The Atlantic: Climate Is The New Populist Wedge Issue

I was always skeptical of climate change.

Until recently, I didn’t write much about the issue, but I began to form my views on the subject during the climate alarmism of the 2000s. Back then, we were repeatedly told that the polar ice caps were on the verge of melting due to global warming which would flood our coastal cities. There was also hysteria about hurricanes which were said to be getting worse and worse because of climate change.

Twenty years later, the polar ice caps are still intact and Miami and Mobile haven’t sunk beneath the waves. Hurricanes did not continue to get worse after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. In fact, the opposite happened and hurricane season became milder over the next 15 years. Just a few years ago, the South was hit by devastating droughts which were blamed on climate change and were predicted to get worse and worse. In recent years though, it has rained more during the summer.

“Journalists” don’t know shit about anything and simply push narratives. A good example of this is the hysteria over the heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, there was a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, but this summer has been wetter and cooler than usual in the South. Every extreme weather pattern is blamed by idiots on “climate change.” It is true that the climate is changing. This has always been true throughout all of history. The planet has been colder than usual for millions of years.

Yes, the climate changes, but the Gulf of Mexico has advanced in and out of the Gulf Coastal Plain dozens of times over the last few millions years. The Mobile River, for example, is a flooded river valley. Florida is normally submerged under the Atlantic Ocean. The most catastrophic predictions of the climate change doomsday cult are bound to happen on a long enough time scale through natural processes.

The Atlantic:

“Perhaps the 234 scientists behind this week’s landmark climate assessment had hoped that their report—published during a summer of deadly floodingwildfires, and heat waves—would act as a wake-up call, one that would unite the world’s governments and parties.

But political consensus on the issue of climate change, much like the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, is unlikely to be achieved: Although most mainstream political parties have at the very least acknowledged the reality of human-induced climate change and the need to implement sweeping new policies to address it, several populist parties continue to reject the scientific consensus. Even those that accept it tend to oppose mainstream solutions, including multilateral efforts to address the problem.

Europe, which has experienced some of the summer’s worst climate disasters, offers a preview of the populist right’s next political battleground. What has emerged so far is not a change of heart but, rather, a shift in tone. Populist parties have traded outright denialism for the position that climate policy, like that of immigration and the coronavirus pandemic, represents yet another top-down elite agenda that stands to hit ordinary people, particularly those in the working class, the hardest. …”

Normally, I have preferred to ignore the issue.

I’ve been hearing the same shit for twenty years from these people. Over that time period, the weather hasn’t changed much in my area, but our culture has degenerated and immigration has gotten worse and racial demographics have definitely shifted in a negative way. We’re plunging down a slippery slope and it is because of the class of people who tend to be focused on this issue.

The thing that really prompted me to come out and take an aggressive position on the issue is their new War on Meat. This was the tipping point when it became clear that the climate change doomsday cult is a pseudo-religion (it regulates food and drink like other religions) that is bound up with all sorts of other things like COVID authoritarianism and wokeness and “trans.”

The solution to all of these issues whether it is COVID or climate change is also the same: we must relinquish power to the college-educated, professional class and follow the orders of the PMCs and technocrats who live in the big coastal metropolitan areas. That’s all it takes to save the world from COVID or climate change or “misinformation” or economic inequality or “toxic masculinity” and the patriarchy or heteronormativity or “white supremacy” and systematic racism.

What do they actually do with power though? They mostly boss people around, congratulate themselves, enrich themselves, mismanage the country and wallow in their own degeneracy. They are a distinct self serving class of people who use issues like “climate change” or systematic racism to justify their own rule. If they all sunk under the waves tomorrow, the world would be better off without them.

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  1. How does HAARP play into the climate change fraud? Weather mods are real and our own government is using man made weather changes to control us. One again man stepping between us and God to gain control over us.

  2. Rule of thumb: if a field has “science” in the same, it is unlikely to be real science.

    Climate science (bad modelling, bad methodology, bad financial incentives, completely politicized)
    Computer science (more a field of math, not science)
    Cognitive science (attempt by gay Jews like Steven Pinker to validate secular shitlib ethics as “science”)
    Neuroscience (female grad students with problem glasses and septum piercings coloring pictures of brains all day)

    • Library science. Or library and information science. Or now just information science. No more “library” because that means books and shitlibs don’t read books, or anything. Their attention span is down to one sentence, or a blurb, and it may get shorter.

      • @Pillshovel – Oh, they do read books. It’s just that any book allowed to take up shelf space in a public library now is formulaic multi-culti affirming fiction, or tomes ghost-written for psuedo-intellectual elites and celebrities that reify the “woke” narrative. Public libraries went rainbow SJW back in the ’90s.

  3. In the 19th Century everything west of the Misissippi River was considered the “great American desert”. Less than 100 years ago, the “dust bowl” covered the better part of 6 or more states. Nothing is static.

  4. These people have taken the climate of the twentieth century, and made that what is “normal”. Like for everything else they do, history simply doesn’t exist before THEY came along. Race, culture, climate, etc etc, all next bend to whatever this class of people’s latest fad is. It just shows how unhappy they are. Like you I wish they would just GO away permanently. Its a strange combination of narcissism, lack of faith and enchantment of the world. Obsession with this world, and no belief in a better one beyond. The desperate chasing of one fancy after another one, strange sex and personal fads, they left the shores of faith, healthy culture, healthy race identity, tradition, nature to sail out into the seas of ideology in a flimsy boat, and now grab at every nasty ideological turd that floats by .

  5. The very same people who blather about climate change are the ones Tucker Carlson pointed to who think the Obama birthday party was just dandy because they’re “sophisticated people” instead of mouth-breathing motorcyclists.

    They’re the people who think Bill Nye or Neil Dregrass Tyson have some kind of special insight into the “science” behind gender identity dysphoria.

    They’re also the same people who read social magazines about celebrities with status and eat at trendy restaurants and pay $10 for a cup of coffee. Everything is about perception and position in the social pecking order. Very little is actually about science. Anything that makes them feel somehow superior is what they’re going to believe and shape their worldview around. It isn’t unlike the zealotry behind Puritanism and other iterations of Christianity. I don’t belittle Christians or Christianity, but I’m fully aware of the need to feel morally superior that drives many people of all walks of life.

    • Indeed. Now rising in the social pecking order requires anti-Christian beliefs and anti-holiness for recognition. In Puritan times public demonstrations of holiness and Christian zeal were the norm. Just as Puritan extremism could not last neither can the insanity of the current ruling class.

      The world has turned upside down.

  6. I AGREE with you about the pseudo-science, dishonesty and hysteria of climate-change politics; and the religious cult-like behaviour of wokeness; and worthlessness of most career journalists, who “only want to push narratives” as you say. Also, as you noted, most if not all short-term predictions of global-warming climate disasters have been wrong. Of course liberal Democratic politicians, and Trotskyists and other fake “socialists” (unlike real, ethno-national socialists) are using climate change propaganda as a weapon and as a smokescreen for the plutocratic system.

    But I hope you don’t doubt the hard scientific evidence that, in the Arctic at least, there really is a warming trend, and Arctic sea ice, glaciers, and permafrost really are melting. It is also logical that in the absence of any other major new climatic influence such as a very large volcanic eruption that would lower temperature, increasing CO2 and methane (mostly from melting permafrost) will cause global average temperature to increase. However the Earth is in a cooling part of the elliptical orbital cycle, and also the sunspot cycle may balance any greenhouse gas warming.

  7. The climate changes every few million years or so.. We went through ice ages and molten ages when people or animals were not on the planet. Trees, plants and coral live off of CO2 and when you deforest rain forests and regular forests you increase CO2 levels , not enough to do any damage. The planet regulates itself. It has before we were here and it will long after we are gone.

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