Newsweek: It’s Time to Use The Magnitsky Act to Combat “Hate”

We are currently in the midst of a “hate” crisis.

In our new progressive era, there are dissidents who are skeptical of state media and “journalists” who are openly and brazenly expressing their contrarian views on the internet and spreading misinformation and even worse who are allowed to vote and make a living who disagree with the worldview of progressive activists. Those people are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”


“The Covid19 Pandemic has intensified the spread of an equally virulent virus: hate. We are witnessing a rapid worldwide resurgence of racism and xenophobia. Minorities across the world—JewsEast AsiansLGBT persons—are being maligned as the source of the virus, accusations which are breaking out into harassment and physical harm …

Maintaining the status quo of decades of brutal persecution is best described as complicity. And the truth is, combatting such hate is not only a matter of moral ethics but a public policy imperative. …

Moreover, sanctioning such individuals for incitement, with targeted measures typically consisting of visa bans and asset seizures, could potentially serve as a deterrent, as these individuals may modify their behavior in seeking to be delisted and recover their assets and mobility. Even where listed individuals do not reform and remediate their behavior, targeted sanctions would concretely minimize their resources and thereby mitigate their resonance.

In short, government leaders violating internationally recognized obligations through their promotion of hate should not enjoy the freedoms abroad that they deny minorities at home. …”

Do you know what happens to “white supremacists” and “Nazis,” right?

We punch “Nazis.”

We burn down their churches.

We riot and burn down their cities.

We don’t believe the Bill of Rights applies to them.

We censor their books on Amazon.

We dox them and deplatform them from social media and payment processors.

We pressure lawyers to blacklist them.

We refuse to enforce the law equally in progressive cities like Portland.

We engage in ritual shaming like in the Soviet Union and encourage friends and family members to denounce people who we target.

We topple statues of their heroes like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

We demonize them on racial grounds for being White while condemning them as “racists.”

We unleash our private militia on them to intimidate jurors and witnesses.

We purge anyone we say is an “extremist” from the U.S. military.

We call them “insurrectionists” and hunt them down and throw them in prison and make a sport of it on late night comedy shows.

We order the National Guard to occupy Washington, DC and build a razor wire fence around the U.S. Capitol to keep the “Nazis” out.

We get “Nazis” and “fascists” fired for their dissenting political opinions.

We defend progressive institutions like the Pentagon, Wall Street, Bank of America and the FBI, CIA and NSA from criticism.

We censor the internet to suppress “misinformation” and silence our political opposition.

We violently invade foreign countries and topple their governments and say whatever we want to justify doing so.

We weaponize the “intelligence community” against “Nazis” and “fascists” and “white supremacists.”

We read your emails and text messages and put you under government surveillance.

We leak your private emails to “journalists” to embarrass you.

We push for nationwide red flag laws to confiscate your firearms.

We encourage your friends and family to report you to the government for “domestic extremism” like in progressive states like East Germany.

We impose a totalitarian level of conformity across all American institutions including booksellers and sports.

We control what ordinary people are allowed to think and say in public and severely punish them for saying the wrong words that offend our sensibilities.

We call the shots and determine what is “newsworthy” like thousands of blacks being genocided by the police.

We’re working on controlling what food people are allowed to eat but we are not there yet.

Sadly, these measures have been insufficient to stop “hate” and “authoritarianism.” We need to go even further. We need to invoke the Magnitsky Act and ban them from international and domestic travel with No Fly Lists and seize their assets and fine them and imprison them for “hate speech.”

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  1. “rapid worldwide resurgence of racism and xenophobia. ”

    Long overdue

    So this is going to be their rat way to introduce censorship.
    Thanks, Mr.Brandon silver

    “concretely minimize their resources and thereby mitigate their resonance.?
    Read , deplatform and debank anyone on the ADLs hit list.

  2. ((( NEWSWEEK)))=a declaration of WAR against Christian Slavic Russia…..a declaration of WAR against the Historic Native Born White Christian Working Class Majority…

    The ADL…..the autopsy photo of 13 year old Mary Phagan’s’ corpse…….9/11… Dancing Israeli Art Students…..The USS Liberty…..The ADL…

  3. The irony of all this, is it won’t work. Over 300 million people is like an enormous ant hill. you can stomp, and stomp, and just make the “ants” even angrier. They will begin to bite and sting. Smart evil geniuses would come up with a way to trick people into this garbage. These idiots are just blundering around stomping.

  4. How did the corona virus come to America? Did the corona come to America LEGALLY and by the Constitution?

    Did the 1965 Immigration Reform Act have something to do with it?

  5. Without the hatred of Christ Judaism and the Jews would not exist. The sole Jewish reason for existing is hate and hate of the innocent son of God. How sick can you get?

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