MSNBC: Whites Are Being Demographically Replaced In America

What do you call people who listen to what these people have to say and take them at their word? Those people are “racists” and “white supremacists” and “far right domestic extremists” and best of all “conspiracy theorists” for noticing their own stated anti-White agenda.


“Who are we? That is the existential crisis and perpetual question that America is facing right now. However, even as we disrupt the mythology of these divided states, the more important question is: Who do we want to be? The fabric of America is ripping and the lore of the country is crumbling. A new generation of thinkers and leaders will have to piece her together again. And yet, as the rising majority expands, we battle the dinosaur of white supremacy that refuses to become extinct. As the dying few tighten their grip on power, they are strangling the life out of our democracy. We now have to save it.

By the year 2044, America will be composed mostly of people of color. Black, Native American, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander citizens will shape American democracy. These rapidly changing demographics are casting a wide net of influence over our culture and a shadow over our politics. …”

What do you call people who frame politics as a demographic power struggle between racial groups on national television? Those people are “anti-racists.” Whites are the oppressor race and “white supremacy” by definition under woke progressivism. Blacks can say far more incendiary things and it is fine. There is no pretense of holding everyone to the same standard.

Note: The major flaw in her analysis is that blacks aren’t really growing in size. Black professionals are becoming more racially aggressive. They’ve become accustomed to White deference and taking their side. No one has ever told them “no” in their lifetimes.

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  1. “MSNBC: Whites Are Being Demographically Replaced In America”
    Well duh, news that is 40 years late.

    “rapidly changing demographics are casting a wide net of influence over our culture”
    Yeah, it’s called ‘poverty and crime’.

    Which new wrote this script ?

  2. ” America will be composed mostly of people of color. Black, Native American, Latinx, Asian American”

    Yeah, and it will be an impoverished slovenly mess, as are all racially mixed nations.

    • Arrian,

      I hate the term people of color. I see anglos in the summer or a neighbor who are darker than me every day. They have color with a tan. I wish the powers that are would just call it race not POC.

      What I wrote shows disgust for the term not your ironic use of it.

        • Whites who suntan or sunbathe make me scratch my head. Especially the ones who goes to extremes and really overdue it. Like why would you want to look like stuck pig ready for a lu’au pig roast?!

          The anti caucasian slur redneck comes to mind but those are hard working whites working long hours in under the hot sun They are not intentionally doing it. Poc is a libtard term for liberals who like to lord over their “poc friends” as pets when they virtue signal against white racists

          • Thom,

            Yes, deliberately overdoing exposure to the sun is strange

            I wonder if the modern usage of the term People Of Color is done to avoid the use of the words Whites and non whites? As well to artificially unite non-whites? Well than “union” is not a strong one. As long as whites are a buffer in the USA the system might shamble on for a little while.

            But as has been written before —you are the goose that lays the golden eggs. When you are diminished then it is a free for all.

  3. I just can’t put my finger on who’s responsible for decline of Whites in a nation their ancestors tamed and built. Somebody has to be blamed.

  4. ……..if ever you wonder why you’re a white nationist, this woman just reminded you!
    I just can’t imagine why people with our views exist….

    • They go on and on about how Whites colonized lands, oppressed everyone, etc., but they never, ever talk about how nonwhites continually assault, murder, and rob Whites.

      I don’t think most Whites will ever wake up. Even when the last loaf of bread goes to the brown outstretched hand, the stupids will just rationalize it.

  5. These dumb bastards believe they can have a country full of colored people, staff business and government at all levels with them and still have a first world country, at least for themselves. They are in for a rude surprise. The U.S. is on the cusp of a big fall now because of the explosion in the numbers of colored people and their promotion to high positions as well as the rest of the left wing agenda implemented since 1945.

    A second world country like the U.S. now, soon to be a third world country will be unable to compete with the likes of China in the future any better than it can now. The completely out of touch U.S. Government is relentlessly antagonizing China while pursuing policies that weaken the U.S. This will end badly for all parties involved, especially the U.S. as China inevitably conquers Taiwan while the U.S. is unable to prevent it. This will destroy the legitimacy of the current regime and send shock waves around the world.

    White people should simply stand back and watch, do not get involved as the ruling class crashes and burns the country. The system cannot be reformed. It must fail which will end the legitimacy of the ruling class and its poisonous anti-White ideology. What comes next is where the energy should be expended, not propping up the present corrupt regime and certainly not trying to reform it, that is a fool’s errand.

  6. What these people seem to ignore is that when they play by no rules, eventually whites will also not play by rules. Demographic change was not done democratically. These people follow no rules or laws, and even openly cheat in elections at all levels. They apply no laws to themselves at all when they have power, and twist the law to unfairly punish and torture their opponents when they are able to do so. All of this is now out in the open and sinking in. The change that they are hoping for may turn out to be that their intentions are sinking in to the Whites who were not awake to what they were planning and intending to do. That is a game changer.

    It will be a very long time before whites are the smallest single demographic group, and whites will still have a large piece of the pie for a long time to come.

    The minority coalition may wish to tear apart White America, but the truth is that they have nothing to put in its place. This isn’t South Africa, where Whites are just a small minority on a continent that blacks have a legitimate historical claim to as their homeland, and even in Africa, blacks can’t replace what Europeans built in Africa. The same goes for Latins, Hindus, Jews, and most Asians in the U.S.

    I can see the future being ugly, but the people pushing for the destruction, dispossession and oppression of Whites and Europeans are stupid and short-sided if they think doing any, or all, will be easy and without real risks and sacrifices for themselves. The truth is that they may lose and lose big, which could get very ugly, also.

    It’s not Whites who are pushing supremacy, chaos, hatred, violence, and revolution.

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