Anti-Vaccine Passport Protesters Storm Old BBC Headquarters

Of all things, it was vaccine passports which pushed these people to their limit and got them angry enough to attack the “journalists.” They deserved it for a thousand reasons.

The Guardian:

“Confused anti-vaccine protesters stormed what they thought was a major BBC building on Monday, apparently unaware the corporation largely moved out almost a decade ago.

Rather than target the BBC’s news operation, which they hold responsible for promoting Covid-19 vaccines, a handful of protesters gained access to Television Centre in west London, which is now predominantly rented by ITV to film its daytime shows such as Good Morning Britain and This Morning.

The circular building was vacated by the BBC in 2013 and has since been converted into flats and a private members’ club. …”

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  1. @Brad Everyone attending Richie Trumka’s viewing is being told to wear a mask.

    I wonder if Rich had a mask on when he had his heart attack?

  2. Vaccine passports will be used as a world ID, the “globalist/Jews” have it all planned out. And what is the goal of the chosen, one world government with the capital being Jerusalem and Jews holding dominion over human kind. The logical conclusions is the Jews are behind the virus and its release is part of a Jew plan. Everything fits in to their plans.

    • It’s quite amazing that the celerity of the mass vaccination of the Israeli population isn’t the central focus here. How did they get the goods so quick, so cheap in such quantity? They were there all along.

  3. These vaxx passports are a trojan horse into an internal passport and social credit system. It will determine where you are allowed to travel inside your country, where you can work, and what you are allowed to buy. If you aren’t a mindless shitlib, things will get very hard for you. Essentially they want to do to the entire population, what they have been doing to white nationalist leadership, but much worse.

    I’m sure David French is already working on his magnum opus:

    ‘The conservative case for social credit’.

  4. I guess wogs, nogs, and Mu-slime rapists over-running your country isn’t worth getting worked up about.

    Not that Americans or anyone else is in the West is any better.

  5. OK, off-topic but why do white nationalists hate me? I am a young white man who is red pilled on race and the JQ, and supports the idea of fighting for an ethnostate. However the alt-right hates me because I was born to a single teenage mother in poverty, and was in low-income housing and food stamps for most of my life. From what I see of their beliefs I would be considered “White trash” and excluded. In fact you guys even fantasize about putting me in a gas chamber, or at least cutting off my junk so I can’t spread my “dysgenics” into the population, all because of circumstances I didn’t choose. Why do you exclude people who want to support you?

    • @stogieS,
      How do you know they hate you? How many have you met in person? Is there anything else about your character that wasn’t mentioned above? I fail to see why that alone would mark you out as someone to be alienated.

  6. It would be nice to think that these are organic protests standing up to liberal tyranny, unfortunately they are just retarded Q anon types from pro-Trump Facebook groups. They would rather protest face masks than then genocide of the indigenous British people.

  7. Resisting even the feeble and haphazard efforts of a disappearing public health system is anarchism. Anarchists have opposed the good as much as the evil.

  8. Yeah……two things that get YT into a tanty:- lockdowns and a rugby loss. We can all sleep better at night, knowing our fellow y pepo are thinking about the important stuff……
    Mass immigration, loss of manufacturing, shootings, drug use, endless wars…….nuffin to worry about there.

  9. The Saker, Bernhard (Moon of Alabama), and even RON UNZ, are confronting the cult of ANTI-VAXXERS:

    Someday the anti-vax spell will be broken by harsh reality or the mass hysteria will run its course and wear off and the cult members will become normal, thinking, reasoning human beings again, and realize they were taken in by the likes of unqualified/quack Doctors Mercola, Judy, Scott and Bill.

  10. The pandemic is over for the vaccinated.

    Covid will finish burning through unvaccinated Africans, hispanics, and rural whites this fall. Since young adults and children will be among the death toll, many will silently celebrate these heroic, voluntary sacrifices to eugenically improve the species.

    There are not going to be vaccine passports or more lockdowns in the United States. These are masochistic conservatard fantasies — the Dollar General version of David Frenchism.

  11. @ stogies, your not excluded, we don’t even like the words “white trash” drop them from your vocabulary, do something good and positive with your life, learn a trade, find yourself a wife, father some children, be all you can be, use the past as a reference guide, don’t live in it, work, struggle and fight for a better tomorrow, most importantly , fear god and keep his commandments, so therefore young man go forth and do great things.

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