Chicago Police Turn Their Backs On Mayor Lori Lightfoot

I can’t imagine why anyone would be a police officer in Chicago. I would get out before it is too late. It was already one of the worst jobs in the country before the “racial justice” movement. Imagine spending your life on the South Side or West Side of Chicago trying to impose some semblance of order on gang bangers who have culturally devolved into Lord of the Flies conditions.

FOX 32 Chicago:

“CHICAGO – More than two dozen Chicago police officers reportedly turned their backs when greeted by Mayor Lori Lightfoot late Saturday at the hospital where an officer remains in critical condition.

Chicago Police Officer Ella French, 29, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Saturday night, while her partner fights for his life at the University of Chicago Medical Center. As Lightfoot visited the hospital about midnight Saturday, about 30 officers turned their backs to her when she approached them on the 7th floor, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday morning.

“It looked like it had been choreographed,” a source told the outlet. …”

What is the point of policing in Chicago?

The Chief of Police has made the jaw dropping statement that even murderers are simply released into the streets after being arrested. They go on to commit even more crimes.

Note: Do you remember that Puerto Rican couple who were dragged from their cars and executed by gang bangers on Juneteenth in Chicago? The “journalists” had no interest in amplifying that story. Chicago is getting so bad that it is starting to resemble Gotham in the Batman movies.

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  1. Carjackings are the lowest hanging fruit. Shittards are going to reap what they sowed. Of course these events will not make the news until Jews start getting attacked.

  2. “It looked like it had been choreographed,” a source told the outlet. …”

    Wow, that’s some good journalism. You think? It’s as if the MSM can’t quite fathom that anybody would protest Queen Lightfoot.

  3. No sympathy for the cops.

    As mercenaries of the system, they do or don’t do as told for a paycheck. There is no higher order principle at play.

    Until that changes, joker.gif.

    • Chicago cops are corrupt as hell and always have been – they just want things to go back to how they were – shaking down dope dealers and basically doing nothing other than figuring out how to squeeze out more OT and how to max out their pension. They’re the biggest gang of thugs in the City.

  4. Assuming the cops are White turning your back on a POC is “racist” and probably a “hate crime”.

    • Look closely at the photo and you’ll see that “assuming” the cops are White is largely unnecessary– which is a good thing.

      • That picture is in no way indicative of the racial makeup of today’s CPD – a lot of Black guys and women and Hispanic guys and women – and the White guys all have nasty sleeve tats to show everyone what a bunch of badasses they are.

  5. I’m sure the troll is losing sleep over the cops turning their back on her. It’s not like they’re protesting her policies or anything. They’re still complying with her directives.

  6. Hopefully the cops there in Chicago do attempt to protect the remnant white population.

    • Don’t know if there’s much left, my dad’s parents were hanging on as the neighborhood changed but moved out in ’69 right after the MLK riots. Maybe a few on the far NW side near Niles, but most of the others are punks fresh out of college who want to pay $2000 a month for an apartment in Wrigleyville with no parking and rich Jews living in the towers along the lake.

  7. Names of the killers were “Morgan” so they must be blacks, from the pictures I couldn’t tell if they were some sort of afro Caribbean hispanic or mulattos. I guess I should have known it’s black as they are the ones who are totally out of control and feel they have a right to commit crimes as the Democratic Gangsters hijacking America seem intent to implement as the latest “civil right.”

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