoing immigration.
    But if you’re white, have fewer kids……… that’ll fix things!
    The agenda is pretty bloody obvious!

  3. This child free is actually helping our side. Like many diseases, madness is genetic and despite hitting every group hard, liberals tend to have least children.

    Eastern Europe is “conservative” not because we are special but we had 2 world wars, 2 revolutions Civil War, Stalin Hitler, local resistance and those all together slaughtered so many brats that their genes quit spreading.

    West may follow same pattern. Liberals just die out. Especially when we have again turbulent and violent times ahead. Many diseases are gone because people with weak genes died out. And how vaxxing will turn out, this remains to see.

  4. Our contribution to global warming, it there is any, is a distant second to China, India and africa.
    This is just another distraction test, to test the gullibility of WHITES.

  5. And at the same time, they cite declining birth rates in white countries as a justification for mass immigration and refuse to take any steps to help limit the amount of children being born in Africa.

  6. Having White children and only White children is evil. It’s a reboot of the “Zero population” mania which too many Whites fell for in the Sixties. Because of that our shrinking population is one of the excuses used to justify flooding our countries with 3rd worlders.

    “Climate change”, the “pandemic” and “Diversity” are all being peddled by the same Anti-White crowd.

  7. This mixed mulatto and Crypto-British royal couple, and millions of other rootless cosmopolitan couples limit themselves to two children or less, while Mono-Ethnic couples rooted in real traditional communities, in real countries, reproduce exponentially.

    China was persuaded by the U.S., in the rapprochement after Mao, to adopt the one-child policy as a condition for trade. But China has since realized the mistake and now encourages, even rewards, multiple childbirths, and childless couples do not gain wealth by not having children but contribute more to those who do – “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” One-child law was a social and cultural disaster for the Han people, and now India is poised to become the most populous nation instead of China.

    • Limiting their population was not a problem. What was foolish is the fact that they disposed of so many female babies.

      • Peasants need a male child to do the hardest work on the farm, and a male can always bring home a female to join the family, but not vice versa, in the traditional culture.

        Remember that it was under malign U.S. influence and tutelage that Chinese leaders were convinced and agreed to reduce their population.

        • No, they have a surplus of males now. These guys can’t “bring home a female” unless they bring one from another country. Anyway, would you prefer to have 2 billion Chinamen on the planet? That’d be really great for the environment and animal populations.

  8. “. It’s a reboot of the “Zero population” mania which too many Whites fell for in the Sixties.”

    Gospel ! Fooled once, fooled again.

    “Climate change”, the “pandemic” and “Diversity” are all being peddled by the same (((Anti-White crowd.)))

  9. Pity Whinge and Ginge, (Meghan and Harry), had any children at all, especially because the carbon footprint of a royal must be enormous.

    Think of the damage the world would have been spared if Harry had had his royal nut-sack removed.

  10. “Having White children and only White children is evil. ”

    A typical (((truth inversion))).

    When having healthy, well loved, well raised, WHITE children is the greatest of virtues.

  11. If they really cared about population spiraling out of control , they’d stop the breeding in Africa, the Muslim Asian countries, and South America.

  12. Recently, the Alzheimer President took a knee in front of Rivka Ravitz [former Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s chief of staff] after learning she has 12 children.

  13. Whites are the only ones dumb enough to stop having kids because of “global” warming. The blacks, Hispanics and Chinese care more about repopulating their race than buying what the govt sells them.

  14. Lol. Of course you are. You just a fucking reactionary if someone has has a wrong issue on trannies that means they’re wrong on everything else.

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