St. Louis and Kansas City Are Experiencing a Police Exodus

It is a glorious new progressive era.

The Biden administration, progressive activists and corporate media have succeeded in their goal of raising the costs of being a police officer in big cities far above the benefits.

It looks like St. Louis and Kansas City, Atlanta, Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Murderapolis, San Francisco and Oakland are all having trouble finding new people willing to be villainized by the “journalists” as the next Darren Wilson or Derek Chauvin. Cops are throwing in the towel in these vibrant big cities, transferring out to Podunk, AR and letting nature take its course.

FOX 2 St. Louis:

“ST. LOUIS – New statistics show St. Louis Police officers leaving the department in big numbers: nearly twice the rate as the past couple of years.     Critics cite Mayor Tishaura Jones’ support of police defunding and a perceived lack of support from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney in prosecuting crime, but there’s more to it. 

After a FOX 2 report in May about a triple shooting witness in south St. Louis who gave up on 911 after being “on hold” for about 30 minutes, the dispatcher shortage had gotten worse, with vacancies climbing from about 25% to nearly 40%, according to the head of the police officers union.

Starting pay for dispatchers is less than $15 an hour, according to the union. 

“Bodies in the streets, nobody answering 911 calls, a completely demoralized police department and nobody has any urgency, any answers, any intent to address these problems,” said Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers Association.  …”

In St. Louis, it has gotten so bad under “progressive prosecutors” that you can literally get away with murder. You have to wear a mask though!

FOX News:

“And this week, the Office of Missouri Democrat Prosecutor Kim Gardner missed a court date and the murderer was released. One of three murderers released in St. Louis because of the incompetence of this prosecutor. …”

Everywhere you look it is the same problem.

The woke professional class is unwilling to police black criminals and would rather sacrifice civilization. Black criminals are happy to be let out of prison and to take advantage of collapsing police departments. The rest of the population who lives in these cities absorb the cost of higher crime while the most sanctimonious White progressives virtue signal about their support for Black Lives Matter in their gated communities patrolled by private security guards like in South Africa.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“ST. LOUIS — Renewed mask mandates took effect Monday in St. Louis and St. Louis County, reigniting tensions around public health restrictions, as the region struggles with climbing COVID-19 case rates.

The state’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Eric Schmitt, said he filed suit Monday to block the measures. Gov. Mike Parson posted a series of comments on Twitter opposing renewed mask mandates. And three of St. Louis County’s seven council members said they would vote Tuesday to terminate the county order. …”

The grass is greener out in Jefferson County.


“ST. LOUIS ( — Each year, officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department leave to take better paying jobs at other law enforcement agencies.

In recent years, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has hired 11 former city officers and three more will be starting soon. Other officers leave SLMPD to take jobs in a different career field, while others leave because they retire. But in 2021, officers are leaving at a faster pace.

“I called it a crisis because that’s what it is,” said Jeff Roorda with the St. Louis Police Officers Association. …”

The same trend is going on too in Kansas City:


“KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) — In a year full of protests, harsh criticism of police and calls for the Chief of Police to step down, many officers are saying, “Enough.”

Kansas City Police officers are resigning and retiring in record numbers. And the president of the Police Union says the community needs to know and understand there will be consequences.

“It’s just too much,” said Brad Lemon, president of the FOP. “I mean it has just got to the point where it’s just too much.”

So far this year, 46 officers have retired or resigned. Some are turning to private security or construction. Lemon expects the trend to continue.

“We’re going to lose about 100 to 110 officers this year which is a huge increase over any other year we’ve ever had,” said Lemon.

If that happens, that’s about a 10 percent drop in Kansas City’s police force. It would leave the force near the number of officers the city had around 1980. …”

Sooner or later, the narrative will shift and the police will be condemned as “racists” for leaving these cities. You are damned if you enforce the law. You are also damned if you don’t.

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  1. Losing the police is not a big deal. You can always have Cheka ,NKVD ,Social workers or whatever name you like for communist paramilitary. Troika or Fact Checking is far above any court procedure

    What we see right now is pathetic attempt to repeat Lenin revolution. Their problem is that Stalin, now called Trump is on our side. Unfortunately there is no such thing like safe freedom fighting or safe war so that a lot of mess and bunch of dead bodies ahead.

    But now our side is winning and winning big.

  2. Fuck the cops – those assholes are/will be the ones dragging Whites off to jail for shitposting about kikes and niggers and doing burnouts on “BLM murals”.

    • Look at recent events in South Africa: communities protected themselves, cops were nowhere. Plan and prepare accordingly.

  3. Those urban police are NAZI thugs. They will be nothing but a curse to the counties that hire them. Rural counties should hire only local boys, who lived there a long time.

    • Yeah, sure – the cops are some real Nat-zees – cracking Whites’ skulls while taking a knee before the BLM scum.

  4. If they police crime ridden nog areas……..waycist.
    If they avoid them……….waycist.
    This is good news. Let’s see where it goes from here.

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