Politico: Biden’s Domestic Terrorism Strategy Concerns Progressive Activists

It dawned on me last summer where this is going.

As Sully pointed out, the ruling class is woke now. This sudden and radical shift in worldview is spilling over into everything – policing, immigration policy, the criminal justice system, federal holidays, ag policy, Big Tech, education, historic monuments, the vaccine distribution, the FBI, “journalism,” “science” – and plunging the system into crisis. The ruling class believes that the system itself is racist and illegitimate and must be torn down to its foundations because it is “white supremacy.”

You’re invited to believe that our ruling class is still legitimate on the basis of this new ideology. They believe in their own “truths.” They won’t report news which might cause “harm” to certain races or identity groups. They do not believe that the law should be equally enforced anymore. They do not believe that your rights and liberties should be respected. They believe that it is legitimate for groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to engage in violence and get away it while the law and the state should be used as a weapon solely against the Right which is “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

The effective result of this worldview is that one class of citizens has rights and liberties and is placed above the law while another degraded caste of citizens has “no place in America” and no rights which should be respected by their superiors and institutions. Those people are figuring it out.


“It could present a challenging political dynamic for an administration seeking to appeal to progressives while also strengthening its domestic counterterrorism work across the board. And it all hinges on what comes next: implementation. That includes the FBI’s work to arrest people engaged in domestic terrorism and the Department of Homeland Security’s work to track and prevent radicalization. …

Wray has also testified that the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the country have “quite a number” of probes into anarchist extremism, many involving people “tied either by their own admission or otherwise to the Antifa movement.” He has also testified that FBI investigators are trying “to identify networks, travelers, supply sources” and funding of anarchist extremist groups.

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, the White House homeland security adviser, fielded a question on antifa and domestic terrorism at an event last month sponsored by the University of Virginia. The questioner asked if the Biden administration “acknowledge[s] that antifa is a domestic terror threat.” …

Andy Stepanian, a progressive communications professional, said the document’s reference to certain topics could discourage activism.

“Whenever I hear animal rights, environmental, or anti-racist activists named within sprawling counter-terrorism strategies, I am concerned about the chilling effect it will have upon activism writ-large,” he told POLITICO. “While in practice the administration’s proposed strategies may only result in a handful of federal charges against activists, the less visible impact on social movements is a chilling of otherwise constitutionally-protected activities.” …”

Progressive activists don’t believe what happened in the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer were a problem. At least 25 people died and there was billions of dollars in property damage, BUT it is not like that was a problem compared to Charlottesville or the “January 6th insurrection.” The idea that the people who created all of that mayhem and destruction should be punished is alarming.

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  1. There is a reason the Political Disinformation is topping the Medical, at the present moment, in the ‘present day.’ More and more people are seeing through the Covid charade, and increasing levels of doctors and nurses, along with Medical researchers, are narrowing down the GUILTY PARTIES to a ‘precious few’ as the Jew, Kurt Weill penned it.

    So, while the ‘true believers’ (for, as Barnhardt noted in her ‘Holo-cough’ podcast, for many this IS their new religion- one of FEAR, and ‘[Blind] Trusting the Science,’ and ‘GUILT for Racism’ to be assuaged by the ‘Quackcine’- or one of it’s many ‘variant booster shots’ ) will CONTINUE to be gripped in fear over COVID-

    thus allowing the Bi-pedal BEASTS of Antifa or BLM, to be the shabbas goyim for their Masters, the Christophobes.

    That, even EU NATIONS are waking up to this BS!

    We in the USA are SO DAMNED NAIVE!

    OF COURSE it’s the Jews. Whether ideological or racial, it’s “JEWS” who are behind all of this. And their goal is to GENOCIDE THE WHITE CHRISTIAN RACE. Of which (once) 90% of Americans, were…..


    As for the current demographics. The Christophobes hate White Christians so much, the would not mind the ‘collateral damage’ (their words, not mine!) of a few million Mestizos, (a-hemm) ‘Nigerians,’ or Asians dead, here at home…. as long as (((THEY))) retain hegemony (a Marxist/Boasian/Gramscian term) over the WORLD.

    “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.
    That’s right ….Bill Gates.

    “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

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