Vox: Homeownership Can Bring Out The Worst In You

Here’s the latest hot take from the bug eating urbanite weirdos over at Vox who agonize over the sentience and feelings of their sautéed roaches and who believe that bottled water is spiritually bankrupt and that eating a chicken sandwich is a moral catastrophe.


“Homeowner” is an identity baked into the fabric of America.

From political speeches to articles and advertising, Americans are bombarded with messaging valorizing homeownership. In 1995, President Bill Clinton released a 100-point plan to “boost homeownership to an all-time high,” writing that “for millions of America’s working families throughout our history, owning a home has come to symbolize the realization of the American Dream.” …

Homeownership, as it has evolved in the United States, often turns its beneficiaries against progress and change, manifesting as anything from opposing homeless shelters in your neighborhood to blocking transit projects in your region. This identity transcends partisanship, a rarity in our polarized age. You’ll find Democrats and Republicans alike screaming opposition to change and growth, no matter what it costs. To that end, Republicans have supported onerous regulations they would likely scoff at in the abstract, and Democrats have defended a system that has perpetuated the racial and economic segregation they often rail against in theory. What can help explain this phenomenon?

It’s not that homeowners somehow have an exclusive claim on classism and racism — it’s that the median homeowner is likely to be older and wealthier than the average US resident. Older and wealthier people often have a preference for stability; they’re closer to retirement and more likely to be facing medical needs, as they are later in life. That means this group is predisposed to fear change even more than the average person. And they are overrepresented in our political system.

None of this is meant to be an indictment of people who want to become homeowners. But it’s a warning about how it could affect your thinking and politics. Because while there is some rationality to the fears that drive homeowners to oppose growth and progress in their communities, there is also a massive cost. …”

The ruling class hates you.

This idea that homeownership is a problem to be solved like owning guns and whiteness and “toxic masculinity” and vaccine hesitancy and meat eating and religiosity is catching on with progressives. They want to reduce you to a degraded, humiliated, indebted, disarmed and exploited serf.

Note: As you can probably imagine, they strongly support vaccine mandates because of the Delta variant. The power to control other people and boss them around is the point.

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  1. Editor to writer, ‘let’s see how really gullible these goys are, after all, they fell for integration, bunch of schmucks”.

    Yes, just rent, so you can watch rents increase to a point where 3/4 of your income goes to rent.

  2. Some jew can buy a mpbile home park, take out the mobiles, put 4 ‘tiny homes’ on each pad and charge a couple of thousand per month, each!

    And keep bringing in millions of immigrants to crate a dire housing shortage. Such a deal !

    “They want to reduce you to a degraded, humiliated, indebted and exploited serf:”
    Gospel truth.

    • More intelligent countries, like thailand, don’t have property taxes on a principal residence. In other countries, even mexico, property taxes are so low, they are meaningless.
      Americans are the globe’s super suckers.

  3. Same Shlomos controlling you regardless if you rent or own. The only exception might be if you live in an unincorporated county with no property taxes.

      • Yes in the Northwest they exist. I’m looking for bug out property right now. I’ll check back if I learn anything. Idaho and Montana are basically empty and they are HUGE. You could put all the whites in the world there and still have space.

        • Uh, have you ever lived there ?
          Do you like snow ? Do you like cold ?
          Beware Montana, hard to find water in many places, if u need a well.
          Idaho property is skyrocketing in price.

          “Idaho and Montana are basically empty”
          There’s a reason they are empty.

    • “The only exception might be if you live in an unincorporated county with no property taxes”:

      Or deep in one of the few remaining wilderness areas in the U.S., where you might still live alone or in a very small group free from the usury system – but not really free, because then you are being “out”-prisoned instead of imprisoned, so there is no escaping the need to change the system.

    • I wonder if they control the HOAs, too. Some are real nightmares, and charge hundreds of dollars per month. They are a business, and no one really knows how much they profit.

      Someone starts a development, then they go in there and establish themselves. But where do they come from? Who starts an HOA? What regulates them?

      They have clauses in some contracts, stating they can take your home from you. If you go to move, they can throw hefty fines on you, because they know you want to leave. I read about a man who found out, when he went to sell his home, that they levied $40k in fines against him.

      They are just another form of control. People think they are good, because the next door neighbor can’t paint their home hot pink, but that is just not worth it. The monthly fees, such as 300 a month, are so high, too.

      • “monthly fees, such as 300 a month, are so high”

        Hehe, try 650, 800 and they can keep raising them.

  4. Homeownership? You will own nothing, not even your own body, and be happy. Self-ownership for me, but not for thee, goyim. Now shut up, get in the pod, eat your bug rations, and take your mandated vaxx. Also, please note your breathing and farting credits will be going up next year to offset the damage you’ve done to the climate.

  5. The way the jews are manipulating the housing market, no one will be able to buy a house unless you’re rich which is probably how they want it.

  6. Today, it’s progressives who fear change. That’s why they’re always screeching about “misinformation.” They feel the information monopoly they held throughout the 20th century slipping out of their fingers and they don’t know how to handle it other than with heavyhanded censorship. American progressives want to go back to the good old days when 4 or 5 media corporations guided by the intelligence agencies told people what to think and people believed it.

  7. If you don’t own a home, you will be the perfect rootless cosmopolitan, and corporate slave. Moving endlessly from place to place, following low paid gig work, you will not notice the area you grew up in is much worse than it was just a decade ago.

    Isn’t it obvious who these progressive journalists really represent? They are paid propagandists of billionaires like Jeff Bezos.

    • “If you don’t own a home, you will be the perfect rootless cosmopolitan (…) Moving endlessly from place to place”:

      But I’ve noticed poor and lower middle class people who don’t own a home tend to remain in the area where they were born (some pity them, say they are “stuck”) while most who can afford to buy houses and lands tend to move about every three or four years, often to a different state. Being rooted in the land and heart-tied home community, kinfolk and old friends, versus cosmopolitan, individualist rootlessness, has nothing to do with ownership versus rent.

      The best system is not one in which is possible for SOME people to OWN property. The best system is not one in which is possible for MORE people to OWN property. The best system is the one in which ALL people have everything in common, and each one has use of as much housing and space as he or she NEEDS, and is free to remain rooted (which is the natural human condition) on the land and in the community where he or she was born, not being forced out by gentrification and other development, taxes and rents.

      Winstanley asked “Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land; or was it made to preserve all her children?”

      • Virginia Wolf got it right. People should have a spare room or even two. Stops people going mad and enables recreation, physical space for a hobby or storage for small business to happen.

  8. If these creeps pull this off, I’ll eat my drawers. Lol. Hell, they’ll earn a handclap from me. What these elite assholes are trying to pull off is near impossible. Without real casualties on the ground…? Are most people that disconnected from actual reality? I’m convinced they need a serious mass casualty event(false flag) and some kind of war…Not a “civil war” pitting the “vaccinated” against the “unvaccinated”, but actual good old fashioned, boots on the ground foreign deployment style war.

    This has to fail…it just has to.

  9. Who needs to rent or be a home/land owner tax payer when you can follow the trend of homeless camping or living in RVs?

    I’m not suggesting living in those homeless camps
    Only making a point of roughing it on your own.

    With out money the revenue from renting and taxes the elites are powerless
    Fight fire with Fire!

  10. Oy – vhat a cohencidence that all these shitlib scum are denouncing home ownership just as (((Black Rock))) is buyink up houses left & right.

  11. It is said you that can never OWN a home or other real estate in the U.S., because you RENT it from your school district, township or borough, and county, by paying taxes.

    The rate of home ownership (versus rental) in communist China and in socialist Vietnam is 90% now and rising in both cases, while home “ownership” in the U.S. – where you don’t really own, but pay rent to the school district, township or borough, and county – is in the low sixties now and dropping to 50% soon.

    Best of all is independent, unoccupied Korea, where everyone is equal, everything is free for the people, and there is NO home ownership, no rent and no taxes.

    As Gerrard Winstanley the Digger said: “Property divides the people of a land and (…) is the cause of all wars and bloodshed and contention everywhere.”

  12. There was a time 50 some years ago when property taxes in the Southern States were about half or less of what they were in the Northern States. Not today—the South has in most cases caught up with the North and in some areas surpassed the North.

    • Lots of transplants moved and took jobs in the South, too.

      People just pay and go along with it. Just like “closing costs”, where they jab you for several thousand at the last minute to close “the deal”. They know you’re all set to take the house and move, and what’s a few thousand dollars, right?

  13. Liberals were always advocates of home ownership, the most significant part of the “American dream” they love to tout. Liberals failed to keep the brakes on their most radical friends and fellow travelers because they believe there is no enemy to the left. Liberalism always leads to nihilism, anarchy, despair and destruction.

  14. And almost on cue, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (trans: “Frankfurt General Public Newspaper”), my daily morning driver, and basically the WSJ of Germany and the continent, has taken to agitating against private automobile ownership. Let that sink in: The FAZ isn’t some clickhole. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t tell whether the FAZ hates the private automobile or Viktor Orban more these days.

    • Sounds like NYT or WAPO.
      All have the same tribal directors, working toward a common goal.

      my plea for all WHITES to support the development of WHITE media, in all forms.

  15. When you have that much money, your thinking must change. What is crazy and inhuman to us is simply logical to them. What they seem to be attacking here is the principle of private property. They don’t like anything that could make a person independent. Independent people are a problem, because they can think for themselves. Sometimes that leads to a Trump and their thinking on that is ‘never again’.

    • “What they seem to be attacking here is the principle of private property”:

      It may seem so but They are really attacking EQUALITY, not private property. They want to own the lion’s share of property and all other wealth. From their positions of privilege these “Lords” (top parasites) collect rents from the commons, the vast majority. The first things that needs to be done are expropriate the Lords, and distribute!

  16. From that Vox piece:

    Opposing change and progress in your community is not only due to lack of a social safety net. Rich Palo Altans, wealthy Upper East Siders, and the Boston elite all exhibit the same traits of Nimbyism that I described above. The wealthy do not need a social safety net, so why are they so opposed to progress?

    The aforementioned Boston University researchers also looked at the types of comments made by meeting participants who were opposed to new housing and found several commenters who feared that “their homogenous communities would resemble much more diverse ones if a project were approved.” They cite a commenter who asked if there would be restrictions to ensure people receiving rent assistance from the government could be prohibited from occupying the potential development.

    Lets connect the dots here:

    -Cultural Progressivism is almost entirely driven and supported by College Educated White People, who have flocked from the Republicans to the Democrats. As Hunter has repeatedly said, these people have cosmopolitan and modernist values. They support Open Borders, anti-racism, BLM, Defund the Police, #MeToo, Trans, etc.

    -College Educated White People strongly support diversity and integration. They get off on the physical presence of non-whites. The more diverse an area, the more “enriching” and “interesting” it is. The Pastor at my old Church once said that he didn’t like how our 95% White hometown was so White because, he said, its “boring.”

    -College Educated Whites who support Cultural Liberalism tend to cluster in restrictive, exclusive, wealthy neighborhoods such as Palo Alto, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and Boston. They are even more heavily concentrated in the suburbs. Most inner suburbs – as opposed to exurbs – have turned Blue. Oakland County, MI and Fairfax County, VA stand out as prime examples of this.

    -If College Educated Whites tend to cluster in these exclusive neighborhoods, then clearly they are doing what Vox calls out here: Trying to defend their homogenous neighborhoods from “those people.” I highly doubt its just upper class conservatives who express those sentiments.

    The conclusion then is this: Maybe we should support the forced integration and diversification of these exclusive neighborhoods as a means of waging cultural and demographic warfare on our biggest enemy next to the (((usual suspects))), which is College Educated Whites. This would result in one of two outcomes:

    1. College Educated Whites abandoning their culturally progressive views and recognizing what White Nationalists have warned about all this time

    2. College Educated Whites doubling and tripling down on their culturally progressive beliefs and destroying themselves in the process

    I obviously predict No.2 is the much more likely outcome, but here’s the point: Under the current status quo, Cultural Liberals can wage war on us and all of White America with absolute impunity from the safety of their exclusive, restrictive, homogenous neighborhoods. Integrating and diversifying their neighborhoods the way Vox advocates for here might undermine that.

    Additionally, I want revenge on these people for what they’ve done to us, and what they plan to do to us. I want them to suffer their own medicine. I want them to be forced to deal with what Saint Domingo, Rhodesia, and South Africa dealt with. Bring the jungle to their suburbs. Bring the Middle East to the Upper East Side. Make their privileged brat children go to the same schools as Black and Brown children. I don’t see why we can’t or shouldn’t use non-whites as weapons against the Race Traitors. For the White Race to be saved, we need a Thanos plan. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

    • #2 is what will happen, but there will be no “revenge”. Most of these cosmopolitan fools will simply blend themselves out of existence and into the hostile populations. Loyal Whites will be hopelessly outnumbered and powerless, even more than now.

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