Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended From Twitter For COVID Misinformation

Why don’t they just go full totalitarian and ban everyone from the internet who either isn’t a politically correct shitlib, who the ADL dislikes or who opposes the political establishment? It would be much more honest. Everyone who opposes progressive activists are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

Note: Joe Biden has had two different positions on the issue this week. Which one is misinformation?

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  1. The deaths are dropping off now that almost everyone who wants a jab has a jab. Beyond Third Reich style delousing programmes what can be done now? The plague that wasn’t isn’t anymore.

  2. So Joe Biden demanded that a private company silence his political opposition.

    It’s a new day in MURKA comrads.

    (This is why I am not hardcore against libertarians. They get some things right, and upholding freedom of speech as an absolute is one of them.)

    • Libertarians that don’t understand the banking cartel that controls us are irredeemable retards. That said, if we had a white controlled state I would favor a more libertarian system.

  3. Fuck the JEW SA.

    Secession. Heartland America, Christian America. WHITE America.

    (get it on a bumper sticker)

  4. Good. She deserves to be silenced, although the motives behind this censorship are not pure. Notice how Syrian Girl who does speak truth and only truth gets partially censored (sometimes completely) for calling attention to U.S. and Israeli crimes such as the Biden administration’s re-arming of ISIS:

  5. “Note: Joe Biden has had two different positions on the issue this week. Which one is misinformation?”

    Both are. These social media companies are taking their queues from the Democrat party, but aren’t moving fast enough for them on doing exactly what you said, essentially closing the internet for anybody that isn’t a shitlib.

    The president, as the mouthpiece of the Democrat party, is using conflicting messages to paralyze the decision making process at the social media companies, forcing an executive decision to “compromise” by banning Marjorie Taylor Greene. Its a shit test by the left, and twitter just bent the knee.

  6. She’s another Trumptard and controlled opposition.

    It would not surprise me, if she lands a gig at the InfoWars desk in a year or two.

  7. While the U.S. population including Marjorie Taylor Greene’s followers, the Fox News audience, and devotees of right-wing “alternative” media keep indulging in sciencey-sounding (pseudo-science) misinformation about the pandemic and the “great danger” of vaccines, and continue to die of Covid by the hundreds daily, China stands tall, remains strictly scientific, and triumphs over the pandemic.

    Recently a traveller visited the city of Nanjing who was found to be infected with Covid. His contacts were immediately located, tested and isolated, and about 140 more who had contact with his contacts were also located, tested and isolated, and the city of Nanjing is again completely free of Covid. In the span of about three months China has almost achieved its goal of 100% universal full vaccination, using Chinese-created vaccine. Being perfectionistic as well as scientific, the Chinese health system is not content to rest on acheiving 100% vaccination (at this point around 90% are fully vaccinated) just to reduce the incidence and severity of the disease. Rather it is determined to eradicate Covid within its borders.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene and her anti-vax “freedom” followers cannot even imagine that!

  8. Another “brilliant,” “rising star” of the Southern G.O.P. is Florida governor DeSantis, praised for his “successful” opposition to all public health measures in the pandemic. The state of Florida that he “set free” from science and common sense is now the epicenter of the second wave of Covid in the U.S.

    The Lancet published a study last week showing there were AT LEAST 185,000 unrecognized Covid deaths in the U.S. in the last year since testing was avaiable in addition to the over 600,000 officially recognized deaths. But the TRUE total number of Covid deaths in the U.S. including all those that occurred before testing was available, or was being used, and before Covid was even recognized (we now know the virus was already circulating in the U.S. in 2019, BEFORE it was discovered in Wuhan, which is proven by 2019 U.S. blood bank samples carrying antibodies, 2019 U.S. sewage samples from several U.S. cities with viral RNA, and 2019 U.S. lung scan results from novel pneumonia cases showing the unique “broken glass” signature of Covid) is at least ONE MILLION!

    The last time the U.S. average lifespan dropped as much as in 2020 was 1943 at the height of World War Two. Nearly all capitalist countries have decreased average lifespan in 2020, while China and a few other socialist countries with real (not privatized) public health systems have maintained or increased lifespan. Over ten million poor and middle class people have been killed by Covid in hyper-capitalist India, and millions more in the U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, and other hyper-capitalist states that gutted public health and favor for-profit “health” industry.

    The second wave of the more infectious Delta strain is beginning in the U.S., and Marjorie Taylor Green, DeSantis and other capitalist leaders will continue to obfuscate and obstruct on behalf of big business.

  9. Re: “they (children) were safe all along”:

    On CNN this week, Rick Barr, Chief Clinical Officer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital warned about the increasing virulence of Covid in children, who were almost completely spared by the first wave in 2020: “The Delta variant is different than what we were seeing. We have 12 children admitted to the hospital now with COVID, that’s triple our usual numbers we saw during the previous months of the pandemic, and they seem to be much sicker.” He is correct, The rate of Covid cases in children in the U.S. has doubled in the last two weeks from about 12,000 to almost 24,000, and hospitalizations of children with Covid have jumped at least into the hundreds.

    But many states have stopped reporting the age distribution of Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths, so the true numbers for children are uncertain. But it is certain that children are more affected by this new strain that originated in hyper-capitalist India, which will soon surpass China to become the world’s most populous country, where the disease is allowed to spread and mutate with almost no interfence by an essentially nonexistent public health system.

    Now India is reporting the emergence of an even more virulent, Indian child-killing version of Delta called “Delta Plus,” which should get to the U.S. by the time schools reopen.

  10. “where the disease is allowed to spread and mutate with almost no interfence”:

    I meant interference. The natural spread, mutation and adaptation of SARS-CoV-2 is also not being interfered with in hyper-capitalist Brazil and Peru, which both gave the world worse new variants, and in hyper-capitalist Indonesia also lacking a public health system which is now the world’s hottest spot and the world’s fourth most populous nation,bound to produce a new variant of concern. The laissez faire capitalist policy of “Herd immunity” definitely thins the herd but rejuvenates the disease.

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