Proposed Homeless Camping Changes Turned Down In Aurora

It is a new progressive era.

In Denver and Aurora, you will find a strong correlation between White college graduates, DILEs or BoBos, tent cities of homeless drug addicts, climate change doomsday hysteria and this yard sign. These things all run together in Aurora which is also a major host of East African refugees. Nothing spices up your neighborhood like legions of homeless people and Ethiopian refugees.

The Denver Post:

“A proposal to ban urban camping as a means to deal with increasing homelessness in Aurora was narrowly shot down by City Council Monday night, dealing a blow to Mayor Mike Coffman, who pushed the measure.

The vote count was a 5-5 tie, which under Aurora’s rules means the measure fails. At the end of the meeting, the mayor said he would try to advance the measure again in six months. There are several seats up for election in November.

But a city spokesman clarified Tuesday morning that city code requires any measure defeated in a tie vote come up for a second vote at the subsequent city council meeting — unless the council votes against doing so. The next council meeting is Aug. 23.

Coffman’s proposal would have banned camping on all public property, as well as private property where the owner hasn’t given permission to camp. …

But at the council meeting Monday night, several council members said camping bans don’t work. Councilman Juan Marcano said all Aurora needs to do is look across the city line to Denver, where homelessness has become increasingly visible despite the city having a ban in place.

“See how well (a ban) has worked for them,” he said, comparing encampment sweeps to an endless game of whack-a-mole where homeless people told to move on simply set up tents in another part of the city. …”

This is a good point.

Denver has a camping ban, but is being overwhelmed by homeless people who are spreading out of downtown and into residential neighborhoods. They simply set up in your front yard there. Progressives have been trying to solve the problem for 15 years now.

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  1. Did you see the Dems voted to pull federal funding from cities that defund police? Now BLM is chimping out about it.

    Hawley proposed it as a piece of political theater, thinking that Dems would all oppose it so then he and republicans could use it against them. Instead, the dems called his bluff and all voted for it, and are even giving credit to Biden for the idea haha.

  2. In a few years the city council proceedings will be in Spanish along with the rest of the local government. Schools will be teaching (just barely) in Spanish, all the signs will be in Spanish and the Mexicans will not even pretend to hold back their contempt and hatred for White people. The place will be a complete dump, crime much worse than now and the top criminals will live in the rich White neighborhoods.

    This is the fate of much of the U.S. West, written in stone now because of decisions made over decades; Mexico el Norte.

  3. I have to admit the conservatives were correct when they said that cities run by liberal Democrats would eventually resemble third world refugee camps. Even the predominantly white cities out West, such as Aurora, Las Vegas and Seattle.

    • Of course the Conservatives “said something” like this would happen – but, of course, they never did anything about the Brown Invasion. The patron saint of Conservatives – Ron Reagan- gave citizenship to 3M illegals.

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