Denver Pushes Back Against Report That Claims $41,000-$104,000 Is Spent On Each Homeless Person

I still can’t get over this.

This isn’t due to poverty or unaffordable housing. This is a purely cultural self inflicted disaster. It is mainly a lifestyle caused by drug addiction. If housing was the problem, they could simply move somewhere else. Most people who can’t afford to live in these cities choose not to.

There are also poor people, mentally ill people, drug addicts and criminals everywhere. The difference is that these progressive cities have policies which encourage this and enable this and fuel the proliferation of these camps like in Seattle where the King County Courthouse is being abandoned because it is too dangerous for employees to work there. Heroin has effectively been decriminalized in Seattle. Austin decriminalized camping and recriminalized it when these camps began to spread. Colorado is famous for decriminalizing marijuana and that has played a role in attracting these people.

There is a reason why you find these camps wherever you find large concentrations of BoBos. The same people who support “Defund the Police” and “Abolish the Police” out of a hatred of authority and a perverse desire to turn the world upside down have a similar view toward drug addiction and homelessness. They want to decriminalize drugs and encourage people to use those drugs and to subsidize poor lifestyle choices. They also want to decriminalize prostitution or “sex work” as they call it now.

Note: Aurora is getting rid of its homeless camps like Austin. Both Aurora and Denver went big for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

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  1. We should never judge homeless people unless we know their circumstances.
    I used to make deliveries in my truck and noticed the same homeless man sitting outside the supermarket I made deliveries to every Friday. He was a former truck mechanic who was made redundant. His wife then divorced him and he lost everything to her. With no employment, he couldn’t rent anything, and couldn’t secure another job.
    Every Friday, I gave him some cash, then eventually told my boss about him, who eventually took him on as the company truck maintenance guy. He’s still there.
    Some are homeless due to causes more complex than we understand. Calling them all drug users is an oversimplification of things. And I speak as someone with no love or time for actual drug users…….. they’re a waste of space.

  2. I don’t believe that money is going to the homeless. Most of it would have been spent on paying the middle class incomes of the Bobo’s who administer it all. It is the same with the international charities that are always begging for money by mail. Very little of the money you give them actually makes it to the people they are raising the money for. Where does all the money go? The same as above.

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