Brian Stelter: The Five Fs of Vaccine Hesitancy

If they really wanted more people to take the COVID vaccine, they would STFU and stop politicizing it because more than anything else it is sheer hatred, loathing, distrust and contempt for the professional class and the media – most of it well deserved – that is really driving vaccine hesitancy.

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  1. Phucking Philphy Philly Nogs mostly. Like you are the epidemiological problem if you live on an isolated farm.

  2. The only people that should have had a voice about Covid-19 is Doctors. Nobody else. When you get sick you see a Doctor…it’s just that simple. The politicians and political extremists should have stayed the heck out of it especially right wing Trump nuts. They should get the heck out of politics. Nothing but a cult that worships some former President aka Donald Trump….the Clown of the White House that got voted out of office. I have no respect or use for any of them. The stupid division has got so bad that the Mississippi Department of Health has turned off comments on Facebook because of all the Trump worshipers that make jokes and post negative comments about Covid-19 and the Vaccines. It’s a friggin joke. I’ve lost all respect for political extremes now. What’s so bad about people getting a Vaccine that will literally stop Covid-19? The Docotors should have the speaking position on these issues and people should follow. It’s not about Freedom or Liberty or all that generic junk Conservatives talk about. It’s doing what’s right for the Country and everybody that lives here. Covid-19 came about during some of if not the most extreme politically divided time in American history. The thing will keep going for nothing until people get Vaccinated. I’m all for Vaccines on everything. We should have more Vaccines for various sickness. We should all live healthy lives and Vaccines help with that. Make those Vaccines clean and make sure they work. Take them and forget about it. Trumptard is out of office. Get over it. Get the Vaccine if you need it and look forward. The 2 Party System has run America into the ground. It’s time White Nationalists take over. Deo Vindice !

  3. I just heard 18,000 vaxx deaths in the EU. As for science the traditional Cuban vaxx is the only double blind test I have heard of. Good results. My take on the mRNA “vaccines” is:

    1) they are deadly.
    2) there is no real science published to support taking them.
    3) whatever they are intended to do preventing coronavirus does not seem to be working. Cyprus is having an outbreak despite being nearly 100% vaxxed.

    • No. The mRNA technology is already proven superior, and it is the future of vaccines.

      Incidentally, China is being vaccinated now with Chinese-created mRNA vaccine, to defeat the much more infectious Delta strain that recently came into China.

      • MRNA is good for cancer. That’s what it is for long term. Most people will experience Covid19 as a heavy cold and a badly upset stomach. Fat arses will have trouble. Inhalant Steroids early enough will prevent risk of pneumonia. If 60% of a population are vaxxed and it’s effective at eliminating transmission we shouldn’t be seeing the infection numbers we are seeing in the UK and Israel. We’ve been sold a bill of goods on several levels.

        • Vitamin D deficiency adds to covid severity. Fat absorbs vitamin D, that is why overweight people are more severely affected.

    • The Cuban Abdala vax seems better, safer, more effective than J&J, which has been called an inferior imitation of Sputnik. However any of these is better than none at all.

  4. The only F I think about when I see humpty dumpty is fat loser. I mean losing weight is not hard just stop shoveling food into your face. This Stelter prick can’t even diet or try to change his eating habits probably how his hairloss happened from overeating

  5. The usual suspects are ramping up “unvaccinated” as the new code word for someone it’s okay to hate, right behind “racist”. I’ve no doubt the “Five F’s” are aimed at Whites. The usual suspects either have no faith in the vaccine they’re demanding that everyone take or they aren’t telling us what’s really in it.

  6. It’s like something out of a sci fi book. Culling the population through mandated vaccinations.

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