Tucker Carlson Interviews Viktor Orbán

A few years ago, we would have been encouraged by this and celebrated it as “based and redpilled.” It is causing the libs to lose their minds. They are all up in arms about it. This was before Charlottesville and the Trump disillusionment and the Alt-Right collapse around 2015 and 2016.

How do we explain this? The costs of the Trump presidency fell entirely on leaders and influencers and radicals who were deplatformed and sued and harmed in countless ways. The overwhelming majority of people out there who supported Trump didn’t put themselves in the public spotlight. Those people have continued plodding along and radicalizing at their own pace. Millions of them have caught up to where we were a few years ago and have become a powerful current within the Republican base.

Now you have the likes of Rod Dreher and Tucker Carlson cozying up to and celebrating Viktor Orbán. Sure, it is far from ideal, but this was unimaginable even five or six years ago. Even with Trump gone, the ground is still shifting. There has been a big change over just the last year since the George Floyd riots and systematic racism. We could go completely silent and the trend would still continue.

Note: Maybe this is what victory always looked like. The “mainstream” Right would gradually come to sound more and more like us to the point where the distinction just ultimately evaporated without anyone really noticing it has disappeared. The Jewish Question is one of the last holdouts although even the ADL gets heat now. Orbán is a Zionist like most of the other European nationalists.

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  1. The US used to be like Hungry until the jews pushed for the 1965 Hart/ Celler immigration act. Say what you want about Orban ,he is resisting the take over of his borders, language and culture. You can’t say that about any leaders in the US. Talking about it is not the same as doing.

    • Phil Hart was a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer, and a US Senator. His father-in-law owned the Detroit Tigers—-hardly a Kike.

      Orbin is a Hungarian Protestant.

      • Trump is an American Protestant who comes from a long line of American Protestants that have been ‘tea bagging’ jews of all persuasions for close to a century, but he was your guy.

  2. I always thought that is how it would happen. History shows the plates of politics move slow, for a long time, then all at once in an earthquake, things change. One of the weirdest things about the Left is this idea they are “the future” , they just seem to think that their ideas are for the all time. Usually about the time you think that, things start quietly moving gently underfoot, and the arrogant usually miss it

    • “The right side of history”. Yes, that is a common phrase with leftist idiots. They never realize their ideas always lead to chaos and destruction.

  3. Orban is a fraud. Nobody gives a crap about Hungary so they are allowed to be the poster child for functional democracy. In 20 years they will have child trannys, every day will be gay pride day and Holocaust remembrance month. It’s all fake and gay. Orban personally had Richard Spencer jailed and deported for attempting to speak at a conference. I’m pretty sure Ramzpaul is now perma banned also. The fact that Tuckah is there promoting it supports everything I just said.

      • It’s fake tho. Poland and Hungary are just getting the slow drip. I have even heard Soros even sponsored Orban’s college with some kind of scholarship. Regardless, Poland and Hungary are backwaters. Hardly compensates for the loss of Germany and UK.

        • I think you are being too negative.

          Yeah, it is not ideal because Orban is a Zionist, but it is a basic nationalist government. They have immigration under control. Millions of Muslims aren’t flooding into Hungary. The country is governed somewhat in the national interest. This used to be normal, but now it sounds incredible. It is incredible considering how the United States or the UK or Germany or France are doing.

          • Brad, Orbin is probably less of a Zionist than you are…LOL. I realize they don’t have to many Hungarians in Alabama.

          • Re: “They have immigration under control. Millions of Muslims aren’t flooding into Hungary. The country is governed somewhat in the national interest. This used to be normal, but now it sounds incredible”:

            Yes on the “plus side” are immigration control and the fact that Hungary is still almost mono-ethnic. Yet the fake nationalist Orban regime is doing exactly what CAUSES the mass migration. Genuine nationalism would respect, not violate, the rights of all other nations or peoples.

      • The analysis of Finkelthink and how Orban was THE candidate of Finkelstein for a post-Communist Hungarian nation, was done conclusively over at Fash the Nation.

        Which means OUR Jews are merely BS’ing the World, if they already know that Orban is ‘their’ man.
        Now, it could be that Orban has ‘become Woke Right’ since his initial putting into power, but the main question to be asked to confirm that is: ‘What is the status of Jews in Hungary? Better or worse than before?’ There is your answer….

        HW, do you listen to Jazzhands McFeels?

        • It’s called the ‘long con.’

          No leader in Europe has a closer relationship to Israel than Orban. Btw, Orban dislikes “anti-Semites” as much as the founding stock WASP Tucker Carlson.

    • Meg a jó qrva agyad, mit hablatyolsz itt össze vissza????!!!! Orbán el?tt, 2010 el?tt Gyurcsány regnálása idején, az országot kiárusította az az alkoholista félkegyelm?, minden egyes gazdasági stratégiai üzletágat elkótyavetyélt,meghamisította az eu-s gazdasági adatokat, akkor kellett Brüsszel nyomására tájékoztatni a polgárokat, lásd ,,öszödi beszéd”,, nyomorban éltünk, hónapról hónapra. A családok támogatása egyenl? volt a nullával. A cigányság segélyekb?l / ingyen/ élt. Míg az Orbán kormány bevezette a közmunkát, így visszakerültek a munkaer?piacra. Ha már bírálod hazánk vezet?jét, vedd a fáradtságot és olvass: https://ujegyenloseg.hu/az-orban-kormany-tiz-eve-a-magyar-valasztok-szemeben/

      • Google Translate of Marosi’s comment:

        And your good qrva brain, what are you foaming back here ???? !!!! Before Orbán, before the reign of Gyurcsány in 2010, the country was sold out by the alcoholic half-pardon, each economic strategic business was squandered, the EU economic data was falsified, then it was necessary to inform the citizens under the pressure of Brussels, see “We lived in misery, month after month. Is family support equal? was with zero. The Gypsies lived on aid / for free. While the Orbán government introduced public works, they returned to the labor market. If you are already criticizing the leader of our country, take the fatigue and read: https://ujégyloseg.hu/az-orban-kormany-tiz-eve-a-magyar-valasztok-szemeben/

      • Very good, Marosi. In the English translation I noted: “the dismantling of democracy, the increase in social inequalities, the dramatic deterioration of the quality of public services, and the unleashing of corruption on pro-government politicians.” AIso: “The government’s success propaganda for the 2010s is put in a different light by the fact that, apart from the improvement in conditions for having children (“family support”, there are more people in all the areas examined who report a downturn or a slippage. Apart from the family support system, there is a relative majority who believe the situation in Hungary has deteriorated in the last decade, and in seven areas the negatives are also an absolute majority: 50 percent see the state of freedom of the press and democracy (…) the chances of the rise of the poor 54 percent, the state of public education 58 percent, the level of corruption 60 percent and the health situation 63 percent worse than a decade earlier.” Exactly what I would expect.

        These accomplishments/results of capitalist pseudo-“nationalist” leadership in Hungary parallel those of Nazi leadership of Germany.

      • Good question. I have the same question. I think RZP is still pretty favorable to HU but I can’t document that. However, I know he is favorable toward Tucker as I have heard him (and his girlfriend Sasha) praise Tucker. Given that RZP is favorable toward Tucker and Tucker is clearly favorable toward Hungary, I would guess that RZP is favorable (still) toward Hungary.

  4. I see this as the Republican Party trying to win back the activists that got Trump over the line in 2016, so they will work for them once again for FREE. When the Republicans get back in office, they will give their billionaire pals tax cuts, give free shit to Israel, vote for abominations like Juneteenth, and look the other way while Jews sue, and imprision the White activists that got them elected. If you are dumb enough to work for the Republican Party again, make sure to get well paid up front, because thats all you will ever get out of it.

  5. It is not surprising that marketing-savvy Carlson would want to be seen with fake nationalist Orban. Carlson excites his Faux News audience with the notion that Hungary is “more free” than the U.S.

    The Orban regime is an enemy of real, ethno-national socialism. Anglo-Zionist NATO member Hungary contributes its full share of troops to the Empire’s preparations for HOT war against Russia, and Belarus, and the Donbass republics. Hungarian soldiers are stationed in “Khazar-kraine” (Ukraine) near the Russian border and they regularly go through the motions of attacking Russia!

    Fascist Hungary has eagerly supported the U.S. war on Afghanistan, and its troops remained there until last month, just as long as the U.S.’s regular troops: https://www.budapesttimes.hu/hungary/last-hungarian-afghanistan-mission-soldiers-arrive-back/

    Fascist Hungary was one of the major terror-bombers of Serbia in 1999, and majorly responsible for the theft of Kosovo where it still stations troops.

    Orban recently joined Marine Le Pen of the National Front (Rally),Matteo Salvini of the Italian League, Jaroslav Kaczynski of Polish Justice and Law party, Santiago Abascal of Spanish Vox, Giorgia Meloni of the Neo-fascist Brothers of Italy movement, and nine more far-right capitalist leaders signing a declaration to form a new alliance of far-right parties within the European Parliament, with the goal of “reforming Europe.”

    • Four more things: Enabling Act, Culture Law, Muzzle Law, and Hyper-militarization.

      The Orban-Fidesz-Jobbik regime serves a useful purpose for the Empire by keeping other East European states in line, and setting a “good” example as an eager buyer of U.S.- and German-manufactured military hardware. It is a loyal ally that won’t be replaced anytime soon.

        • Who says I’m a Marxist? Ethno-national socialism is much, much older than Engels, and Marx, who borrowed, and added to it.

          And do you really think Viktor Orban is “better” or has accomplished more than Lenin, or Mao? You should reconsider, think again and forget everything you thought you knew: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2017/11/17/mao-reconsidered-one-hundred-percent-good-part-1/ Excerpt: “The simple facts of Mao’s career seem incredible: in a vast land of 400 million people, at age 28, with a dozen others, to found a party and in the next fifty years to win power, organize, and remold the people and reshape the land – history records no greater achievement. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, all the kings of Europe, Napoleon, Bismarck, Lenin – no predecessor can equal Mao Tse-tung’s scope of accomplishment (…) Mao’s achievement is almost beyond our comprehension” – John King Fairbank, The United States and China. “Colleagues, rivals, academics and propagandists East and West have written much nonsense about Mao Zedong yet, when we correct for bias and discard patent falsehoods it becomes clear that, apart from the bloodshed that accompanies wars and revolutions, it’s doubtful that Mao killed anyone and indubitable that he gave life to billions. Indeed, no-one has done so much good for so many–and so little harm; no-one comes close.”

  6. Unlike Dump, Orban doesn’t just talk, he acts (maybe not enough, but far better than nothing), which is why, again unlike Dump, he’ll probably win the upcoming election.

    But like Dump, he’s proving that snuggling up to kikes gains you less than nothing: (((Soros))) & organized jewry generally is leading the charge against him anyway. They absolutely will not tolerate any successful modern-day example of rejection of their Globohomo, any more than they tolerated Hitler’s spectacular success.

  7. Aggghhhhh yes……..the Right will never totally agree on everything. That’s why we’ll never gain traction. Nobody will ever tick every box.
    Orban has dropped off my radar in recent times, but from memory, he was reputed to be for strong border’s, incentivising high white birthrates and promoting Christianity. LGTBQRCTS and safe spaces were banned in schools. But his stance on China was a letdown. He’s allowing a Chinese University to be built in his nation. This is likely the tip of the iceberg. What else are he and China agreeing on? In what other ways is he allowing China to infiltrate his country against the wishes of most Hungarians?
    If you’re pro CCP, then you’re NOT pro white.

  8. David French is a f*cking cucked hypocrite and a traitor. He should be muzzled. His opinion means NOTHING to White, Christian, American voters.

  9. I hope the Anglosphere right learns from Orban that autonomy is one among a family of important values: authority, community, sanctity, competence, solidarity, etc.

    An ideology of freedom gives no ground to complain about social degeneration, a borderless world, and being ruled by wealthy outsiders. In fact, it prescribes these outcomes. You’ll also have to disavow any part of your history that didn’t maximize everyone’s freedom. These are simply consequences of conservative hegemony in the West after it defeated the left in the Cold War.

    Things must change if they’re going to stay the same.

  10. The party of Lincoln invaded and destroyed the South 160 years ago. Never vote for these liars and their self-serving tax cuts again and their willingness to spill American blood for the nation of Judah (not Israel). It is Jesus Christ now sitting at the right hand of God Who will Return to this earth and Who will save and restore scattered Israel and not these present day Jews who are descended from those who had Christ put to death.

    The sooner the Lincoln-loving Republicans’ beloved Yankee Empire is destroyed by the Left the sooner the South will get their nation back — the original USA — and we can all live decent lives and drive out all the wicked anti-White Leftists and their godless agenda.

    May God Save the South!

  11. For those who say Orban is somehow a pawn of Soros because his education was paid for by that slimy Jew…..he turned against the Jew early on and, in fact, Fidez ran an entire political campaign based on preventing Soros from controlling Hungary.

    Orban was the one with the infamous speech:


    And he banned Soros activities in the country. The reason he embraced Israel was because of Bibi’s nationalism. I believe it was a purely strategic move in today’s “anti-Semitism” crazed world.

    • Orban is a Zionist.

      The difference is that he does other things which conservatives are incapable of doing here. So, while Orban is hardly ideal, he is better than what we have here

    • November,

      I listened to Blackpilled like you recommended. It was extraordinarily good. The video was long but worth it. I usually do not have the time or inclination to listen to politics for 3 hours but I made this an exception.

      I get most of my politics from family.

      • @Cristina,

        On the off chance that you see this, indeed. That was Devon Stack’s best podcast of 2021.

        Too often imo, he rattles on about stuff that I would guesstimate 3/4 of his listeners are already aware of. I infer that by the chat that accompanies his live podcasts.

        I’m glad you liked it. He showed what a wolf in sheep clothing Tucker Carlson actually is. Carlson provides enough based truth, so he can sell “The Big Lie” when his fellow generational establishment associates give him the order.

        • November,

          I only caught your comment since it was off to the right under Recent Comments. Usually when an article hits the second page I no longer look at it. I find listening to Devon Stack relaxing. I can do other things with him in the background. It was an excellent broadcast.

          As for Carlson’s tactics? Even my younger brothers and sisters know that in order to slip a lie in that you mostly tell the truth in order to create trust and credibility.

  12. Jobbik was the true Hungarian nationalist party, but they have recently changed to a more ‘quality of life ‘ advocates.

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