MSNBC: Why “Disinformation” Online Is Easy To Produce And Tough To Regulate

When I want accurate information about the news, I turn to “trusted sources” like the corporate media and their panels of neocons, woke professional class “experts” and FBI agents.

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  1. NYT:
    “As Cases Rise, a New Feeling Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger”

    Anger, iniated and fueled by the media.

  2. (((Carl Bernstein))):”Bomb Syria…Bomb Iran….Bomb Russian Donbas….Bomb Russia…”

    (((Carl Bernstein)))…..Mary Phagan’s corpse autopsy photo……the slaughter of the crew of the USS Liberty…

  3. Oy – vhatz diz?! A blue-jawed, hook-schnoot chewboy writink about all that anti-semitic goy disinformation out theyah on the internet? How novel, itz!

  4. And the grinning Jew Fisher front and center. If you go back far enough, I’d half bet you find his contributions in Das Kapital.

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