The Telegraph: British Tourists Face Vaccine Passport Chaos In France

Have you heard about Viktor Orbán’s autocracy in Hungary?

The Telegraph:

“Holidaymakers in France are being turned away from events as well as bars and restaurants because their NHS codes are not being accepted.

France extended its health pass to cover bars and cafes on Monday, as well as museums and other crowded settings.

Although Britons can load digital QR codes provided by the NHS on to the Tous Anti Covid app – also known as the health pass – some venues are unable to read them. 

Unvaccinated people can take Covid tests to gain access to venues, but the results of these must either be printed out or uploaded to the app. …”

The American media has nothing to say about this.

This is what the “journalists” want to see happen in this country. They want to stir up hysteria over the Delta variant and trample on the civil liberties of the people who don’t want to get vaccinated and push those people to their limit. It is less about COVID now than PMCs bossing people around.

Note: I can see why people get vaccinated. I also understand why people don’t want to get vaccinated. I don’t have a strong opinion on the issue.

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  1. My daughter just got back from the first day of school since April of 2020.

    High school in a high crime area. I asked did you learn anything today?

    Basically it was just shifting kids around. No class time. She said the cafeteria was just fucking packed. I’ve been there before. Huge. I told her opt out, she is 17 this year. There is absolutely nothing to be learned in our local school system. She did online last year and did really well, she works. Good kid.

    Opt out and just do online? Fuck the school/prison system. That’s what they are now, especially now. I don’t think it will go back to where it was. Don’t see it.

  2. “The global pushback is growing. Keep the pressure on.”

    Stop paying taxes, support troops who abandon their bases.

    That will get their attention.
    Hit them in the only place they have feelings, the wallet.

  3. “Journalists” are nothing more than errand boys and propagandists for all of the usual suspects.

  4. Kikemedia-enabled Covid hysteria; phasing out meat & dairy; new cars fitted with spy GPS so that your every movement will be recorded & taxed…these god damned commie scum are going for nothing short of total tech control & dominance of the Racist White Trash, which they know is the only possible element that might overthrow them.

    This cabal of billionaires, kikes & Cultural Marxist Big Tech geeks must be destroyed. Nothing else will ever stop these heirs of genocidal judische Bolschewismus.

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