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  1. Probably have been better if Trump won though.

    I can’t wrap my head around this “worse is better”. Are you on some payroll?

    How is watching our nation in a mess better off with Biden?

        • It’s either death by a thousand cuts or up front and in your face.

          Whites are sheep with death by a thousand cuts,

          Make them uncomfortable with in your face and then they wake up and become wolves!

          Fight fire with fire!

        • No Ron its logical if you think it through.If Trump won we would have the Platinum Plan/Amnesty and anything else his Jew masters told him to do.We would have our own supposed champion doing this stuff.That is a deep psychological demoralizing blow.Either way we need help from the Master Jesus to defeat these entrenched Jews,we need true help from Heaven to overcome all their seen and unseen advantages.Hunter is correct,people truly must overcome the constant brainwashing before they can began to reassert themselves.

          • That’s why you’re on the losing path. You’re waiting for magical help from the sky that is never going to come.

        • Unfortunately, it’s not really nonsense. With Trump in power, pro-whites think they’re “winning” and simply go to sleep. They bear all of the costs of having a “white supremacist” president but enjoy none of the benefits (because he’s not actually a white supremacist). With an obvious cuck like Biden in power, it becomes clearer to more whites just how bad things are. That at least is a reasonable way to view things, whether or no it’s completely correct.

          • @Silver Agree on some points, but right now, they are letting so many nonwhites into the US, that no matter how bad it gets, we can never recover from it, and no one will ever do anything to reverse it. It’s not even about “stopping” immigration. It’s about the millions that are here already. Most whites don’t care, as long as they have the lifestyles they want. Even if they did, most whites are powerless to do something about it.

            I’d say that most of the MAGA people are not “pro-white”, but think “we are all Americans!” and favor the military-flavored view of what makes America “great”. They don’t want anything “extreme” like deporting nonwhites or having them go have their own nations and supporting themselves. They love everyone.

            They get upset over the disruption of their entertainment, such as beer, sports, marijuana…most of them know exactly how to get “medical marijuana” and love “south of the border style tacos”, but have no idea how open the border is.

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