Squad Member Rep. Cori Bush Explains Her “Defund the Police” Position

This will be seen in a million Republican attack ads and rightly so.

The same people who want to “Abolish ICE” and “Defund the Police” only want to strip you of public goods like police protection and national borders. They will continue to live in their gated communities and be protected by private security which they alone can afford like in Third World countries.

When the police retreat, criminals are emboldened and violent crime inevitably spikes, it will be blamed on systematic racism and “white supremacy.” As Chicago has been engulfed by violent crime, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has already done this by declaring systematic racism is a public health emergency. The true cause is that the courts are simply releasing murderers back into the streets. Progressive activists are dismantling policing and the criminal justice system in all of the big cities.

Note: As you can probably imagine, it is much the same way with other progressive causes like wearing masks and eating meat. It is about virtue signaling and bossing people around. It makes sense when you realize that the “progressives” are overwhelmingly college-educated PMCs.

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  1. If the police were scrapped blacks would be genocided in the US, UK and France within a week.

  2. .”..if I spend ten ten…….. million”. She caught herself. She is willing to spend ten million dollars of tax payer money to protect her but not one cent to protect the peaceful law abiding citizen. Filth.

  3. ‘Defund the police’ is just another manifestation of divide and rule.
    Instead of reducing crime by funding the police and/or redistributing some of the wealth from the richest 1% to the bottom 90%, they sow discord between the races, defund the police and let blacks and the poor rob Asians, whites and the middle class while the ruling class is safe in their gated communities.
    Real conservatives would fund the police and decriminalize self-defense, real progressives would fund poor communities by building affordable housing and transit, improving hospitals, infrastructure and schools.
    On the surface they’re progressives, but just underneath they have no ideology, they’re elitists and psychopaths.
    If the people really want change, it has to come from themselves and politically outside the two party system, it will never come from anything remotely connected with the establishment.

  4. @ dedund the police, you say !? Militias, gangs, other entities will step up, we are never going back to what was.

  5. I’m quite sure that when a white is the perp for a change, the Left would support police having all the resources they request…
    Nothing like a good role reversal to expose their true sentiments.

  6. You missed the best part.

    In between all that, the McCloskeys were officially pardoned.

    Cori Bush found time in between all this to issue a veiled death threat against them.

    She was part of that very march on the McCloskeys and Lyda Krewson’s street that evening.

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