Breaking Points: Big Tech Compiling ‘Extremism’ Database In Latest January 6th Derangement

You are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

The merger of the “intelligence community” with the Five Eyes intelligence alliance with Big Tech and the ADL with the banks with the Joe Biden administration to determine who is a “domestic extremist” and what is “misinformation” and therefore who is allowed to speak on the internet and have access to payment processors, banking and employment … IS NOT “authoritarianism.”

The “authoritarians” are the people who are completely marginalized and exiled from every single institution in the country in the name of “antiracism.” They are precisely the people who are not in any position to wield actual power. Do you know what we call people who criticize this collusion and blurring of boundaries between the state, Jewish NGOs, progressive activists and big business and the state power being wielded by them? They’re crazy far right “anti-Semitic” conspiracy theorists!

Note: It is an anti-Semitic canard to say that the ADL is censoring the internet.

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  1. Big Tech=ADL

    The ADL

    The autopsy photo of Mary Phagan’s corpse

    Leo Frank



    9/11 Dancing Israeli Art Students

  2. Well. The Swamp does not like 100M donations with many more to come.

    So they try to push fire away as they can. Here of course is the problem that millions of brats want nice life and nice things and they can`t get nice things from the database or from repressed Trump supporters. But they can get nice things from The Swamp and brats know this.

    Flu hysteria is also calming down so The Swamp runs out of time and means why they can`t keep their promises to brats. 6 months passed already and brats are running out of patience.

    This is the reason behind 6th January hysteria.

  3. All of this is deflection from what is going on with the audits of the swing states, which hasn’t been mentioned here. They need something they can rally peoples attention to while they are covering their asses. This being the latest example.

    Lots of other outlets are covering this to various degrees, but Its hard to tell, since I don’t trust these people, what is actually going on.

    In any case this seems to have progressed beyond just the “stop the steal” grift to an actual attempt to figure out what was going on in the swing states on election night.

    May not have just been “the independents” that swung the election because of blormphs mishandling of covid after all?

  4. If what happened on Jan 6 was done by blm or antifa, you would never hear about like all the other terrorism they have done in the past 18 months.

  5. Re: “FiveEyes intelligence alliance”:

    The Five: Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as the U.K. are the U.S.’s four most loyal, eager, assistants in crime, not only global spying but also military involvement in all U.S. imperialist wars. Most people think New Zealand is a quiet and peaceful place but in fact NZ has been deeply, eagerly, involved in every UK and U.S. imperialist conflict. People thnk of the Green Party as anti-war but along with its Labour Party coalition partner it created NZ’s Strategic “Defence” Policy that names China and Russia as “threats” that must be dealt with. The Green Party in Germany has also become very militaristic, and logically so because it is a very capitalist party.

  6. Richard Weaver, I think, used a quote from Trotsky that shows the end towards which all this de-platforming is trending: Under socialism opposition means slow starvation.

  7. Authoritarianism itself is not bad. It all depends on who has the authority. A Zionist right wing big brother would be just as bad if not worse than a leftist one. We got a sample of that in the Bush years.

  8. They’re not censoring the internet, Hunter. They’re just inhibiting extremism. The ADL does not negotiate with terrorists, remember?

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