Tucker Carlson: Illegal Aliens Are Being Resettled By The U.S. Military To Change America’s Demographics

Sen. Dick Durbin and Tiffany Cross on MSNBC have both recently boasted about White Genocide. You’re invited to believe that this naked attempt by the professional class to pack the electorate with Third World immigrants to nullify your political power is “democracy” and therefore legitimate.

As for Gen. Mark Milley, he sees Trump supporters as “Nazis” and as a “domestic enemy” within. He had the U.S. military occupy Washington, DC and build a razor wire fence around the Capitol to protect the political establishment. In light of how the U.S. military is being used to facilitate the invasion of the states by illegal aliens and to demonize and target American citizens as enemies of the state like it does overseas, one might ask why on earth are we spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military?

Whose military is more likely to be used against you? Who is the greater threat to your constitutional rights? Is it the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who sees Trump supporters as “Nazis” and “the same people who we fought in World War II” or China or Russia?

Note: White Southerners have some experience with this. After all, this isn’t the first time that we have been seen as a “domestic enemy” by a tyrant in Washington.

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  1. Technically the Washington DC problem with the Nazis was a combination of German global hegemony with Germans supervising the lives of the lesser races. The Germans were not going to Exterminate darkies. Instead they would make a fortune off their backs like the British did. What’s the difference between that and Biden ruling a pack of blacks and Milley leading an army of assorted mudfolk? A hegemonic Reich would have befriended blacks in Africa on self service selective basis just like the US is doing. So much for Nazis supporting Trump.

  2. Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are coming to America to:

    1)nullify the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2024…Nov 3 2028…Nov 3 2032…Nov 3 2036..

    2)vote the Historic Native Born White Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of post-white America…

    • I don’t think Shlomo cares about votes anymore. It’s so rigged a few million don’t make a difference. White genocide seems pretty obviously the goal. I think bringing beaners in is going to backfire on Shlomo tho. Unlike blacks they are bringing in foot soldiers for whites. Not all of them but a big number don’t want what Shlomo is selling.

      • I’ve told people that elimination of Whites is the goal. All the evidence is there, and they still don’t believe.

  3. Secession, Then, RECONQUISTA. “The Jews shall not replace us!”- Cry of C’ville Battle, first skirmish of Civil War II.

    • The alarm bells went off all the way to Tel Aviv on that one. Sadly, they are still winning on every front but I don’t think they can keep it up. It’s just going to collapse.

  4. “Whose military is more likely to be used against you? Who is the greater threat to your constitutional rights? Is it the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who sees Trump supporters as “Nazis” and “the same people who we fought in World War II” or China or Russia?”

    Certainly an invasion by Russia or China is unlikely. Certainly though, part of the reason for that is our own military.

    Neither need to invade to undermine us.

    In any case, what is implied here is a false dichotomy, as the matter of whether both our military and that of China/Russia are a threat are not exclusive.

    All three militaries are a threat for different reasons.

    Why not just say, defund the military? Then we can get a move on with being compared to BLM by the boomers and continue our downward spiral to total irrelevance.

  5. Tucker Cucker Carlson said last night:

    ”‘it is quite alright for Hindu LEGAL Immigrants and their US Born Hindu Children to vote White Working Class Americans into White Racial Minority within the borders of America because the Hindus came to America LEGALLY and by the Constitution…and Martin Luther King would support this also….My guest tonight is Sanjay Patel to explain how wonderful Whites being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America is Hindu Divine Edict….that is Constitutional and LEGAL….and wonderful…”

    • Tucker sounds like controlled opposition although I don’t believe he actually is. He has imbibed from the poisonous philosophy of Constitutionalism, as long as “it” is legal, whatever “it” is is now Ok, it now has the imprimatur of legalism. The Democrats and tag-along Republicans have the answer to complaints about illegal aliens flooding the country; just pass a law making them legal ex post facto, i.e. an amnesty no matter what it’s called and the problem is solved.

      Since Tucker implicitly accepts that . . . All Men are created Equal Tucker cannot oppose either the illegals or immigrants on the basis that they are just plain and simply undesirable. They are incompatible with civilization and hate White people as AOC (D. Hispanic), Bald Headed Ho Pressley (D. blackety, blackety, black) Ilhan Omar (D. Mogadishu), and Rashid Tlaib (D. Palestine) demonstrate every single day. Tucker must twist himself into a pretzel to find other arguments for keeping out such people. In Tucker’s defense however he would get fired immediately if he were to tell the truth on his show.

  6. The late Bob Whitaker said in effect that since the end of the Cold War the US military has been a positive evil.

    • It started before BHO was born in Kenya. The U.S. Government has been paying for Negro slum building since right after WWII. These slums were built in White working class areas mostly because of the ruling class’s antagonism towards those people and the lack of political power in the White working class. Ferguson Missouri, where the Gentle Giant got himself shot in the middle of the street is an example of this policy in action.

      BTW, the Republicans did nothing to stop slum building and its wrecking of White working class neighborhoods. Their contributors from the construction and real estate business bought Republican politicians like ten dollar whores and carried them around in their back pockets while living miles away from the results of their policies. There is no salvation in the Republican Party, they are not your friends.

  7. This is all a distraction. As i have told my friends here countless times based about my regional experiences, we have just as many “legals” pouring in annually as we do illegals. I know a few dozen illegal South Americans and even though they don’t belong here and they are destroying wages they mostly are not a bother. They are usually understated to match their short distinct appearance and even though they are everywhere they seem to be less present.
    My immediate area in the past decade has turned a majority Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern. The difference is even though they are all first generation they have an arrogance as they lay claim to every home, park, and business.

    I don’t really dislike them either but it has reached a point where in hundred mile radius whichever store, gym or doctor i go to I am in the tiniest minority. Conservatives railing against illegal immigration is just a distraction. They have known what is going on for decades and are just stroking their dumbed down base like my parents and their friends. Watching Fox News and listening to Levin on the radio but the moment you discuss demographics or a certain groups role in media you become “hateful” and “crazy”

  8. Whites can’t have their own cities, towns and neighborhoods without having nonWhites turning it into a ghetto.

  9. Rootedness is natural, mass migration is not natural. Don’t focus on / be distracted by the immigration that is against nature. Rather look at the cause of the very unnatural behavior: the imperiialist system itself.

    Moving ethnic groups around, giving the homeland of one group to another group and vice versa, and blending them by intermarriage (and thus destroying them) is an ancient imperial strategy, going back thousands of years. Empires exist for the advancement of a few already superwealthy elites, not for the health and welfare of common people.

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