Axios: As Price of Seafood Soars, Some Restaurants Remove It From Menus

It is a new progressive era.

Prices have been rising for the past three months. CNN reported last week that every aspect of American life is becoming more expensive under Joe Biden.

Breaking Points covered the emerging shortage crisis in June. There are mysterious shortages which are continuing to pop up throughout the economy. There is a national coin shortage. There is a semiconductor shortage. There is a jet fuel shortage. There have been gas shortages. There is a chicken wing shortage. There is a back to school supplies shortage. There is a shortage of police recruits in most of our big cities. In some states, there is even a developing liquor shortage.

Seafood is the latest emerging shortage due to rising prices and you know various issues which are “transitory” and totally not a pattern that seems to be getting worse by the day.


“The price of seafood is soaring, prompting some restaurants to pull items like scallops and crab off the menu completely, Bloomberg reports.

Driving the news: A confluence of factors are causing the price spikes, including congested ports, lack of fishers and truck drivers, coupled with a high demand for seafood at restaurants, per Bloomberg.

Seafood prices rose about 11% in the 12 months through early July from the previous period, per Bloomberg. …

The big picture: The spike in seafood prices comes amid amid a “broader inflationary surge working its way through the U.S. economy,” Bloomberg writes. …”

Fortunately, there ISN’T a shortage of “antiracism” and hot takes on the “January 6th insurrection” which is still being breathlessly covered by the media long after it became old news.

This inflation thing like the crime wave and the border collapse is becoming a major problem for Joe Biden with Independent voters:


“A top party pollster and senior adviser to the Biden political team is urging Democrats to confront the problem of rising prices — which she says is starting to bite with voters.

Driving the news: Celinda Lake, who polled for the Biden presidential campaign and still advises Team Biden, told Axios that worries about inflation are coming through loud and clear in both public polls and her own focus groups.

“Women voters are really experiencing it, because they’re always more focused on kitchen table economics, microeconomics,” Lake said.

“The key target vote in the 2022 election is going to be non-college-educated women … because they are the most undecided.” …”

But anyway, we now return to our ongoing coverage of the “January 6th insurrection” in which Baked Alaska and the QAnon Shaman nearly overthrew the seat of government of the United States.

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  1. I hate commercial fishing. You don’t have to eat bugs but eating seafood is so harmful to the environment. I would join Greenpeace if they were not all Jews.

  2. “This inflation thing like the crime wave and the border collapse is becoming a major problem for Joe Biden ”

    major problem for Joe Biden ?

    F that noise. It’s a major problem for us, a very major problem.

    Biden is assured a comfortable life in his delusional senility. I’m concerned about US !

  3. “her own focus groups.”


    Everything you see and hear in the obsolete media has been tested for it’s social persuasion and effectiveness.

  4. ‘Shortages’ are just hidden inflation, meaning that there is nothing available at an acceptable price.
    When Nixon invoked wage and price controls there were shortages, one after another.

    I said the stimulus checks would lead to more problems than solutions. This is just the beginning.

    Unless they continue with more inflation, there will a deep recession. The recession will be the inversion of inflation, not enough demand and prices falling below cost of production.

    • That’s ridiculous – giving people a few thousand bucks is not what is sending the average price of a new car to $40K or driving the price of a house to all-time highs. And there are no shortages of everyday items in stores. Prices are being driven higher by 12 years of 0% interest and EZ credit thanks to the Fed’s policies. How many people could afford to buy things without credit cards or $0 down on a $350K house or a $50K SUV?

      • All are contributing factors.
        Those that you said and the stimulus ck.
        Straw that broke the camel’s back.
        Stimulus was enough to trigger the latent forces of inflation.

  5. This is what ISN’T overpriced: The few remaining traditional small “dirt” farmers in the U.S. – as opposed to marketing-savvy young “niche entertainment farmers” who charge extremely high, tourist trap prices to special clienetele – are still getting extremely LOW prices for their unadvertised, unwashed, ungraded REAL own-grown produce, while the cost of all their inputs, of seeds, fertilizer, equipment, etc. have skyrocketed, and demand for their produce is disappearing, so they are forced to quit farming. It is absurd.

  6. Seafood is sort of disgusting anyway so I’ll not deeply affected by this. I use to eat shrimp like crazy before I found out how gross those things are.

    Tuna, salmon, pickerel any fresh fish I’ll eat. Clams are technically the only seafood I eat anymore I make a damn good clam chowder

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