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  1. What US interests are in Somalia? There is no reason to have an American troop within a 2500 miles of Somalia

    • Re: “What US interests are in Somalia?” and “the entire country isn’t worth the cost of one smart bomb”:

      The U.S. has an enormous interest in Somalia, and in keeping China out of it. Somalia has an extremely strategic, commanding location at the mouth of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, and it has large proven, UNTAPPED reserves of iron ore, uranium, copper, tin, bauxite, natural gas (6 billion cubic meters) and oil (thought to be up to one billion barrels). The population of about 15 million is a little less than 5% of the U.S. population. The U.S. is determined not to let them return to ethno-national socialism, so it wages hybrid war to keep them disunited (divided (tribally), impoverished and in chaos. Like Russia it is inherently evil because it has a history of socialism, that must never be repeated.

      Besides, the military industry needs places to bomb, to use up bombs, so more bombs can be manufactured and sold.

      • Yes, I’m sure the black supermen could build Wakanda if we’d just leave them be and those tribes would come together in a socialist paradise.

  2. It’s not just the elderly republican leadership that is worthless. The young republicans are all worthless, too. The party is just irredeemable and needs to be dismantled.

  3. This is why Republicans should not be the majority till we get Republicans that give the middle finger to the UN and the demon state of Israel.

  4. Republicans love sending other families kids to war, especially when it comes to fighting wars for Israel.

  5. “McConnell Praises Air Strikes In Somalia”

    Oh, just great.
    They will now have an excuse to bring in more Somali refugees.
    Be prepared for more crime and to have you kid thrown off the third floor

  6. The U.S. was behind the destabilization and destruction of the socialist Democratic Republic of Somalia, replaced by chaos. I remember when Somalia was making progress by leaps and bounds fifty years ago and it was quite strong. The Empire will never let it rise again.

    • Burkina Faso was also making immense progress under the leadership of Thomas Sankara, which threatened the neo-colonial rule (exploitation) of former French West Africa, so Sankara was removed and Burkina Faso has never risen again. Both the U.S. and France keep special forces, mercenaries and regular troops in the next door neo-colony of Mali that has rich mineral resources. No country in Africa that has valuable resources or a strategic location is safe from imperialism. I could go on and on, because Somalia is only one of many similar cases.

  7. Al-Shabab are what, the grandchildren of Mohammed Aidid, of “Black Hawk Down” fame, who died in power?

    Somalia is our longest war, started by Pres. George H. W. Bush in late 1992, in support of UN Resolution 751. Until recently, we still had 600 SOCOM troops there, shooting it out with al-Shabab.

    Twenty nine years, and no resolution. Twenty nine years, and the clowns in Washington won’t let go.

    Does anyone seriously believe that we will leave Afghanistan? We are today, Sunday, conducting air strikes against Taliban fighters from bases somewhere on the Persian Gulf. We intend to do so indefinitely despite the Doha agreement not to. Will we ever stop in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen?

    The only way our Masters in Washington will ever stop their incessant, pointless, unwinnable wars is if the US military is crushed in a conflict with Russia and/or China.

  8. “Somalia is our longest war, started by Pres. George H. W. Bush in late 1992”:

    It began as a covert, proxy and economic hybrid war more than 20 years before that, as soon as Somalia trried to become truly independent (and for a little while it did). Even so the U.S.’s imperialist war in northeast Africa is not the longest U.S. war. Incidentally, G.W. Bush did not begin the war on Afghanistan; it began at least twenty years earlier during the Carter administration, but even so it is still not quite the U.S.’s longest war.

    The U.S. has been at war against one or more weaker victims continually throughout its history, and Somalia’s loss is a mere drop in an ocean of blood.

    • Learn accurate history. Western imperialism/colonialism/neocolonialism has kept Haiti down for two centuries, and Somalia has been under Muslim, British, French, Italian and U.S. imperial boots much longer than Haiti. See the history of proto-Somalian “Punt” and Macrobia, Somalia before Islam: “Ancient pyramidical structures, mausoleums, ruined cities and stone walls found in Somalia (…) are evidence of an old sophisticated civilization that once thrived in the Somali peninsula. The findings of archaeological excavations and research in Somalia show that this civilization enjoyed a lucrative trading relationship with Ancient Egypt and Mycenaean Greece since the second millennium BCE. This supports the hypothesis of Somalia and/or the adjacent Horn territories corresponding with the ancient Land of Punt. The Puntites traded myrrh, spices, gold, ebony, short-horned cattle, ivory and frankincense with the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Indians, Chinese and Romans through their commercial ports. An Ancient Egyptian expedition sent to Punt by the 18th dynasty Queen Hatshepsut is recorded on the temple reliefs at Deir el-Bahari, during the reign of the Puntite King Parahu and Queen Ati (…) In the classical era, the Macrobians, who were Proto-Somali, established a powerful tribal kingdom that ruled large parts of modern Somalia. They were reputed for their longevity and wealth, and were said to be ‘the tallest and handsomest of all men.’ The Macrobians were warrior herders and seafarers. According to Herodotus’ account, the Persian Emperor Cambyses II, upon his conquest of Egypt (525 BC), sent ambassadors to Macrobia, bringing luxury gifts for the Macrobian king to entice his submission. The Macrobian ruler, who was elected based on his stature and beauty, replied instead with a challenge for his Persian counterpart in the form of an unstrung bow: if the Persians could manage to draw it, they would have the right to invade his country; but until then, they should thank the gods that the Macrobians never decided to invade their empire. The Macrobians were a regional power that were known from east to west and were highly advanced in architecture and extremely known for their wealth were they were noted for its gold, which was so plentiful that the Macrobians shackled their prisoners in golden chains”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Somalia

      • So advanced, but went back to living in mudhuts for the next several thousand years.Just like the “we was kangz and built the pyramids!”. Right. Egyptian DNA, sculptures, and paintings show them as Mediterranean whites. Disingenuous.

        • My comment was accurate not disingenuous. There was, without question, advanced civilisation in Somalia lasting for thousands of years, beginning long before the founding of Rome. Some would argue it must have been created by Europeans who went to Africa, and slowly miscegenated themselves out of existence with the Blacks, disappearing without a trace. I believe the originators were Nilotic people related to the Egyptians. Across the mouth of the Red Sea, southern Arabia, now Yemen, was also very advanced and prosperous (also founded by Europeans, I suppose). The indigenous Somalian high civilisation collapsed under the force of Muslim invasion about 1000 years ago and probably bubonic plague was also involved, but it has been only about 200 years since the powerful, still-prosperous Islamic sultanate on the horn of Africa fell to European colonial powers, and THEN they really “went back to living in mudhuts.”

          I agree with you that subsaharan Africans did not build the pyramids of Egypt (except perhaps as slaves) and subsaharan Africans also did not create the pyramids of Somalia.

      • They are just black people regressing to backward blackness. Stop wasting your efforts.

  9. Many Somalis have light bulb shaped heads. I guess it’s a sign of beauty to those ugly, stupid fuckers, like Ilhan Omar marrying her brother.

  10. That is why I hate both the Retarded Right and the Lunatic Left in American politics.A sane nation would develop balance of power politics playing off one nation against another. That is how the British Empire survived. When Germany was strong they supported France. When France was strong they supported Germany. Only an idiotic nation would try to fight and alienate both China and Russia at the same time. All this has the Insane States done! With China’s manpower and Russia’s weaponry the United States will be no more if they suceeed in alienating both.

    • All Britain had to do to survive was maintain a strong Navy, which they did. Their unnecessary meddling on the continent wasted millions of lives and put the White race in the sorry state it is currently in. And what was it all for? Now they are allowing themselves to be washed away in a sea of mud.

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