Good Samaritan Shot Trying To Stop Robbery In Oakland

It is sad to watch what is happening in Oakland:

Of all the things that are going wrong in Oakland though, the most troubling development of all has been this relentless assault on the AAPI community in Chinatown by “white supremacists” who have been emboldened by Donald Trump’s rhetoric about “the China virus.”

We’re seeing these brazen attacks on Asian-Americans happening all over the Bay Area. It is things like randomly stabbing elderly Asian women for no reason or pushing elderly Asian men into the street. There are “white supremacists” who are vandalizing stores in the middle of the night.

Note: In San Francisco, the joke is that district attorney Chesa Boudin is like “a perfectly inverse Batman.” He defends the worst street criminals and goes after the police. We’re watching an experiment in the Bay Area in turning the world upside down. The state allows good people to be preyed upon by criminals. The criminals are coddled and glorified and allowed to terrorize the community.

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    • The same reason why we have anti-White sentiment. Jews are whipping up anti-Chinese hysteria as China is today the only major world power free from the ZOG.

        • I sympathize with the Chinese, they certainly don’t deserve to be attacked by the Negroes or anyone else. I have a solution though: go back to China, all of them. They will be safe amongst their own people. The Chinese govt. has zero tolerance for this kind of thing, a bullet in the back of the head awaits criminals like these robbers.

    • Niggers niggers niggers. ( Or porch monkeys if you prefer. ) Or … if you’re a far left supposed journalist : “Teens.” It’s always the “teens.” 🙂

  1. The left has always been about destruction, nihilism and anarchy. It only becomes obvious to everyone in the end stages.

  2. Boudin is a Jew and this is what a Jew is, and what a Jew does. A Jew persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. The proof is in the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ. WTF did Christ do to deserve to be killed?

    • @Robert,
      Wasn’t Christ sent to us to atone for our sins? Wasn’t the crucifixion part of the plan for him to atone for our sins, thus freeing us of the burden of eternal guilt?
      I’ll stand corrected if I’ve missed something, but my understanding is the atonement was always part of God’s plan to save us.
      I have no opinion about what Jews did two thousand years ago. How they carry on now is what bugs me.

      • “I have no opinion about what Jews did two thousand years ago. How they carry on now is what bugs me.”

        Bingo. What they’re doing and have done against US for 2000 years is what matters.

      • If there is a god, we are even more screwed, because of his “chosen people”. It’s why I can’t worship god who says in the end, the good people will live in the New Jerusalem.

        How can people praise a god who created negroes and mexicans?

        How can people worship a god who insists you have to suffer to make him happy?

    • “WTF did Christ do to deserve to be killed?”

      He committed Lashon hara.
      Which, in the eyes of jews, is worse than murder.

  3. Of course the commie scum politicians & the FBI pukes mouth-fart about yet again about guns – as if those fucking apes aren’t using fists & feet for most of their attacks against the slant-eyed alte kackers..

    That’s what they get for supporting niggers & commies against the Whites who wouldn’t think of attacking them.

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