Breaking Points: The Real Tragedy Was The Corrupt Afghanistan War Itself

Breaking Points has been great on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The entire media from FOX News to MSNBC has been howling with outrage for a week now about the “tragedy” of the “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan. The same people had almost nothing to say about Afghanistan at the height of the war when Obama was president. As long as we were pumping billions of dollars into Afghanistan and flying home caskets, it was fine.

New York Post:

“Joe Biden once snarled “F–k that” when asked if the US had an obligation to protect Afghans from the Taliban, according to newly resurfaced reports.

The commander-in-chief allegedly made the callous remark back in 2010 when he was vice president, while speaking to US diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

At the time, Biden reportedly was arguing that the US should leave Afghanistan despite the humanitarian costs, including the potential erosion of women’s rights.

“F–k that. We don’t have to worry about that,” he allegedly told Holbrooke. “We did it in Vietnam. Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.” …”

There was chaos at the Kabul airport for ONE DAY.

It is not because the Taliban was harming Americans. It was because the Pentagon and the “intelligence community” had so severely overestimated the competence and willingness to fight of their fake army. The GOP position on Afghanistan is now that we should have occupied the country forever and gone to war with the Taliban to prop up the fake government and women’s rights.

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  1. Blackrock and Vanguard have controlling interest in most of the contractors listed. Vanguard owns Blackrock, which currently loans the Federal Reserve money, but is a private company so we are not allowed to ask who the owner are because Banking Secrecy Goy!

    • Vanguard does not own Blackrock. Jack Boggle, a WASP owns Vanguard. In the 1950’s Boggle came up with the idea of the no-load, no fee, index funds, such as the S&P 500 index fund. Now 70 years later the Vanguard Funds manage a huge amount of money.

      Blackrock is a swarmy bunch of Jews. They are investment bankers, although they do manage some “trust” type accounts. They are not geared to the small investor, but, service big dollar customers.

      Blackstone, that isn’t mentioned for some reason, are the serious Jew criminals, who in my opinion, hurt people by destroying companies and pension funds.

  2. Might be good to publish a manifesto for anti imperialist WN going forward. Get others to sign.

  3. Filthy cunt Colbert & that blob of commie shit Moore want Uncle Shmuel to wage the physical war they waged against the Taliban on us “white trash”. They clearly think that they’re 100% safe.

  4. Der müde Joe did a great job how he handled that Afghanistan issue. Often it seems doubtful that he is capable of making any own decisions. Maybe his handlers somehow had lost control over him and then he accidently made a reasonable decision in this one case. However, it should be highly appreciated and not be condemned. Also his statements afterwards were impressing and absolutely comprehensible. He must have had a very light moment. My Grandma also still had some light moments when she was sick with dementia. Biden draw the only right consequences and ended this seemingly everlasting shitshow. There never was anything to win in Afghanistan. This was quite obviously even 20 years ago. Peter Scholl-Latour, one of the very few decent german journalists and a real expert of that region predicted exactly this outcome already in 2001. This Afghanistan campaign should never have happened. It was a shady operation from the beginning. The US once said that they wanted to get Bin Laden who they blamed for the 9/11 attacks and who was hiding there. If that really was the main reason they could have got him probably by single commando operations or by bribery of his hosts. But instead they captured the entire country and caused another disaster with hundred thousands of victims died in vain. And then they eventually got Bin Laden somewhere in Pakistan in 2011. What a farce.

    By the way, Herr Wallace, it is good that you are fully back on track after dwelling in Covid hysteria last year. I visit the site occasionally, mainly when there are special events like the Capitol insurrection in january or now the Afghanistan withdrawal. I very appreciate your work! Especially during the Capitol insurrection you provided lots of footage and important information which was not reported in the mainstream media, and even less in the german media. That was well done sir! I also learned some new things about American history and politics here. Keep going on with your good work!
    Best wishes from the morbid Reich to the old South!!

    • Isn’t that scum Angela Merkel going away soon? If so, send her off to Afghanistan to study the condition of women, girls and fags. It’s not that far away, only about 4,200 miles according to Google Maps. It looks like she can drive the whole way via the E80 highway.

      • If it was up to me Merkel would already have been deported to the afghan shithole with one way ticket. She could support her brown favourites locally then and lecture the Taliban about democracy, women rights and rights of the afghan LGBTQ community, or whatever.
        Would surely be a great success

  5. Did anyone ask you if you wanted thousands of Afghans “refugees” dumped into your city or county?

    • @Krafty,
      I live in Australia. Umm……..nupp! We’re just the lowly voters and taxpayers. What we think doesn’t matter.
      You know, human rights and all that…..

    • In Germany we were never ever asked to take afghan rapefugees. We only have the pleasure to pay for them and to suffer them. Germany and all its institutions are ruled by leftist scum. Those filthy hypocrites have transformed the country into a big amusement park for all kinds of foreign invaders. Due to the neverending influx of invaders and their extreme fertility rate the native germans will be outnumbered soon.
      I guess evil kikelord Soros and his conspecifics are already venturing about if either Western Europe or the USA will fall first and become a totally bolshevistic shithole.

  6. No, Krafty they did not. And that is why Democracy is such a sham. White middle and working class people, especially in ref state America, are not in charge of a damn thing! When I hear the term “Liberal Democracy ” I relaoze it is not trulu liberal nor truly democratic but instead is a fecade behind which a hostile elite rules. It is a reverse Oz whereby the wizard projects soothing liberal egalitarian platititudes but behind the curtain is not a mild, meek man but a hostile anti-white cabal.

  7. The good news of all the Thunderdome type videos coming out of Afghanistan is it has created a general sense of unease in all those touchy feely treasonous suburban white women who voted for Biden. This whole debacle should be a good lesson for whites as to what will happen when they become a minority in their own country.

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