Portland’s List of Homeless Villages “Shocked People”

Back in May, we learned that Portland was planning to start building these villages for homeless people to get rid of the mushrooming homeless camps of drug addicts and mentally ill people. The problem was spiraling out of control. It turns out that up to 70 sites in the area are under consideration.


“PORTLAND, Ore. — A woman visiting from out of town was stabbed in Portland’s Old Town-Chinatown neighborhood Monday in apparent random attack, according to court documents. The assault happened around 2 p.m. at Northwest 3rd and Couch Street. 

According to court documents, private security contacted Portland police as the attack was happening. When officers arrived, they found the victim lying in the middle of the street, bleeding from injuries. The suspect, Tammy Imholt, was standing nearby holding a sharp object, later determined to be a cuticle trimmer, covered in blood and acting belligerent, police said. …

The victim and other witnesses told police Imholt was standing outside her tent and yelling before the attack, according to court documents. The victim told police she was walking through the area and after seeing Imholt, crossed the street to avoid passing her. As she kept walking, Imholt suddenly chased her down, grabbed her by the hair from behind and threw her to the ground. Witnesses said Imholt repeatedly kicked and punched the victim before stabbing her. A witness pulled Imhoff from the victim and helped detain her until officers arrived, police said. …”

The homeless issue has become more urgent since a tourist was stabbed last week.

As they say in “This is Portland,” they have some of the rowdiest people on the West Coast out there. It is a city of “interesting dualities.” 36% of Democrats in Oregon want to abolish the police.

Isn’t it strange how these bohemian values seem to produce so many broken, dysfunctional, mentally ill people who are addicted to drugs and are incapable of taking care of themselves and who are a burden on society? And yet, these same people want to abolish the state to live under anarchy.

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  1. ” And yet, these same people want to abolish the state to live under anarchy.?

    Delusional ppl living in hallucinations.

    3 generations bred on TV.

  2. Some of the tent camps have become sort of permanent. There appears to be 3 distinct types of camps. The 1st type is one of addicts, mentally ill, and assorted dregs. The 2sd type are people who have lost everything but their cars and tents, these are identifiable by fairly new cars in decent condition. Their tent setups that are not surrounded by garbage; there is one such camp at the freeway on-ramp at 84 and 122sd, which looks more like a campground than a homeless camp. The 3rd type are RV / car campers, they will park in an area until the police run them off, park somewhere else for a while, then make the rounds again. There are many roving 1st type campers, usually by themselves, who tend to camp on main city streets.

  3. I am very concerned about our people. Many are losing it. We are rootless, without values, and many are turning to drugs to dull their unhappiness. This is turning many of our people into savages who are committing crimes. We are becoming more uncivilized.

    A couple of years ago, I was actually thinking of moving to Portland because of the demographics. This is now out of the question.

    • Portland is in decline. 20 years ago, it was a pretty decent place. It’s rapidly becoming a good place to be FROM. Good places to go are dwindling in number…

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