Bombing Syria To Support Marriage Equality

Editor’s Note: Joe Biden also recently bombed Somalia.

The Israeli military is bombing Syria … again.

As usual, the corporate media isn’t reporting the resumption of our undeclared war against Israel’s neighbors. It isn’t even newsworthy. Israeli airstrikes are normal in the region.

Who knows if senile Joe Biden is even aware the situation? Joe’s handlers have him doped up and reading teleprompters in Philadelphia, which has the honor of holding the title of the highest murder rate per capita among America’s 10 largest cities, coming out swinging against “racism” and “21st century Jim Crow.” Democracy itself is on the verge of death from voter ID laws.

Here at Occidental Dissent, we tell the truth from our perspective which promotes the legitimate rights of our people, defends our history and our culture and civilization. We also try to be fair to others like regular people in Iraq and Syria who are used to being carpet bombed by American and Israeli imperialists.

Here’s a Farstar comic that just notices that the worst Iraq War neocons like Max Boot are back in the saddle and steering American military and foreign policy in the Biden administration. There has to be some liberal disguise for the same old agenda that we are bombing and killing these neighbors of Israel for some lefty cause like “women’s rights” or “marriage equality.”


  1. The media and especially the “conservative” media such as shills Sean Hannity, FOX, Newsmax and others haven’t touched the Israelis spying on Americans, journalists and politicians with the Pegasus software invented in Israel being found on phones. They also never touched the subject when Israel put up stingrays devices around Washington to spy on politicians when Trump was in office. If that was China or Russia it would be all over both news outlets. Never let a good crisis with Israel come to light.

  2. “…are back in the saddle…”? The NeoCohens have been firmly entrenched in the WH since Reagan.

  3. Not just “our best ally” is attacking Syria. The U.S. is expanding its military presence in Syria, building a large new base in northeastern Syria (where the oil wells are), and increasing support to a renewed, U.S.-trained ISIS / Al Nusra “freedom fighter” proxy army. What the Empire learned from the humiliation of the war in Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) – the only U.S. war that ever seemed to fail – is that once it sinks its teeth into a victim it must NEVER, EVER, let go.

    Don’t imagine that the U.S. is letting go of Afghanistan either. Now it will do more LONG-range bombing and missile and drone attacks from carriers in the Gulf and the base in Qatar; it will continue to employ thousands of non-unifomed “independent contractors” to influence, spy on, and murder Afghan people; and it will continue to support the so-called legitimate government (puppet regime) enough so that Afghanistan remains disunited and in constant turmoil and suffering, while new anti-Russian proxy forces are being deployed in neighboring Tadzikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and anti-Chinese proxy forces cause damage across the border in northwestern China.

    Slightly off-topic: Now the U.S. is adding Subsaharan AFRICANS (U.S.-trained troops from Senegal) to its multi-national mix of proxies preparing for the invasion of Russia. Massive U.S. military exercizes continue in the Black Sea and in Ukraine on the borders of Russia and Belarus, and in Georgia, also on Russia’s border. Will the Empire win?

    • The Empire is going broke, slowly at first, then all at once. We are about to see the all at once part before Dementia Joe’s term is up although of course, he is disposable and the beautiful mulatto/wog “Cackling Kamala” will be the next Mr. President. She will probably get most of the blame because, ya know: Racism!

    • They’re not going to invade Russia. All they are doing is maintaining tension to justify continued over-spending on the MIC.

      • If Crimea is invaded it’s just Ukraine. It’ll be done using US “mercenaries” and gear, reflagged vessels and Ukie grunts. Probably some Turks as well with a heavy contingent of Royal Navy under their flag. Crimea is technically Ukraine.

  4. Max Boot

    The autopsy photo of 13 year old Mary Phagan’s corpse

    1965…The passage of the 1965 Native Born White American Extermination Act

    1967…the slaughter of the crew of the US Liberty

    9/11…Dancing Israeli Art Students

    Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard

  5. I was at a presentation that this Zio-koshervative, warmongering, chicken hawk, gave in 2013 that was well attended by past and present US military personnel.

    After about 20 minutes of grinding my teeth listening to Mordichai “Max” Boot, I got up and walked into the lobby where there was still some Pinot Noir and appetizers left. Unbeknownst to me, but more thank half of the active (in uniform) G.I.s followed me out because they couldn’t stomach anymore of Boot’s neoconservative bullshit either, and most of them had seen combat in Iraq. How do I know what these combat vets thought? They told me, as were were drinking full pours of wine, and scarfing down on the meat, cheese, and vegetable trays.

    • November

      Walking out on a bad Neo Con J like Max Boot is a start .

      But it s just a start

      The next steps are:

      2 Heckling the J Neo Con speaker (you like Usrael so much why don t you go live there?)

      3 Throwing non lethal objects and liquids at the speaker

      4 Throwing harder things like batteries and bricks

      5 fight fists , sticks and boots

      6 fight with guns

      Antifa BLM and other anti White Leftists understand this and they get their way by using or threatening 2-5

      In contrast Right wing Americans usually waste their time with gun fantasies about #6

      Proud Boys were doing good stuff 2-5

    • November,

      Is there not a saying–In vino veritas? In drinking of wine one will lose inhibitions and tell the truth.

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      • Christina ,

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        • Mr. Ryan,

          Nice to hear from you. I looked at the Ford Mustang. They do look good. I will recommend that car for my sister. I have been to San Diego before. I liked it. I liked northern California better however since I love the woods.

          Now when it comes time for me to receive a car I think the BMW will be nice. I drive more cautiously than she does.

    • November,

      Another question. I have been told that the US Postal service takes pictures of all mail. So in all my limited business transactions I use someone else’s return address name just in case my name is noticed due to my participation here.

      So do you think it is true on the photographing of all mail or is that just some people being paranoid?

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