Surfside Condo Collapse Final Death Toll Is 98

We begin this morning with a look back at the tragic Surfside condo collapse in South Florida. The last remains have been covered and the official death toll now stands at 98.

We would like to pause and note that this is 98 more people than have died this year from the “insurrection” and “the Trump insurgency” and “white supremacy” and “far right domestic extremism” and “far right domestic terrorism” that has been the obsession of the Biden administration and its shills in the corporate media and the justification for Merrick Garland’s Jewish police state and the Brown Scare which is the worst assault on civil liberties since the Woodrow Wilson administration.

The only conclusion that you can draw from this is that the corporate media are serial liars who push false narratives which have no basis in reality. These narratives include the wildly exaggerated threat of “white supremacy,” the exaggeration of the threat posed by COVID to young and healthy people, the notion that the AAPI community is under a relentless assault by “white supremacists” rather than black criminals, the idea that “21st century Jim Crow” is flourishing in Georgia, the idea that blacks are being slaughtered en masse by White police officers or anything having to do with Russia.

More people died in one day from a single collapsing building in Florida than from “fascism.” It is no accident that trust in “journalists” has plummeted to an all time low. These people have given up on reporting the news and putting stories in perspective in favor of crusading for “social justice.”

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  1. The Jewing on this is off the scale on every level. I feel sorry for the beaners that got sucked up into it. You really can’t have a functioning society with these “people”.

  2. Re: “the corporate media are serial liars who push false narratives which have no basis in reality”:

    Yes they keep lying and lying and lying, and lying. Because of money. Enormous absurd lies of whole cloth with no basis in reality. Malicious, murderous psychopathic lies that “justify” (lead to) direct mass murder of millions of innocent people. Saddam’s nonexistent WMDs, the “Gulf of Tonkin incident,” and “Remember the Maine” (the excuse for the U.S.’s unprovoked invasion of Cuba in 1898), the list goes on and on. In 2013, Obama almost ordered (until Putin talked him out of it) a FULL-scale invasion of Syria on the basis of this “Assad gassed his own people” story that has been proven to be a complete lie:

    • …and the retards fell for the “Assad bad” storyline all over again when Trump bombed him based on another faked attack.

  3. Was this a result of jews not wanting to pay for the required repairs or pocketing tge money intended for repairs?

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