Joe Biden Caught In Lie About Student Debt

As Jimmy Dore has pointed out, every day that goes by reveals that the shitlibs never meant to deliver on any of their popular campaign promises on health care or economics.

The most obvious example of this is student loan debt where Joe Biden has the power to do it but won’t do it because he is a puppet of the banks. Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren have held dozens of press conferences insisting that Joe Biden has the power to do it and should forgive $50,000 in student loan debt per borrower. Nancy Pelosi is also refusing to do it because her treasurer is opposed to it.

Note: The Democrats are a pozzed version of the Tea Party.

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    • Why aren’t the congressional “republicans” impeaching Biden?

      1. They have no balls
      1. They have no spine
      1. They have no guts
      1. One party system
      1. All of the above

      chose the number you agree with

  1. Don’t underestimate how disappointed center-left whites are by these developments. As OD/Hunter has pointed out repeatedly, there are probably close to 100 million people in the center or center-left that hate “wokeness”, and as issues like economics, quality of life, and crime get worse and worse for them it will become easier and easier for us to poach them from the neoliberal prison they find themselves caged within.

  2. The oligarchs are afraid of the precedent that would be set if even $100.00 of student debt were forgiven. It’s more important for them to quash any talk of debt relief rather than have debt forgiveness and win more Democrat votes from grateful college grads. It’s the mirror image of the Republicans constantly granting tax relief to the oligarchs while doing nothing for their hard pressed working and middle class voters.

    The normies just don’t seem to get it. The political system is Kabuki theatre, it’s run for the benefit of the politicians and the filthy rich bastards who own them. The politicians are the equivalent of $10 crack whores and the oligarchs are their pimps.

  3. Notice how this slimy Jew says to simply cancel federally held loans, but pay back the private ones, meaning the ones held by his Jew finance buddies, out of the government purse. Nice work if you can get it!

  4. Oh come on man don’t try to hold confused ice cream man to his presidential campaign promises.

    Student debt campaign promise is just like retard blumpfs border wall that Mexico was suppose to pay for because all the money just got sent to Israel by both demonrats and republicucks. Campaign promises are literally red meat bignose Bolshevik lies, always has been

    • It’s comical to think that Mexico would pay for a wall to keep its own people in Mexico. They just send them up here to get on our public assistance programs and keep the national pharma runs going.

      • I despised trump…but for some reason you purposely distort the situation. mexico wasn’t going to literally write us a check.
        trump’s intent was to withhold various funding and grants and aid to mexico in proportionate amounts to the cost of the wall.
        You get that,right?

  5. @ “ole dirty joe” telling a lie? Surely not, just what is this sinful, fallen world coming too?

    • Dementia Joe long ago forgot the difference between truth and lies. He hasn’t been able to tell the difference since Eisenhower was President. Now Dementia Joe really does have an excuse, he cannot remember anything anymore.

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