Breaking Points: Media Hates Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Going Better Than Portrayed

There was chaos at the Kabul airport for like a day.

Tens of thousands of people are being flown out of Afghanistan every day now though. You would never know this from watching the hysterical media coverage though.

The “journalists” are servants of the “intelligence community” and military-industrial complex – the people who told Joe Biden that their fake puppet government would hold out against the Taliban for months or years – who are opposed to the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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  1. Don’t sugarcoat it, Hunter. It (whatever “it” is – withdrawal? Evac?) is going smoothly (as far as we know) because the Taliban are allowing it. No thanks to incompetent Bidet and his generals & State. They were totally wrong footed by the Taliban. Huge loss of prestige. Don’t try to spin this into some kind of victory for Biden!

    (Although it will definitely be a victory of sorts – like Dunkirk – if evac happens with minimal bloodshed)

    Look at how Taliban are dictating terms: “You’d better be out by August 31st!”

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