Breaking Points: CDC’s Mask Order Is a Complete Clown Show

Saagar Enjeti does a good job of spelling this out:

  1. COVID kills fat people, sick people and elderly people and ISN’T much of a threat to the rest of the population
  2. The people who are most vulnerable to getting COVID and dying which is elderly people in their 70s, 80s and 90s have largely been vaccinated now
  3. Vaccines are free and widely available now
  4. Vaccines still work against the Delta variant
  5. COVID deaths are a rapidly diminishing problem
  6. It doesn’t really matter if young and healthy people choose not to get vaccinated because the virus isn’t much of a threat to them
  7. Every adult has the right to make their own health decisions. There is no justification for infringing on their civil rights and liberties
  8. The people who choose not to get vaccinated are responsible for their own health. No one else is responsible for their health
  9. There is no justification for bossing around people who have been vaccinated and forcing them to wear masks
  10. Insofar as COVID was a crisis, those days are long over because elderly people can easily get vaccinated. Nothing has changed
  11. This is being done for political reasons because Democrats have nothing else to run on in the 2022 midterms except “the January 6th insurrection” which has replaced Russiagate and only shitlibs care about
  12. The Democrats are trying to stir up a panic about the Delta variant in order to scare the public because it worked in the 2020 election and due to their lack of other options
  13. The CDC lost all credibility after the George Floyd riots and declaring that “racism” is a public health issue
  14. Finally, the progressive busybodies who cynically used COVID to exercise raw power over everyone else clearly need to be knocked down a peg or two as can be seen in their forays into internet censorship and trying to demonize meat eating.

Oh … one last thing.

I think Brian Stelter and Don Lemon’s naked authoritarianism is going way too far.

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  1. Heathrow was fucking strange today. Fewer BAME more whites. SOMETHING changed.

  2. @ start laying the groundwork now, for our confederate goverment in waiting now, what sane man, can take this illigitimate administration, seriously.

  3. Good article, helpful.

    “declaring that “racism” is a public health issue”
    Just insane levels of gaslighting.
    I really question that Soviet reality inversion ever reached these levels of distortion.

    Jews have this peculiar belief that if you can use words to distort reality and convince all people of the distortion, it then becomes reality.

  4. (((They))) need the vaccine passports. It is part of the greater plan of one world government, Tony Blair said so. Oh yeah and do you know where the capital of the new world government will be?? Jerusalem, just as soon as they kill all the Arabs and demo the dome of the rock. Gods chosen people. What a sick joke.

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