Tucker Carlson: The U.S. Military Is Flying Illegal Aliens Around The United States

This would seem to me to the polar opposite of the rationale for having a military. The U.S. military under Gen. Mark Milley is facilitating an invasion of the states by foreigners and is being used to protect corrupt politicians in Washington from angry citizens.

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  1. The Cold War anti-commie endgame was always the racial extermination of the Native Born White Working Class Majority…….

    Invade the World…Invite the World….

  2. Things are so bad, things have gone so far that merely changing the face and the name of the politician in the White House won’t do any good, ditto those scumbags in Congress. Things have to get as bad as they are in S.A. now before White people will really notice and take action. The horribles coming in to the country now from south of the border will be pulling the lever for the Democrats next year negating the White vote. The Republicans know this but do nothing.

    White people have abandoned cities in response to colored people rioting for years, frustrating the hell out of the social engineers in charge of the country. Their solution to White evasion of colored people is to move the colored people to White areas, especially coloreds from some of the worst places in the world, those south of the border. These vicious criminals from south and central America are ideal biological weapons for use against Whites from the social engineers point of view.

    The dollar hyperinflating would throw the economy into chaos and immediately disrupt the plans of the social engineers. Supply disruptions would result in colored people rioting because of food and other shortages. Under conditions of hyperinflation the Government would be able to do close to nothing to fix things. This would destroy the legitimacy of the current regime and lead to drastic changes. What type of changes is the big question and that cannot be known now.

  3. They are relocating them into majority White states just as Obama did when he was in office. Biden may be President by title but Obama is probably calling the shots

  4. The Royal Navy, in a curious reversal of its historic role, collects invaders (sorry, vulnerable migrants) from the English Channel and conveys them to our shores. It’s only a matter of time before the US Navy adopts a similar course of action.

  5. Apparently ICE is issuing their own debit cards to the invaders. I saw a sign on a self checkout machine at Walmart saying ICE cards not working on that specific machine.

  6. “The U.S. military is flying illegal aliens around”:

    Military has also been seen flying ISIS forces (that it pretends to fight) around in helicopters from place to place where needed.

    • Most Americans don’t seem to wonder how 85 year olds from Mexico or Central America walked hundreds of miles to get here and crossed the desert. They don’t, they are bussed or driven or flown here. They come here, get on our Medicare and Social Security, and those things, alone, should anger most Americans, but it doesn’t. With so many people not working or working low pay jobs, taxes have to be strained to pay for housing and supporting these squatty brown people. No one wonders what is the advantage of letting them in. Even with some big business using them, it’s just not enough. The only thing that is obvious is using them to invade our nation.

  7. You don’t see them homeless at the ramps of freeways, like you do homeless whites. They are completely taken care of.

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