Vegan Totalitarianism Creeps Into Berkeley

Don’t laugh.

Back in early 2017, it was in Berkeley where we got our first taste of the new standard where the feral Left was allowed to riot and deplatform MILO. It was that riot in Berkeley which set off a series of clashes in the months that followed in which it was an open question whether the police would stand down and allow Antifa to engage in violence. The precedent that was set in Berkeley was quickly replicated in Portland that summer. The police stand downs due to political pressure were still something new which we were trying to wrap our minds around when we walked into the trap in Charlottesville.

Berkeley is a proving ground where lunatic ideas like “Defund the Police” germinate in an ultra-progressive academic hothouse before spreading elsewhere across the country. In this case, Berkeley will soon begin human experiments on senior citizens and prisoners incarcerated in its jails and force them to consume only plant-based foods to lower their carbon footprint to fight climate change.

San Francisco Times:

“Berkeley’s city council has approved an ordinance that demands to slash its animal-based products spending by half by 2024, moving the city to start serving vegan food at public gatherings, jails, senior centers and city buildings.

The city’s Mayor Jesse Arreguín has co-sponsored the said measure, being the first-of-its-kind. It calls for the progressive city to provide plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and seeds at public buildings.

The development is the outcome of the push initiated by Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE, an animal rights group in Berkeley, that moves to advocate the same in San Francisco, Chicago, and other major cities.

DxE has pushed for Berkeley to serve 100 percent plant-based food but the city refused to go all out. …”

San Francisco Chronicle:

“Berkeley could cut the use of meat served by the city by 50% by 2024 — the latest effort by officials to address climate change.

The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to study the proposal. But the move was mostly symbolic because city officials said they don’t know where the city serves meat and how much is served.

The resolution, authored by Councilmember Sophie Hahn and Mayor Jesse Arreguín, directs city staff to study whether the city can achieve a 50% decrease. The resolution also noted the council’s commitment to examining eliminating meat products completely. …”

Cheese is destroying the environment.

The cheeseburger is even worse and can no longer be tolerated.

The Independent:

“An analysis by the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization found meat and dairy accounts for 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions — the same as all cars, HGVs, aircraft, and ships combined.

But vegetarians who eat cheese may be shocked to learn that the cheddar they grill for toasties is more damaging to the environment than a bacon sandwich.

Lamb and beef cause the most greenhouse gas emissions by far, according to a life-cycle analysis carried out by the US non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG),

But cheese ranks third, generating 13.5 kilos (29.7 lbs) of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent, a standard unit for measuring carbon footprint) per kilo eaten. It is worse for the environment than the production of pork, salmon, turkey, and chicken. …”

This progressive activist group “Direct Action Everywhere” has been agitating the issue for years in Berkeley. Silence is violence. Meat eating is violence too.

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  1. That screenshot says it all. Mayor Mystery Meat flanked by Ms Goldenstein on one side and a late middle aged angry AWFL. That is our future of local state and federal “representatives” of us. Instead of the chemical vegan slop why not invest in actual humane organic farming animal grazing and slaughter. No one likes the idea of animals being tortured.

    Except this Halal and Kosher people who believe the animal suffering makes for a juicy steak

  2. Damn, look at the shnoz on the Shlomo on the right. Did they clone RBG? Not fully formed yet but give it another 15 years.

  3. We probably all could stand to eat a bit less meat, or maybe even drink a bit less alcohol (like anonymous says, even though I think the way he said it was gay).

    But, being that I’m more than a little Scots Irish, anytime someone says I HAVE to do something, my first reaction is going to be, “the hell I do, I’ll fite you IRL”.

    So instead, I make sure to eat a hamburger that I cooked over fossil fuels, drink a few beers and remember that no matter how bad things get, at least I’m not a vegan.

  4. Jeff Bezos’ Whole Foods may have been targetted because the clientele would be more receptive than the crowds at regular grocery stores or meat shops, and because one would assume, according to its reputation, that Whole Foods meats would come only from humane sources. Some people (mostly women) feel they can’t kill animals for any reason, or do butchering, or even eat meat. At the other extreme are those who ENJOY killing and can’t get enough. The latter may be dangerous, but the former are not really dangerous, only foolish, and they interfere with business.

    Private for-profit animal husbandry, butchering, meat processing, and meat stores are businesses protected by law and the police and law courts. But suppose all meat production and distribution was communal, state-owned and truly non-profit, with full transparency and democratic decision-making at each step, would there be any such protests?

    Furthermore, the protesters may have been poorly educated, with no practical farming. hunting and butchering experience in childhood. Every public school including those in urban areas should provide some of that.

    And more: It cannot be denied that human over-population can reach a point where there is not enough land to grow all the feed and pasture for the number of livestock needed so that EVERYONE can eat a lot of meat. The U.S. has grown (exploded) to become the world’s fourth most populous nation (if you call it a nation) and although it has a lot of good farmland it will be straining hard to produce enough meat for all of its enormous population.

    • I meant third most populous but mis-typed in hasty writing. I wrote third most populous here a few days ago, noting that the U.S. had out-populated Indonesia, pushing Indonesia to fourth place. The U.S. is extremely overpopulated and requires an immense amount of meat.

      • Leftist retards, who also hypocritically claim to be concerned about the environment, love to point out that we have hundreds of millions of unpopulated acres in this country. We have room for ten billion more, and the magic soil will continue to provide as much as we need.

  5. “At the other extreme are those who ENJOY killing and can’t get enough. The latter may be dangerous, but the former are not really dangerous, only foolish, and they interfere with business.”

    Oh no – the these starry-eyed shitlib “direct action” idealists, who crash into restaurants screaming through bullhorns to ruin the meals of meat-eating “fascists”, and who get their kike politician enablers to impose vegan faggotry on everyone else, are no where near as dangerous as hunters who impose nothing on no one.

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