Atlanta’s Largest Homeless Camp

It is a new progressive era.

Georgia voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

In Columbus, the media covers up black-on-white hate crimes. In Atlanta, Lenox Square has become a South African-style war zone. The crime has gotten so bad that Buckhead is trying to secede from Atlanta. It turns out that Atlanta’s biggest rat infested Bidenville slum has also emerged on Buckhead’s doorstep. It is a new era in Buckhead and a far cry from the place that I remember.

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  1. If things look like this now, with the injection of 2 trillion, what will they look like when fedzog loses the ability to deficit finance ?

    • Inflation will go sky high which will simultaneously destroy dollar based savings and dollar based debt. With interest rates on the 10 year at approx. 1.30% negative rates are here now because inflation is running at approx. 8% per annum (at least). With the Federal Reserve buying the Treasury’s debt the U.S. Government can fund anything it wants, until the wheels come off. That is the reason corporations have been selling debt and issuing stock lately, these rates will not last forever.

      When the dollar goes bad first prices rise rapidly then commerce breaks down. Shortages of everything appear, a barter economy begins to emerge with some use of silver coinage. Most people are impoverished and bewildered; they didn’t see it coming, don’t believe bad times are here and the U.S. Government’s ability to do anything is severely restricted.

      Those counting on the Government for their daily bread are going to be disappointed big time. One can reasonably assume the nogs and other Third World types will make their unhappiness known as U.S. cities burn all over the country. The PMC types will be baffled the most. Their world will come crashing down and their graduate degrees in Critical Studies and other fields of the diversity racket will be seen for what they always were; useless frauds.

      • ” inflation is running at approx. 8% per annum (at least)”

        13.5%, by
        Calculated by the gov method 1980.

        • I haven’t checked in a while, good catch. 13.5% inflation is unsustainable long term.

      • ” the Federal Reserve buying the Treasury’s debt the U.S.”

        Is anything so insane as that (yes, I know, our entire society) ? Thanks Greenspan.

        What assets does fed have ?
        The ability to counterfeit, manipulate a fiat currency.

  2. I had long wondered why the Church (including all Prot. Denoms.) are so utterly useless, in dealing with a clear Gospel issue. Then I heard of Giles Corey’s book, and read numerous reviews, including one over at James Edwards’ site:

    Here’s the damning evidence that these godless bastard Pharisees in the SBC, are joined at the hip with our Modern Pagan Rome.

    Anathema. Scum like this should be publicly stoned.

  3. How far the US has fallen. You would except to see this in a 3rd world country. The homelessness will get worse when people are forced to put a foreign substance into their bodies. My body mt choice only applies to abortion.

    • Here’s an Indian guy (dot, not feather) living large on Long Island for free. He “bought” a house in 1998, made one mortgage payment and no more. He has been abusing the legal system for more than 20 years to avoid foreclosure and getting kicked out. His latest thing is Covid which is preventing his eviction.

      The guy plays the legal system like a violin, he is a maestro. Question though: Why the fuck is this scumbag even in the country, he is nothing but a parasite? If the U.S. were a sane country he and his countrymen would be deported immediately with this guy going back to India in the cargo hold.

      • “Why the fuck is this scumbag even in the country, ”

        To displace you……………………………… and anyone like us.

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