Mitch McConnell: Afghanistan Withdrawal Weakened Our Efforts In “War on Terror”

What is the alternative to our devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan?

  • Break the peace deal with the Taliban
  • Go to war with the Taliban
  • Occupy Afghanistan forever against the will of its own people
  • Resettle hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in the West
  • Salute the failed generals and “intelligence community” who assured us for 20 years that we were “making progress” in Afghanistan
  • Restart the endless grift that has made a fortune for defense contractors in Afghanistan
  • Recommit to throwing money and lives down this rathole

Such is the GOP position on Afghanistan in 2021.

As you can see, these elderly conservative politicians will assuredly squander yet another congressional majority should they emerge victorious in the 2022 midterms.

Note: I’m tired of the Afghanistan coverage, but we need to strongly push back against this or else we could easily stumble back into another war.

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  1. By inspection we can obviously see that Mitch McConnell is a filthy fucking cockroach…

    Now let us move on to the fundamental issue:

    No Muslims in America…9/11 NEVER OCCURS…

    No Muslims in America…the Feb 1993 attack on the Twin Towers that killed 7 people….

    And this raises the very very obvious question:Why are Muslims being allowed into America…LEGALLY?

    Answer:So Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born Muslim geneline can vote the Historic Native Born White Christian Majority into a violently persecuted white Christian racial minority within the borders of America….

    • @Patrick of Greenport

      Even if there were no muslims in America 9/11 would have still happened because it was carried out by Israel and traitors in the US establishment like that rat General Eberhart of Norad.

  2. There are now Pakistani Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS driving trucks on US Highways…

    And you can thank former US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao for this…..

  3. Today’s grateful refugees/immigrants/illegal aliens are tomorrow’s terrorists and criminals. The U.S. Government, the Lügenpresse, the NGOs and unfortunately, a portion of the U.S. population will not make this obvious connection. The U.S. Government, the Lügenpresse, the NGOs and others have a stake in terrorism and war, it’s good for their bidness and that’s what counts. They will naturally lie about it all day long without a grain of remorse.

    They are scumbags, one and all, the Republicans are the worst though.

    • If not the current refugees, then their children will be our bane. No Muslims allowed…the solution is simple. Evil people and fools guide this country.

      • They all have their own nations in the Middle East. Why come here? Unless it’s for all of the free stuff they get, just like any other brown beings. If they need a translator, guess who pays for it? We do. Courtesy of our taxes. They are just being used by the Zios to take us down.

  4. McConnell uttering about ‘waste in spending’ whilst supporting a twenty year war that benefited no American in any real way! Does he care about anything that needs to be done or upgraded on home soil?

    • @ Goose, no home soil concerns for the senator, his actions, would leave one too believe, his main concern, his passion, is for Sushi ! Yes I said it, somebody had too, sushi, sushi, sushi and more sushi, Senator Sushi mcConnell , sushi,sushi sushi……..


  5. @ mr.mcCarthy, a fine representative, of the party of john brown and abraham lincoln, mr.mcCarthy a very well trained purveyor of black republicanism, try and cry as you may me.mcCarthy, no need to apply, without founding stock credentials, you are just another jealous hyphenate, so off to the back of the line, with your sorry self, remember your place.

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