Jimmy Dore Appears On Tucker Carlson Today

What is the Left?

There are different factions on the Left and Right. Each faction has its own priorities. The ruling faction on the Left are the shitlibs. There are dissenting factions on both sides who don’t agree with party elites who share a lot of common ground on economics and foreign policy.

Note: The shitlibs or the politically correct cultural Left hate Jimmy Dore for being a thorn in their side. He is constantly critiquing Joe Biden from his own Left Populist perspective.

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  1. Vaush: complimenting a woman’s clothing is “creepy old guy” behavior

    Also Vaush: the age of consent should be abolished and child pornography should be legal

  2. The Cavaliers were tranny slave traders. Check out those wedge shoes and wigs.

  3. I give Fox News and the Tucker Show some credit for allowing the Fox and Tucker audience to see Jimmy Dore. Syrian Girl and Anya Parampil of The Grayzone have also appeared, once each, on the Tucker Show, and I can list a few more, similar cases. But the overall effect of Fox and the Tucker Show is very harmful and will remain so.

    • Dore should perhaps have refused the offer to appear on Fox. The Fox audience is not likely to understand and appreciate it, and the appearance only reinforces the illusion of the Tucker Show.

  4. I really would like Dore to explain why anybody or any political party needs to always be doing things for the niggras.

    • Flaxen, he doesn’t mean “things should always be done for negroes.”

      He explained that identity politics is a deception tactic used to make it APPEAR that things are being done for negroes, and for some other non-White identity groups.

      In reality, the only substantial things being done are for the benefit of the upper class (elites) which does now include a few token Black billionaires, and members other non-White identity groups, who are admitted to the status of “outer upper” class, but not to the inner, “Talmudic” upper class.

      • Yes of course some things ARE being done for negroes, and for native Americans and other non-White identity groups, but hey are not substantial things that would really cost the elites some of their wealth and power. Notice how inequality keeps increasing, the working class of ALL racial and ethnic groups gets poorer, and the rich keep getting richer, in this SO-CALLED Black welfare state. Escape the illusion of identity politics!

      • Oh, so letting in hoards of Third World immigrants is not “a substantial thing” to those people?
        Forcible installation of Section 8 housing into clean and tranquil White neighborhoods at the expense of those very taxpaying productive Whites living therein is not what Blacks scoring the voucher would consider “Movin’ On Up” and thus a “substantial thing”?? Your points about the elites are well taken, but c’mon man; you can do better than that.

  5. This is one of the best crossovers I have ever seen. Is there a way anyone could find the full stream?

  6. The Democrats and Republicans are obviously bad for the South, the US, and White Folks in general. We can take a step back and realize that most of our problems come from White Christians no longer having control of this country. With Political Correctness…being a White Christian is like the worst thing a person can be in the World. However we run this country pretty well….and much of the World…and for good reason. Now obviously White People have made mistakes like getting involved in Slavery which made the US less White from day 1. However White People have also made bad decisions like becoming “Conservatives” around 1970. I agree the left and the right have many different wings and few people understand that. Same goes for Libertarians, Big Government folks, and so on. The ISideWith political quiz is giant and I think really good at helping people understand Political Ideology.


    Now this will tell you the basic political ideologies that people already know. Conservatives, Liberals, Moderates, Libertarians, and Authoritarians. All these can be split in several different ways….different wings within those wings I’m taking about. Everybody should check it out and study more into Political Ideology. I’d say the political extremes currently control the US now and that’s very bad for everybody. Deo Vindice !

    • I would agree that the Left Extreme controls the US now. The right has no franchise, but if it did, it would be as destructive as what we are currently seeing from our current elites through sheer incompetence and autism.

      Its because of this consolidation of power into the hands of such a small demographic (Leftist Elites and their upper middle class shitlib functionaries) that there is increasingly little daylight between left center and center populists, who basically comprise the working class and lower middle class.

      Folks in our milieu seem to think the center is shifting right and soon everybody is going to be goose stepping with a tiki torch through their local college town screaming at confused citizens about jooz. I disagree.

      It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a disenfranchised fringe can’t possibly have any answers for them, or provide a path to fair representation in our political system, which is all most people want.

      The shift, I think, will be the reverse, and folks from our fringe, who are tired of hearing the same bromides about race IQ disparity, Crime Stats, The JQ and muh nationalism that we have been listening to from the dissident right talking heads for years now with no new ideas or meaningful creation of insitutions of our own are going to slide into a more realistic worldview that just looks at fair and not fair and doesn’t concern itself with tangled conspiracy theories about finkelthink, and other unparsimonious nonsense that we talk about over here ad nauseum.

      If its true that all working class dissidents, working class and Trump Supporter types are being lumped in with the Nazis now and suffering the same abuse and recriminations, then those people really have no incentive to reach the unnecessary conclusion that everything is the Jews fault, or a result of White genocide etc. and will just resolve on the obvious, taking the enemy at their word as to their reasoning for persecuting normies (which is that Whitey is the source of all the worlds problems) and then rejecting that assertion just as simply because it is clearly nonsense.

      Normal people don’t have the time for this convoluted bullshit worldview we’ve concocted in our autism. None of this is complicated.

      They ALL hate us because we are White (all the woke people do, Jew or not).

      Its ok to be White (normies understand this without complicated worldviews to convince them of it)

      Populist normies (who are mostly White) have to push back or they will be crushed, their sons enslaved to a cucks mentality with their dicks cut off, while their daughters bang half nigger boyfriends, all of which is obvious.

      Basically, without alot of fuss, they will arrive at the 14 words without all the baggage we are carrying around, and be free to actually advocate their own interests because doing so is the most natural thing in the world.

      It is a good time I think, despite my frustration with our inept “movement”. Our message is getting out, and the burden we failed to bear in 2016, to secure a lasting nationalist legacy is no longer our responsibility alone. More serious people are going to be taking the reins again, and Whitey will have a fighting chance.

      Celebrate! Whitey still lives.

      • This seems like a circular gripe. Big Normie hasn’t taken to the streets ala “V for Vendetta” so we have to stop talking about the JQ and everything else you label “fringe” and rely on what doesn’t scare Big Normie?

        Telling the truth isn’t “fringe” and “optics” are inherently dishonest.

        I don’t have a problem with Hunter’s decision to push more of a “Middle American Radical” appeal that doesn’t counter-signal conservatives or emphasize radicalism as much as guys like TRS do. It’s his website and he doesn’t punch right on this stuff. Like Mark Collett in Britain he has his own approach, his own audience and he’s a friend to hard-White nationalists, not an optics-twink like Fuentes or Anglin. But this “serious guy” thing you’re pushing sounds like AF to me.

        If you’re just frustrated that the Normie Revo hasn’t kicked off, don’t bother looking to optics-cucks for answers. Hunter’s good company and he doesn’t pull punches on the Jews or otherwise. Follow that lead if you’re not comfortable with the harder stuff.

    • You make a good point. I would say also that different solutions and policies implemented from all these groups will best help benefit Whites. Being right wing on cultural and social issues which is pro-White, along with being centrist and populist on economics, along with being libertarian on guns and property rights, combined with authoritarian on issues of degeneracy and defending our Southern border is a good idea.

      I’ve taken the I side with quiz and my policies are a mix between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I actually am way closer to someone like Jimmy Dore or Kyle on economics than Ted Cruz for example.

      If only someone put Hunter Wallace’s results on there. We could all compare to him!

  7. When Tucker does a one on one interviews with David Irving, Mark Weber, Dr. Kevin McDonald, Fred Leucter, and any other academic dissident banned by the jews, I’ll get him some credibility.

    Jimmy Dore won’t cause any kippahs to burn with talmudic hatred like the men I mentioned.

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