Renaissance Horizon: Rainbow Nation Going Down

I was surprised to see Helen Andrews getting so close to the truth yesterday in her new article in TAC called “Boiling the Frog in South Africa.” Usually, conservatives tiptoe around the issue.

The scenes which are playing out in South Africa are nothing new. Rhodesia and South Africa were merely the last dominos to fall in the decolonization and Africanization of sub-Saharan Africa. There were several decades in the early 20th century in which Western civilization was artificially introduced to the continent like in North America and Australia. Those decades were the most peaceful, prosperous and progressive decades in the history of the Dark Continent as cannibalism, human sacrifice and slavery were suppressed by the evil White man who was otherwise distracted by the World Wars in Europe and Asia. Life in sub-Saharan Africa in the early 20th century got much better while the rest of the world was devastated. The last 70 years have been a glorious experiment which has decisively proven that Africans DO NOT have the same capacity to maintain a European-level of civilization and institutions on their own.

Here in the United States, Joe Biden led the charge against the Afrikaners and their “morally repulsive regime” in the 1980s. In spite of the precedent which had been set by the rest of the continent, civilization was sacrificed for multiracial democracy and the sanctimonious antiracist cause.


“Alas, muddling through is a tactic that can only work for so long. There are about 14 million registered taxpayers in South Africa, out of a population of nearly 60 million. The bulk of income tax revenue comes from just 574,000 individuals. The ANC’s wager has always been that this tiny tax base could be squeezed for all it’s worth in order to fund lavish social benefits for the rest of the population.

Ramaphosa has articulated this gamble explicitly, according to the posthumous memoir of Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, a longtime MP for the Inkatha Freedom Party who died in 2014. During negotiations over the post-apartheid constitution in 1994, Ambrosini wrote, “Ramaphosa told me of the ANC’s 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature very slowly.” Under majority rule, “the black majority would pass laws transferring wealth, land, and economic power from white to black slowly and incrementally, until the whites lost all they had gained in South Africa, but without taking too much from them at any given time to cause them to rebel or fight.” …”

The Zulu riots in KwaZulu-Natal have grabbed the attention of the world.

There are other things going on though in South Africa. If you can believe it, there are taxi companies which are at war with each other in Cape Town. Anti-foreigner riots have resumed.

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  1. German Southwest Africa fell first. People don’t care because Germans apparently are all evil. That place would be like California in the 60’s had the Germans not been bombed into oblivion by our heroes the (((Greatest Generation))).

    • The entire mass media , obsolete media, is copying the same script.

      “This is the worst violence in south africa since the end of aparthied, 27 years ago.”

      BS, BS , BS !


      The obsolete media does not want to admit that the black government s failing and aparthied was a safer more stable society than black rule.

      • @Arrian – That is an excellent observation, that subtle little linguistic twist they use to mis-direct the perception of the masses. They also always blame the “lingering inequality” that is the “legacy of Apartheid”.
        More “equality”, they just need MORE — that’ll solve it!

        • ” linguistic twist they use to mis-direct the perception of the masses. ”

          That’s the entire western media, on all social matters.

      • Yes! I well remember how apartheid was constantly on TV during the 1980s and early 1990s. The Jewsmedia screamed themselves hoarse about it. But nothing ever happened to compare with recent events. Nothing!

  2. Africa as far as being populated by Whites is a lost cause – Africa’s bountiful natural resources like oil and rubber and metals should be fully exploited by Whites and that’s about it.

    • Do we need it? You can extract uranium from sea water. Probably other heavy metals too and minerals for electronics. Just a little more technology and it might not matter.

  3. There was a deadly newspaper circulation war in Chicago in the early years of the 20th Century. Organized crime figure (((Max Annenberg))) was said to be mainly responsible for the worst of the violence:

    The Chicago circulation wars have been described by historians as the industry’s most violent period.[8] McCormick testifed in 1921 that about 27 men and newsboys had been killed between 1910 and 1912.[2]:94 McCormick would deny any involvement in the violence, but said that Max Annenberg “proved to be much the best circulation manager in town.”

    The Annenberg family went on to build a large publishing empire.

    • That’s interesting. The Chicago Tribune was targeted by (((FDR))). In the end the jews won but there was resistance.

  4. one caveat: this is not a “black” uprising in as much as a “zulu” uprising because the greatest of the Zulu Nation, Jacob Zuma, was arrested. think of a zulu aragorn

    • Re: “the greatest of the Zulu Nation, Jacob Zuma (…) a zulu aragorn”:

      The arrest was merely a catalyst or an excuse for the uprising that was bound to come anyway.

      Interestingly, Zuma’s middle name, Gedleyihlekisa, means “one who smiles while causing you harm.”

  5. “The last 70 years have been a glorious experiment which has decisively proven that Africans DO NOT have the same capacity to maintain a European-level of civilization and institutions on their own.”

    You couldn’t have said anything more true, unless you would have ALSO noted that JEWS control the Diamond and Gold industry in SA, and underwrote Mandela’s very existence.

    Every. Single. Time.

    • “any White frogs still living in nigger’d SA
      deserve to boil”

      They can’t just leave, and I don’t think they are given right of return to European nations or refugee status like just about any non-white.

      Last fall, I met a bunch of White South African kids who were working for a traveling carnival company. I noticed at first how well things were running and how normal looking the carnies were, and then I noticed they were speaking what sounded like Dutch. A couple next to me asked where they are from, and they said South Africa. They were working on short-term visas and said they don’t know if they will be allowed to stay in the U.S. even if the employer wants to extend their visas.There seemed to be a cloud hanging over them. I met a few South Africans whose parents sent them abroad to “travel” in the 90s and early 00s, so I had an idea what they were going through, but these didn’t seem to be the privileged types that I met before.

      It’s a sad situation that nobody wants to touch. It seems like the global elites have a death wish for them.

    • Many are too poor to escape. The POS West won’t accept them, anyway. They don’t “deserve” it.

      • Thats a horrible nihilistic thing to say also you could practically say the same thing about us…

    • @Haxo – Re “deserve to boil” – They will soon be saying that about White Americans.

    • Most cannot get out and what’s more they love their country. They are also not “boiled frogs” as they have ALWAYS (with the exception of cloistered liberals in the Western Cape) been alert to the “Swart gevaar”!

    • There is a really sickening song about Winnie from the 80’s. It is so bizarre. Cargo cult like worship. It’s more sickening than funny.

    • Are you people retarded or simply trollish antiwhite mongrel scum trying to stir apathy towards these amazing and great people who are now being genocide my blood boils to flames when I think of you jealous too busy raping children plotting criminal conspiracy to do anything productive for anybody your kind is trash and our beautiful aryan white race will survive our blood purity and memory will be preserved total aryan victory will save this planet and all god created indigenous people will be protected by tbeir Creator through the white aryan man

      • @Dlm,

        Yes, sir. Unlike some of these unserious and ignorant burgers, those who have some knowledge of the wonderful Afrikaners understand that you walk the walk of Blood, Soil, and deep faith in God.

        Eugene Terreblanche was and his Afrikaner Resistance Movement were right in the 80-90s, and to a lesser extent, Jan Lamprecht carries on his legacy of being an outspoken defender of White South African sovereignty and independence from blacks and other alien elements.

        Your eventual victory will be glorious, be an inspiration for dispossessed White gentiles worldwide, and live on in your folk’s sagas of your heroes and heroism for millennia.

  6. Most S. Africans (Whites) cannot leave S. Africa because they cannot get visas to N. America, Europe or Australia. This was part of the plan imposed by the U.S. Government and Europe when they forced S. Africa to abolish apartheid. The terrorist Mandela and other black “leaders”, selected by the Usual Suspects in the West knew they had to keep Whites in S. Africa for as long as possible to keep the place running because neither the blacks nor the coloreds were capable.

    This served two purposes: it bolstered the lie that ” . . . All Men are created Equal . . . by showing (at least on the surface) that a multi-racial, diverse nation is possible and it served business’ interests by allowing wealth extraction industries to continue functioning. A successful S. Africa was also used as an example to soothe the worried middle class White population in the West that their future as rainbow nations wouldn’t be terrible; S. Africa was working out great now that an historic “injustice” had been fixed.

    All African history since decolonialization is a testament to the fact that blacks cannot run anything. Asian nations did much better than Africa after decolonialization because they were filled with Asians, not Africans. Everyone knew, blacks as much as everyone else that whenever Whites departed, chaos would follow. That is a feature, not a bug BTW, it’s what The Usual Suspects have planned for all White and only White nations.

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