Lemonade Stand Shut Down In Metro Seattle

What is anarcho-tyranny?

It is the preferred system of government of the DILEs or the BoBos. It is based on their modernist, bohemian or counter-cultural values. Basically, the BoBo’s perverted ideal is turning the world upside down and inside out. It is things like pregnant men emojis or the American Medical Association removing biological sex from birth certificates or homeless drug addicts sexually assaulting women in courthouses or an authoritarian state crackdown on a little White girl’s lemonade stand brought to you by the same people who celebrated CHAZ and who dismantled the police.

Note: The Seattle Metro area is full of BoBos who died of heat strokes because air conditioning is taboo for causing climate change. They are dragging down the West Coast.

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  1. You have to uproot white supremacy while they’re young. Why this vile fiend is already learning to be a capitalist pig exploiting the labor of her elderly grandmother. Today’s lemonade stands is tomorrow’s sweat shop.

  2. This is why we actually need to abolish the police. All they do anymore is pester White people for petty offenses. Or help the FBI charge Whites with hate crimes for saying the N word or frame Whites for fake terrorism plots. All while they allow anarchists and non-Whites to do whatever they want. We would be better off without them.

    • The police per se isn’t the problem. The problem are those giving the police their orders.

  3. “Note: The Seattle Metro area is full of BoBos who died of heat strokes because air conditioning is taboo for causing climate change.”

    Just wanted to correct this. Air conditioning being taboo is a recent thing here. It just wasn’t, and isn’t, common for houses or apartments to have air conditioning in the Seattle area. People would stay hydrated, drink cold drinks, etc. Also, we have a much larger old population now. The majority of deaths were homeless or old people, and people without common sense.

    • I was under the impression that the temperatures there are usually comfortable enough without a/c, so most people don’t install them.

      • It is not uncommon for rural homes in northern areas to lack even a window air conditioner, because they haven’t been needed more than once or twice in most years, and it would be a waste of time and money for one or two days.

        Someone told me temperatures climbed over 100 F. last month in Britanny, France, which normally has very mild weather so “no one has air conditioning,” because “it was never needed.”

  4. Much more importantly than not allowing lemon stands without permits, the system is also shutting down anti-imperial non-corporate journalism:

    Another excellent independent journalist, Craig Murray, has just been sent to the Empire’s REAL gulag, like Julian Assange, for the so-called “crime” of “jigsaw identification”: https://www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2021-07-30/craig-murrays-jailing-is-the-latest-move-in-the-battle-to-snuff-out-independent-journalism/

  5. Police harassment, bums everywhere, trash piled high. taxes through the roof, local and state government run for the benefit of local and state government, taxpayers be damned. What’s not to like for the average, decent, law abiding White family working, trying to save and lead an honest life?

    This country is a dumpster fire and getting worse by the day.

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