San Francisco’s Spectacular Decline Is Driven By The Cult of “Antiracism”

We have entered a new progressive era.

In the Bay Area, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of woke progressives in the country, we have been monitoring the situation as this experiment has unfolded there:

In our view, this decline in civilization in the Bay Area illustrates the toxic relationship between blacks and the woke professional class that is at the core of the Democratic Party.

The White progressives or Baizou (White Left) as they are called in China are so crippled by their religion of “antiracism” that they have come to despise their own race and civilization. They blame other White people for all the misfortunes and actions of blacks who they put up on a pedestal and worship as gods and coddle and infantilize. Whether it is reproducing or simply maintaining law and order, they are increasingly incapable of maintaining the basic routine tasks that keep a civilization going.

As for the blacks, most of them believe what they are told by the “journalists” and academics which is that somehow they are oppressed in this country where their race is an advantage that opens all doors for them. They have become infantilized entitled children. They are led by a class of sullen, insolent and perpetually aggrieved professional blacks like Ta-Nehisi Coates or Don Lemon or Charles Blow. There is no external pressure coming from Whites like in the Jim Crow South which would force them to get their act together like during segregation when they had intact families and black-on-White crime was relatively rare because it was treated by Whites as a serious matter rather than swept under the rug.

Blacks are the opposite of oppressed in the Bay Area. The world revolves around them because of White guilt and everyone else who lives there suffers from the fallout.

Note: Everything you see in the videos below are symptoms of the “structural antiracism” crisis. It is “antiracism,” not racism, which is strong and has been institutionalized.

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  1. When I speak to normies they know very well what is happening in places like SF. I seems to me they are too bowed down by cowardice to vocalize any opposition to it. They might secretly vote for trump, or move away to a place “with better schools”. The left has succeeded in making normies run from the sound of their magic word RACIST.

  2. The SF bay area has always been populated by the most pretentious snobs.
    Their snobbery lead to a ‘ I am ever so better than you self-righteousness’ that they adopted the most extreme levels of virtue signaling.

    They will virtue signal among each other to the point of self destruction.


    (the same effete snobbery is prevalent from SF up to Seattle.)

  3. ” their religion of “antiracism” that they have come to despise their own race and civilization. ”

    All along, not realizing that they are swallowing kosher bait that contains a deadly multi-barbed hook.

  4. San Francisco 2021=A Satanic Anal Sex-Torn Bloody Rectums Shrine=America’s new Religion… the delight of US Army 4 Star General Mark Milley=a floating brown turd in the Village People’s toilet….

  5. Just as David Hume noted, blacks had been brought into all European nations and nowhere had they made a positive contribution.

    • yeah and they have entltled negroes there too copying “black lives matter”. It’s all in accrodance with the so called “lgtbq-rights” movement. The gay american empire is using both “movements” to subvert those nations cores, which is white and (used to be) christian.

  6. Meh…Not dealing with the homeless population is what killed it. I really enjoyed San Fran in the 80’s and 90’s. It really turned to shit after the dot com boom. I could be a tard if it were a functional system but it is not.

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