Axios: Massive Trust Gap Splits America

Can you believe Republicans still trust the military?

I suppose it takes time for the truth to sink in and land and register in polls.


“Americans’ trust in all big institutions has cratered, but look at the massive gap in who we do trust. …

With President Biden in the White House, 62% of Ds said they trust the presidency vs. 13% of Rs. That’s a 49-point delta — the biggest in the survey.

No surprise here: Blue America trusts the media by double digits more than red America does.

But this is interesting: Twice as many Democrats trust public schools as do Republicans, 43% to 20%.

The big picture: Overall trust in key U.S. institutions has dropped 10 points in the past decade, according to Gallup, which began tracking the question during the Watergate year of 1973. …”

No one really trusts big business.

19% of Republicans vs. 17% of Democrats trust Big Business.

6% of Republicans trust television news. 8% trust newspapers. It is difficult to see how trust in “journalists” could sink any lower.

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    • True, I don’t think the left is quite as unpopular now with Real Americans the way McGovern got creamed by Nixon, but without all the Fake Americans here voting I suspect the election results would be quite different. The voting rights act too though. Northern places like Illinois, Delaware, Michigan are just about as black as the Southern States, just that whites there are deluded and don’t vote as a block. (Thought should I say I see that solidarity starting to wane in the South too with a lot of defecting women and punks voting against Moore in the Senate race.)

      But I had a sense something was planned with all these foreigners back in the fall of 2001 before I had seen any dissenting websites when they ran that ad with all those towelheads and chinamen saying “Eye em en Amereeekin!” If that was naturally true, then it would be self evident and not needed to be repeated over and over again. Still, brainwashed whites go into an immigrant enclave to embrace the spicy food like Bourdain or something and project their own openness to such onto the immigrants themselves not realizing they are very closed to outsiders and not open to us in the same way. They didn’t come here for the BBQ and apple pie, they just came to get rich.

      When a young, wristband wearing woke managerial class white woman gushes on about “the richness of foreign cultures” she thinks it’s all about spicy food and incense in golden temples. What they don’t get is “foreign culture” is also about squandering every last penny you save to give your lazy brother in law a free ride through life. Not joking, last job I worked with a Cambodian guy who at 21 pretended to be 15 and snuck into a refugee camp and got “adopted” by a wimpy churchy American family and went to high school pretending to be a kid. (last laugh will be on him when he will be old as shit before qualifying for retirement.) Well besides being a wanker blue balled porn fiend in high school, the first day I worked with the dude his main topic of conversation was his love for dirty movies, he ended up marrying some Cambodian woman with the obligatory in laws. He would lament to me daily how he was getting fleeced by his wife’s uncle. His mother in law ran the house, pretty much demanding his balls in a jar. She had a lazy brother who didn’t work. He’d drink all this dude’s liquor, etc and one day as he was going to work his mother in law said that her brother wanted to go to the casino today, hand him over $100 so he could have fun. SO THIS UNEMPLOYED LAZY BUM SPENT THE DAY AT THE CASINO ON THIS GUY’S DIME WHILE HE HAD TO GO TO WORK TO PAY FOR IT. A common scenario with these foreigners I hear over and over again (along with white dudes who marry these foreign chicks.) That’s why we prospered so much in nuclear families from 1950-1965 when America was Great, we didn’t have lazy in-laws demoralizing us from productivity.

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