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  1. “Only flourishing in progressive cities.” Could you give an example of a nonprogressive city in the U.S.? I don’t know of any.

  2. The only way to fix the problem with junkies, winos and schizos is to reintroduce state mental hospitals and county work farms. But our society has become too soft, weak and decadent to do what needs to be done.

    • It is cruel to leave the homeless to wander about the way they do. Most of these people are mentally ill or drug addicts. They are often alone with nowhere to turn because the city shelters are more violent than the street. A clean and well run mental hospital is the only solution for these people and before anyone comments about cost the states and federal government spend almost half a billion on synagogue and mosque security grants alone, one of the many scams being run. We can afford to help these people get off the streets and work to become functional citizens again

  3. In a natural (Ethno) socialist state, no one would be “priced-out of” shelter, and all housing and land would be public – free for the people – and equal. Those who are mentally ill or deficient or otherwise disabled would not be homeless.

    The current unnatural cosmopolitan system of greed and inequality has only begun to display its cruelty.

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