Capitol Bomber Surrenders Without Blowing Himself Up

I saw this farce on the way home yesterday.

Ray “Bubba” Roseberry of Grover, NC quickly surrendered without a fight.

The so-called Capitol Bomber was either a fed or someone who has been deranged by FOX News. Obviously, he wasn’t one of our people. We’re thrilled about the Afghanistan withdrawal.


“(CNN) A man with a history of supporting former President Donald Trump and who has said “all Democrats need to step down” was arrested Thursday after an hours-long standoff near the US Capitol during which he claimed to have an explosive device.

Police have identified the suspect as 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of Grover, North Carolina. The incident prompted multiple buildings in the area to be evacuated Thursday as authorities responded to an “active bomb threat investigation,” the US Capitol Police wrote on Twitter.

USCP said in a news release later Thursday that no bomb was found in Roseberry’s truck but that he did possess suspected bomb-making material. DC Police said in a tweet that the vehicle he was driving had been “cleared,” and that road closures near the scene have now been lifted. USCP Chief Tom Manger, who told reporters on Thursday that authorities couldn’t yet identify a motive, said that so far there is “no indication” Roseberry was acting with others.

Roseberry had been live-streaming from the scene, Manger said. A roughly half-hour Facebook video showed him inside a truck, holding a cannister that he said was a bomb and speaking about a “revolution.” The video and Roseberry’s Facebook profile have since been removed. ….”

What do you think?

Is this just a fed, a fed patsy or a parody of the Patriot movement that was actually real? Based on past experience with these blowhards on Facebook livestreams, he sounds like he could be one of them.

Note: This act of “domestic terrorism” was a dud. He didn’t even have a real bomb.

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    GD…Biden had done at least one thing right….and Sean Hannity wants another 20 year 2 trillion dollar occupation of Afghanistan…..Parachute the Chickenhawk Warhawk traitor into Kabul to fight the Taliban….You see Sean is a tough guy now…because he says he is…because he has a personal training who had taught him a few homosexual grappling moves…Sean likes to brag about his grappling skills…no doubt with DuPont Circle Male Prostitutes like the one he had on his show on a regular basis…some guy named Guckert who serviced the former Marine Corp Commadant the bachelor General James Mathis…

  2. I didn’t even pay much attention. This guy did this at a time when so much else was going on, I don’t think anybody noticed him much. He had bad timing. They won’t be able to use him as an example of “white supremey” very well. He got drowned out by the noise of Afghanistan.

  3. He had his brain fried by the NeoMAGAcon narrative. It’s alway shock to come across these guys. I’d guess he also identifies Hitler as left wing?

  4. I don’t doubt they’re beating the bushes looking for “white supremist, domestic terrorist” links.

    • Creating them !

      “no bomb was found in Roseberry’s truck but that he did possess suspected bomb-making materials”

      Anyone with gas in their tank has ‘bomb making material’.

      More finkletalk

    • They have to put them out there, otherwise, when they complain about white supremacists, they’re wouldn’t be any signs of them.

  5. No one believes in their little fake NAZI groups anymore. Even shitcons on fagbook don’t believe it. So it makes sense they would go to faux lone wolf NAZIs. This guy probably has a long history of programming, hypnotism, electroshock torture, the works.

  6. It reminds me of the phony van-bomb attack at the Washington Monument by Norman Mayer (an anti-nuclear protestor) on December 8th 1982. Mayer initially trapped eight persons inside the Monument and claimed that he had a powerful bomb in his van and a remote detonator. He was persuaded to let the trapped people go and then eventually tried to flee in the van himself and was shot dead by the Park Police. He had no bomb in the van.

  7. These dickheads are hardly the image we want to put out there for ourselves. He has the IQ of a toddler, and is obviously emotionally challenged. He opposed the withdrawal? That alone should distance him from us.

  8. Apparently, he is “right wing,” whatever that means. Considering he has all of the same opinions as a CNN talking head, it’s hard to distinguish what exactly right wing means here. Either way, he certainly has nothing to do with us “far right White supremacist extremists” who unanimously prefer the Taliban over the American imperial troops. I blame CNN and blue check twitter journalists for radicalizing him with misinformation about Afghanistan.

    I guess in the USA you are right wing if you want the American empire to stay in Afghanistan forever to combat terrorism and project a tough image, and you’re left wing if you want the American empire to stay in Afghanistan forever so women can get masters degrees and take birth control pills.

  9. This crap was way too theatrical. Right down to the rusty coffee can with putty on it that served as the fake “detonation device”. Why would it be rusty? Did he dig up the wads of money in the back yard that he had stashed because he refuses to put money in the bank so that he could recycle the cliché rusty coffee can?

    Way way way too theatrical.

  10. Notice the media has not really mentioned the story? That’s because he feels for the kids in Afghanistan and black, White,red, gay, lgbt are all Americans to him. Hardly a “White” supremacist. He also talked about his “handlers” which means the feds.

  11. What happened to all the Muslims? Terrorizing, bombing, blowing shit up? Where are they and why have they stopped so suddenly, and some how have now been replaced by redneck crackers? Who’d a thunk it?

  12. “Let ’em come!” Just another Fux jews-lovin’, Q-huffin’ civnat patriotard clownshoe. Probably incited by the FBI, like the Jan.6 “insurrectionist” dupes and almost all of the rest. And a dogshit dumb, ugly fucker to boot – which makes the (((fed))) angle even more likely.

  13. Glownigger patsy activated to divert the NPC’s attention away from inflation, Covid tyranny, Kabul exfilation debacle, and use as false flag domestic terrorist event.

  14. Fake, Fake and unbelievably fake gay ops. You would actually have to be mentally retarded to buy this story hook line and sinker

    This low iq qanon boomer is absolutely ridiculous and why is their dollar bills all around his truck he throw them out before calling? Lol this is so stupid

  15. @ Obvious false flag psy/op , pathetic attempt to discredit the sane voices heard here and elsewhere.

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