As Homeless Camps Proliferate, Denver Property Owners Express Frustration

It is a new progressive era.

In “Denver in Decay,” we saw that the politicians in Denver launched a 10 year plan to eliminate homelessness in 2005. The problem is now worse than ever in 2021. The Bidenvilles are spreading out of downtown and into the sidewalks and right-of-ways in residential neighborhoods.

Note: I’ve never seen anything like this around here. Imagine what it will be like when the eviction moratorium finally comes to an end in these big cities.

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  1. Shlomo seems to really get off watching whites suffer. The occupational government clearly has ZERO interest in helping these people.

  2. Re: “Property owners complain…”:

    Proudhon was confused when he said “property is theft,” because theft implies rightful ownership of something stolen. The homeless are trying to live without ownership where almost every space is private property (ncluding the property of corporations) and there is really no public space left. Their very presence interferes with business, so they will eventually have to be expelled, or put in debtors’ prison workhouses. The crackdown is coming. Mayor Pete Buttigieg sent his police force to destroy the little homeless camp in his city while the homeless were away eating a meal at the soup kitchen. In the end, the liberals will show no more mercy than the conservatives.

  3. Colorado – another formerly decent White state destroyed by the dope-smoking leftist locusts that descended upon there from California in the 70s – Montana and Idaho are the next targets in their sights.

  4. White liberals and “conservatives” love “Diversity” until it’s on their doorstep. Yet those same Whites hate me for telling them what “Diversity” really is: White Genocide.

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