Bill Maher: Eric Adams: Running Against a Movement

Eric Adams is running against those people. We are too.

Those people are responsible for what you see on display in cities like Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Seattle, Minneapolis, Oakland, Portland and San Francisco.

It is a new progressive era in those places where the same class of people – the DILEs or PMCs or gentry liberals or woke scold progressives or urban, educated, middle class White people who entertain stupid cultural ideas – simultaneously support draconian new restrictions on online speech or civil liberties due to COVID while systematically dismantling the criminal justice system and allowing homeless camps, drug addiction and violent crime to explode. They are the people who are deeply offended by working class people who say the wrong words, but who don’t care about all the graffiti and broken windows and shit and feces and heroin needles and homeless people in tents that are filling up their cities.

Note: We have our doubts about the ability of Eric Adams to turn New York City around, but can it get any worse than Bill de Blasio? At least he is naming the problem.

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  1. But but but but…sputter…but but but [gasp] Nicholas Stix said Eric Adams was [shudder] a SECRET NATION OF ISLAM member. Could you ever? Oy vey. You know that those schvarzes hate you, and only you, right?

    • This article is bizarre. You have to be retarded to think that Eric Adams is not anti-white to the core. All NYC black politicians are. He is close to Dinkins, who was the original BLM-style “let blacks commit crime and don’t try to stop them” big city mayor back thirty years. Just having a black mayor emboldens blacks to commit more crime. The average black thinks a black in charge means “we runnin’ this show now, nigga, ain’t no cracka can tell us what to do no moe.”

  2. You must be joking. Of all the establishment’s choices in the (s)election, Eric Adams was the establishment’s favorite and received the most support because, regardless of his clever reformist rhetoric, he is establishment through and through.

    Re: “can it get any worse than Bill de Blasio?”

    You should ask: Can it get even BETTER for the elite class under Black puppet-figurehead Eric than it was under Bill? I answer: Yes it can. Witness the proven success of a handful of “White” Talmudic multi-millionaires and billionaires squeezing every last penny out of Haiti for over one hundred years with the assistance of a mulatto bourgeoisie (that owns all the smaller businesses) and a completely Black, supposedly Black-run, puppet government. Don’t be fooled or distracted by the race of a figurehead or puppet.

    • Eric Adams will preside over a parking government. It’s long been known that the biggest perk for govt employees everywhere, but especially in NYC, is free parking, anywhere, anytime. This is no small thing. It changes your life when you can park anywhere. It, and the ability to save sick and vacation days to get hundreds of thousands of dollars at retirement, are the main reasons for seeking govt employment. It corrupts you to the very bottom of your soul. You can overlook anything if you’re caught in its net. “Mama, don’t raise your children to be govies, let em be lawyers and such…”

  3. Eric Adams was good friends with Dave Dinkins. (((They))) don’t forgive and (((they))) don’t forget. Jews hate Dinkins for his slow response to the riots AND Jews hate Adams because of his friendship with Dinkins.

  4. I don’t think anyone could technically be as bad as back stabbing crypto german/Italian literal cuck Bill de blasio but who knows Adams practically being endorsed and fawned over by neo liberal shithead Maher here so… I’d say its a doubled edged sword or nose in this case

  5. NYC is beyond redemption at this point. It was facing financial collapse until Dementia Joe’s stimulus bills funneled billions to NYC, NY State, Chicago, LA, SF and other Democratic strongholds to fix (temporarily) their balance sheets. This just transferred the municipal and state debts on to the Federal balance sheet increasing the already unpayable Federal debts.

    This cannot go on indefinitely. NYC burned through their Federal money in no time and fixed nothing permanently, they just paid some over due bills. Demographics are solidly against any permanent fix, the city is third world heaven for all the colored people now and White people aren’t welcome there. The Usual Suspects still cling to the place because they are natural rootless cosmopolitans but NYC is getting unlivable even for them with bums and trash everywhere. Fuck ’em.

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