NYPD: Would-Be Rapist Chokes Woman Out, Drags Her Off Manhattan Subway

What can you do?

It is a new progressive era.

We celebrate the criminals and put the cops on trial now.

These attacks on the subway are fairly normal in New York City these days and besides it would be “racist” to draw attention to the problem and notice who is doing it. Just blame it on “white supremacy” or systematic racism. Nothing that blacks do is ever their fault. It’s our fault.

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  1. The media will say she called him a nigger and he was defending himself. black worship and victimhood comes before the rule of law.

  2. Even the (formerly) most desirable parts of NYC are now full of vacant stores, graffiti, garbage and crime. You can’t even attend events at Madison Square Garden anymore without proof of having taken the suicide jab. Apparently city officials want to scare everyone away for good. This is the exact opposite of what New York was like in the years leading up to 9/11.

  3. Note how they block out not just the face of the victims now, but also their entire bodies: can’t have the filthy goyeem seeing the race of the victims – might schtir them up.

  4. The American Negro is similar to a lab rat. Put the lab rat back out into the wild, it wouldn’t know what to do.
    Send the American Negros back to Africa, away from white culture and support, and they wouldn’t know what to do.
    Very few of these ‘proud Africans’ would happily settle back in Africa I’m guessing.
    They do what they want because our useless ‘justice’
    system tells them they can.

  5. Who would have thought Detroit was the model for the rest of the US? Judges refusing to prosecute brutal attacks on whites. Outsourcing all the productive industry. Police indifferent. We have seen this all before. There was never slavery in Michigan and the blacks all moved there voluntarily or were bussed in by Shlomo Aid Societies.

    • Judges are just as much of a problem as the police. Everyone is against whites.
      Too many black judges, too.

  6. No one cares anymore. People will scream and rave about their “team” and go crazy “supporting” them, but they care nothing about how our freedoms are melting away. They care about the newest phone, their vacations, their hair, the latest Star Wars diversity movie…

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