The Federalist: After Afghanistan, No More Moral Blackmail From Failed Global Interventionists

I don’t blame Joe Biden for the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Donald Trump negotiated the peace deal with the Taliban. The Taliban upheld their end of the agreement and refused to fire on American forces in Afghanistan. The Afghan puppet government and its fake army ultimately refused to fight to preserve its own existence without American support.

The seeds of this debacle were sown in the George W. Bush era when the United States committed itself to permanently occupying Afghanistan, nation building and exporting liberal democracy there. Afghanistan became a lucrative grift for the military-industrial complex. The Pentagon and the “intelligence community” refused to bow to the will of the people who have wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan since the Obama administration. The Pentagon and the Deep State bent both Obama and Trump to their will with their “intelligence assessments” and tried to do the same thing with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden was right that the Pentagon and Deep State and the “journalists” who are their mouthpieces were committed to staying there forever and that the Afghan government was incapable of sustaining itself. There was simply no way to pull out of Afghanistan without the fake puppet government there collapsing due to its own illegitimacy. The choice was always either packing up and leaving and cutting our losses and losing face when the Taliban inevitably returned to power or staying there forever to prop up the fake Afghan government. This is the final unwinding of George W. Bush’s legacy.

The Federalist:

“Days after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was initially sold as a necessary pre-emptive effort to secure deadly weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein planned to use against the American people, National Review ran an op-ed by former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum attacking everyone on the right who opposed the war as “unpatriotic conservatives.”

In the nearly two decades since it was published, the column has become something of a Rosetta Stone for deciphering the underlying motivations and mindset of the most ardent proponents of the idea that stable democracies can be imposed by military force from the top down. Like an insect captured in amber, Frum’s essay is a near-perfect specimen of the neoconservative id, equal parts delusion and sanctimony. …

In his State of the Union address in 2002, President George W. Bush all but claimed total military victory in Afghanistan.

“In four short months, our nation has comforted the victims, begun to rebuild New York and the Pentagon, rallied a great coalition, captured, arrested, and rid the world of thousands of terrorists, destroyed Afghanistan’s terrorist training camps, saved a people from starvation, and freed a country from brutal oppression,” Bush stated.

At that point, the military mission in Afghanistan should have concluded. But by 2004, the mission to destroy the terrorists responsible for 9/11 had morphed into a mission to export and establish Western-style liberal democracy not just in Afghanistan, but in Iraq, too. …

“As long as the Middle East remains a place of tyranny, despair, and anger, it will continue to produce men and movements that threaten the safety of America and our friends. So America is pursuing a forward strategy of freedom in the greater Middle East,” Bush told Congress in 2004. “We also hear doubts that democracy is a realistic goal for the greater Middle East, where freedom is rare. Yet it is mistaken, and condescending, to assume that whole cultures and great religions are incompatible with liberty and self-government.”

The subtext of Bush’s address was no different than the overt charge leveled by Frum: if you opposed the bait-and-switch from defeating terrorists to nation-building all over the Middle East, either because you believed it be contrary to the purpose of the military or you believed it was futile and doomed to failure, you were racist and xenophobic. …”

We always knew it would end this way.

It always has ended this way for empires in Afghanistan.

Obama, Trump and Biden all inherited this albatross from George W. Bush.

Business Insider:

“More Americans blame former President George W. Bush for America’s failure in Afghanistan than any other president that succeeded him, according to a new Insider poll.

Around four-in-10 respondents said Bush is most responsible for the war’s outcome — the Taliban regained power despite the US’s nearly 20-years of involvement there — ranking him ahead of former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump as well as current commander-in-chief Joe Biden. …

Looking strictly at the four presidents in the survey, 38% of respondents ranked Bush as the president most responsible for the outcome, 27% Biden, 19% Trump and 12% Obama. …”

Joe did what had to be done.

It wasn’t his fault that the Afghan puppet government was rotten to the core. This ill conceived project was launched twenty years ago. Conservatives are being duped back into supporting imperialism out of sheer partisan hatred. The same thing happened with the Iran nuclear deal.

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  1. As guvnor of Texas and president of the Jew ess aye, Dubyah was never afraid of authorising death. Some on death row likely deserved their fate, but he probably delighted in signing their death warrants. This enthusiasm likely carried over into his presidency.

  2. It’s a total farce how anyone in the white house can talk about preventing terrorist attacks on US soil with a straight face………when the southern border is wide open and troops are forever posted overseas! And now we’re bringing in more Afghan refugees because they somehow ‘helped us’. It apparently doesn’t matter that our nations are changing culturally and demographically. Gotta help every refugee on the planet….
    I just can’t imagine why we have a farrrr rightttttt problem!

    • Re: “Gotta help every refugee on the planet”:

      Gotta CREATE every refugee on the planet.

      We MAKE millions of people (the ones who survive) become refugees, to escape from the chaos and “democratic” bloody puppet dictatorships that we create.

      The U.S. will create an Afghan “resistance” diaspora here, just like it created a Cuban diaspora and a Venezuelan diaspora, etc. that it coddles, subsidizes and flatters and uses as weapons (mostly for propaganda) to attack the nations it is trying to control.

      • @Anonymous,
        Given that these military interventions never actually improve these nations, yes you’re correct:- they create refugees on purpose. Those behind it are past overdue to be hanged.

    • Mike Pompeo when both director of the CIA and Secretary of State was an agent of Israel. I doubt he would disavow that charge.

  3. “occupying Afghanistan, nation building and exporting liberal democracy ”

    “Nation building”…… That’s a joke, it’s really ‘nation wrecking’.

    More finkletalk.

      • The U.S. is a “proposition nation”, not a real nation, an idea, not a real place. Thus saith our masters, The Usual Suspects.

        They of course think, act and write differently about their parasitical colony. It’s a subtle form of slow, long term, very successful moral warfare waged against their enemies of which they have created many over the centuries.

  4. Re: “Joe did what had to be done. It wasn’t his fault that the Afghan puppet government was rotten to the core. This ill conceived project was launched twenty years ago”:

    (1) “Joe” is just an illusion, a puppet mouthpiece figurehead, and of course, as such, although he does do whatever has to be done, he doesn’t REALLY “DO” anything. He should NOT be given any credit for the withdrawal or any other decision-making he appears to do.

    (2) As figurehead imperial commander in chief, it IS Joe’s fault and he does take the blame for all failures and successes of imperial foreign policy, including the rottenness to the core of the Afghan puppet government. Realize that the withdrawal of regular, uniformed troops is a mere tactical back step, and the war to take full control of Afghanistan has NOT been cancelled. Joe followed by freezing Afghanistan’s assets to starve the nation, a serious breach of international law, an act of war in itself.

    (3) The project is not really ill-conceived. I think it was actually quite brilliantly conceived, in a diabolical way, successfully murdering hundreds of thousands, and maiming or ruining the lives of millions more, feeding the illegal industries of drugs and human trafficking, and generating or justifiying trillions of dollars of new military spending. The project has been very successful and it is NOT over yet.

    (4) The project was launched much more than twenty years ago, going back to the Carter administration if not earlier. The U.S. Empire picked up where the British Empire left off, which destroyed Afghanistan in the nineteenth century and drew the Durand line through Pashtun territory.

    • Joe Biden also vocally supported this entire debacle in Afghanistsn at the time it was launched…So, there’s that.

  5. The Yankee Empire losing its grip on another “conquered territory”. Where have we seen this before? Local “Taliban” moves in to take advantage of Yankee Empire’s inevitable wimpy rule.

    In a past example we see an Anfifa/BLM type example of a “mostly peaceful” theme: “Force without violence” (except in at least one noted case the Red Shirts “killed thirty black militiamen and a state senator, many in cold blood).”

    The Red Shirts were simply a more organized version of the “rifle clubs” or “sabre clubs” that had proliferated in South Carolina after the breakup of the Ku Klux Klan by federal forces in 1871.

    The Red Shirts, named for their distinctive uniforms, were the horsemen who accompanied Wade Hampton III and other Democratic candidates on their tour around South Carolina in the tumultuous election of 1876. They executed a Democratic strategy euphemistically termed “force without violence” to defeat the much more numerous Republicans and thereby reestablish white supremacy in South Carolina.

    The Red Shirts were simply a more organized version of the “rifle clubs” or “sabre clubs” that had proliferated in South Carolina after the breakup of the Ku Klux Klan by federal forces in 1871. These clubs, ostensibly social in nature, were in fact local paramilitary forces loyal to the Democratic Party. Composed of hundreds of rifle clubs totaling fifteen thousand or more men, the Red Shirts were much more numerous than the detachment of U.S. troops in the state at that time. Memoirs of former Red Shirts indicate that the uniform was originally a mockery of the Republican practice of “waving the bloody shirt,” a slang term for efforts to arouse sectional passions among voters. Given their purpose of securing home rule, the Red Shirts may also have been a reference to Garibaldi’s Italian nationalist organization of that name.

    Organized as Red Shirt brigades, they intimidated and sometimes attacked Republicans during the 1876 campaign. “Force without violence” was a slogan, not a binding policy, and Red Shirt groups sometimes used deadly violence. The worst instance was the Ellenton Riot, in which Edgefield Red Shirts killed thirty black militiamen and a state senator, many in cold blood. Red Shirts all over the state stuffed ballot boxes and committed other frauds to ensure Hampton’s election. In the traditional mythology of Reconstruction, these unsavory aspects of the campaign were forgotten, and the Red Shirts–Hampton first among them–became the noble saviors of the state. The editors of the State newspaper commented in 1905: “Wade Hampton and the men who wore red shirts in the broad light of day and the women who blessed them redeemed South Carolina from negro rule.” Although they were overwhelmingly white and were committed to white supremacy, the Red Shirts did count some African Americans in their number. These black Democrats often retained the right to vote after most African Americans were disfranchised.
    — The Digital South Carolina Encyclopedia: “Red Shirts”.

    So be ready “red shirts”. The Yankee Empire is trying to completely destroy the South in their third attempt at Reconstruction. They will eventually lose their grip and their will to beat our conquered region to death. Be ready.

    May God Save the South!

  6. Please with the BS the Federalist is pro-kyke and will do the bidding of the Christ killers for beans.

  7. GWB II is the worst President elected (or selected) since at least 1900. He was even worse than his father who chose war over peace in 1991 in the hope that his ‘victory’, such as it was would lead him to a sweeping victory in 1992 over those notorious scumbags, Bill & Hillary Clinton.

    GWB I had a chance to get Saddam to withdraw Iraqi forces from Kuwait, pay an indemnity and submit territorial disputes to binding arbitration in Jan. 1991. Instead, for domestic political purposes that didn’t work out anyway GWB I chose war. Perhaps he would have won reelection in 1992 had he chosen peace, we will never know now.

  8. Largely correct, but ignores the fact that the end of our presence in Afghanistan could easily have been conducted in an organized manner without the shameful scenes at the Kabul airport. Yeah, that idiot Bush is the main culprit but don’t let senile old Joe off the hook.

  9. “More Americans blame former President George W. Bush for America’s failure in Afghanistan than any other president that succeeded him, according to a new Insider poll.”

    I particularly hate that mother fucking scum. He’s not only responsible for the 2 trillion Afghan goatfuck, he’s responsible for allowing the neo-cohens to yellowcake us into Iraq one, and for the gigantic Homoland Insecurity bureaucrat boondoggle that has turned Virginia into a fucking (((Blue State))) permanently.

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