South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Addresses The Nation As Violence Spirals

We’re currently living in a delusion.

The delusion is that White freedom and a European level of civilization is compatible with antiracism and black equity. The consequences of this delusion are currently on vivid display in South Africa.

South Africa shows that this isn’t only true for Whites. It is true for all races. You can either have freedom and opportunity and a higher level of civilization like South Africa attained under apartheid, OR, you can have multiracial democracy and regression to the lowest common denomination. South Africa chose the latter course and civilization there is currently following in the footsteps of Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe and South Africa, the property of Whites has been seized for years and redistributed to blacks in the name of equity. The White population has been crushed, impoverished and driven out by violent crime, corruption, affirmative action and other features of life under black rule.

What happened to post-apartheid South Africa? Equity happened. This is the result. It is an experiment which progressive activists would like to repeat here in this country.

Note: We recently took a giant step toward Africanization by replacing July the 4th with Independence Day.

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  1. The fact that SA has held together for 30 yrs after apartheid is a testament to the solid structures built by the WHITES

  2. At this late stage only a completely brainwashed fool or hopeless idiot cannot see the impossibility of 1st world civilization and “Diversity”.

  3. Great to see fed-up Whites & others killing nigger thugs & taunting them as they die: THAT’S the necessary spirit of the age. Of course, it’s probably too little too late in SA – but hot in the rest of WhiteWorld, yet.

  4. Every white should leave SA. Australia, Europe and America need them.
    In case you were wondering, the left loves refugees and immigrants……just not these ones.

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