Poll: Joe Biden Sheds Support From Independent Voters Due To Delta Variant

Joe is plummeting in the polls.

It is not because of Afghanistan which is a low priority for voters. It is mainly because of frustration with the endless pandemic which was supposed to be over in “Hot Vax Summer.”


“The national opinion poll, conducted Aug. 13-19, found that Biden’s net approval among independents dropped by 14 percentage points overall since June, and by 19 points for his handling of the coronavirus. Still, a slim majority of independents – 53% – said they approve of Biden’s pandemic response.

Independents are turning away from Biden even though most share his concerns about the coronavirus and have consistently joined with Democrats in supporting more preventive measures.

The August poll found that 66% of independents support mask requirements at restaurants, gyms and on airplanes, while 25% oppose them. Fifty-five percent say vaccines should be required for people who want to go back to the office, while 37% say they should not.

When asked who should be blamed for the resurgence of COVID-19, 47% of independents said unvaccinated people, compared with 12% who blamed Biden. …”

It is worth pointing out that Joe’s drop in the polls isn’t due to any conversion on the COVID issue. The same people who are frustrated with Joe Biden over COVID overwhelmingly blame anti-vaxxers for it. The culture war over the issue breaks to the advantage of Democrats.

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  1. Was any evidence ever presented that the Delta variant originated in the unvaccinated? There are plausible arguments to make that the vaccine suppressed the Alpha strain allowing the Delta strain to become dominant. The vaccinated went on to spread the Delta variant.

      • “It came from India”:

        Yes Delta came from India, BECAUSE in hyper-capitalist ndia the virus is essentially let run free, and the vast majority of the one and a half BILLION people (India may surpass China soon as the world’s most populous country) are still NOT vaccinated. Delta was certainly not caused by vaccination in India where so little vaccination has been done, but by the almost complete lack of a public health system in hyper-capitalist India, and lack of enforcement of the rules that must all be followed to stop the virus completely once and for all. Note that Delta (and Lambda from Latin America) does not just break through vaccine-induced immunity from existing vaccines, it also breaks through naturally-acquired immunity to previously existing strains of the virus (Alpha and some other earlier strains). Taking the seemingly EASY WAY OUT (easy and good for big business) known as “the Herd immunity policy” does not stop the virus from coming back again and again and even more seriously as Delta, Lambda and other future strains. What allows the virus the keep on going is not vaccination but not doing everything that needs to be done to stop it completely once and for all. When people are lazy and stubborn and stupid or misled, they will also be sick. A population (like the U.S. population I won’t say people) with a declining average IQ and increasing inequality will suffer declining health and declining average life expectancy.

  2. New data from Israel and UK is severely undermining the universal vaxx narrative. Also all the kids dropping dead from heart attacks post-vaxx. Same incompetents screwing it up in Kabul are doubling down with “booster shots”. Vaccines don’t stop transmission, hospitalization, or death. 13,000+ officially reported vaxx deaths and counting. Will there be a huge narrative shift in the next few weeks/months?

    • Best damn line in an article over the whole COVID Charade, came from Wm. Briggs:

      “New Zealand—the whole country!—now locks down after even one positive test. Either the country destroys itself in its effeminate quest for Safety, or it comes to its senses.”

      That’s what this all has been. A giant hormonal shriek over a little mouse.
      Yes, HW, People died. But people die everyday. We move on. As Briggs notes….

    • The vaxx appears to be less than 40% effective (if even that). This is about submission. Boomers are kicking off in record numbers so absolute death figures are going to spike anyway. Pretty crappy bioweapon if you ask me.

      • 0.84 to 1.24% effective according to the Lancet. It’s a SCAM. They are going to use the computer anti-virus model and require shots every 8 months. None of it actually works, if anything it will destroy your immune system. The vax is deadly and dangerous, doesn’t work, yet they are mandating it for everyone, including people with serious medical conditions that shouldn’t take it. Enough with this vax BS, this is the beginning stages of technocratic control over society, I’m sorry some people are too dumb to see it. This has nothing to do with a fake pandemic. COVID would have disappeared if we did nothing, the reason it is still here is all political. And if they don’t get their way they will just release a new bio-weapon, yes, the elite are really that evil. It’s a conspiracy and we need to realize that our overlords want to return us to a Carbon Credit System Feudalism.

        • “fake pandemic (…) It’s a conspiracy (…) the vax is deadly and dangerous, doesn’t work”:

          The virus is real and almost certainly a natural disease, not a lab creation; vaccines do work and are much safer than suffering the full force of the disease; science is not evil, and ignorance kills. You should know Carlson, lngraham and Hannity are vaccinated, although they push the narratives of anti-vaxx and pandemic-denial Conspiracy Theory. Perhaps some Alt-Right “heroes” of the pandemic denial and anti-vaxx movement (cult) you may watch online are vaccinated too. Do as they DO, not as they SAY.

  3. It’s a pandemic and “more people are dying now than ever before”…but people go to restaurants, clubs, casinos, weddings, you name it. Without masks. But the people who have been vaxxed are told to wear masks. The vax won’t protect you, so you have to keep on getting shots. Is there anything MORE contradictory??

    • Funny how the lefties are the ones who are now trusting all the official dictates without question. I guess that’s how it works when you have all the levers of power.

  4. Big Pharma has it under control. Shut up, do what you are told by your betters and keep the shekels rolling into the Trump 2024 campaign. Make Pfizer/Moderna great again.

  5. “The same people who are frustrated with Joe Biden over COVID overwhelmingly blame anti-vaxxers for it”

    Despite the fact that places like Pissrael, Iceland & Gibraltar are seeing skyrocketing new cases despite being virtually100% “vaccinated”.

    These are the self-congratulating “informed, educated” shitlibs; the Thienth Beliverth.

    Fucking idiotic, scapegoating, coward scum.

  6. This delta virus malarkey has to be pure fiction Does anybody know of any of their family or friends that have had it?!

    All the reports of this super strain that hav had it the worst are Brazil and India arguably the two biggest overpopulated shitholes and dirtest polluted places in the world

    • The Delta variant is real. Several people in my area have caught it, including two siblings and myself. I know several people who lost several vaccinated family members to the Delta variant. They were ALL Hispanic. Aside from California, my area and all the others where the Delta variant is present are in red state territories. Coincidentally, many unvaccinated migrants (who didn’t manage to make it to California – which has the best benefits) were relocated by military transport to my area and others that tend to be considered red state.

      Although deaths are represented among all races, the groups most vulnerable tend to be Blacks and “Latinx.” I suspect that they are particularly being hit hard, because the migrants are moving into areas where they can easily blend in and hide. (Ya never know if a real populist might be elected, have them hunt down and deported back to the shitholes they come from) Many of them, of course, are Latin American, but quite a few come from Africa.

      There IS one country that has almost one hundred percent vaccination which has been hit particularly hard by deaths from complications from taking the original as well as getting sick and dying from the new Delta variant. Israel, ironically. All their issues materialized after the owner of Pfizer was barred from entering, because he hadn’t bothered taking his own product. He said he intended to get the vaccine after the more “at risk” populations had been served. We all know damn well that if it worked like gangbusters with no adverse side effects, the owner of Pfizer would have muscled his way to the head of the line.

      I agree with Hunter’s thesis that, contrary to all the yelping from the MIC and Zionist neo-cons, Biden’s Achilles Heel is the same as Trump’s. The Co-Vid virus. Biden could win again by a landslide if he threw that rat-faced Fauci under the bus (for initiating the illegal and unethical gain of function research at Wuhan) and canceled the vaccine program altogether (because it doesn’t work anyway).

      He should replace Fauci with a real epidemiologist/microbiologist who has treated patients holistically as well as medically and forbid the American Medical Assocation from bullying/intimidating doctors from prescribing the Ivermectin and hydrochloroquine that works more effectively than any vaccine and less expensively (because their patents have run out).

    • The memorial inscription, translated from Vietnamese, says:

      “26 October, 1967, on Truc Back lake, Hanoi people and army caught alive John MacCain – Mayor of the US Navy. He drove an A4 aircraft which was shot here, right above the Yen Phu Power Plant.”

      Kamala’s wreath-laying is an insult to the Vietnamese. (Note: I also don’t approve of the degenerate “proudly bisexual” Twitter poster regardless of being correct about Kamala and McCain and some other things.)

  7. This is what I know from personal experience. I believe I caught Co-Vid 19 in early 2020 from a relative who had many comorbidities, including COPD, two forms of pneumonia and severe bronchitis. It was the virus which kept her from responding to any treatment and, of course, she was put on a ventilator which only made matters worse. Cause of death wasn’t listed as the virus because it happened about a month before every death was diagnosed due to Co-Vid 19 regardless of pre-existing conditions. The doctor diagnosed walking pneumonia and I was back at work within three days.

    This summer, I caught the Delta variant from a vaccinated family member. I got a treatment where I was infused with the antibodies of people who survived the virus, whch variation, I don’t know, but I was still flat on my back for two solid weeks and was bone tired for a week after that. I recovered quicker than my relative (who had caught it from a housemate and/or his son).

    I honestly think this thing was created in a lab to create a need for governments everywhere to purchase the vaccines which were already created for such a purpose.. I think that that snake in human form, Fauci, (as well as Bill Gates and other investors) was in on it up to his beady little eyes (or why else did he go out of his way to find a workaround the gain of function restriction against viruses.

    Too bad that Biden has dementia, because, contrary to the media reports, the only people that are upset over the Afghanistan withdrawal are the Zionist neo-cons and the military industrial complex. He ran and won on promising to fix the Trump’s bungling of the Co-Vid 19.

    IMO, Trump bungled it by not getting his MOSAD buddies to investigate Fauci and uncover his illegal and unethical authorization of gain of function in viral research, trumpeting it to the world, refusing to let any vaccines which conveniently materialized at all. He should have replaced Fauci with doctors who knew about ivermectin and hydrochloroquine and let them save people.

    The LAST thing he should have done was move heaven and earth to unleash those vaccines on the world. I don’t care how desperately he wanted to win reelection and saw them as the easy way out. And if he’s serious about running again, he should stop trying to take credit for getting that crap into the arms of so many people. He should blame … er let Biden take credit for that blunder.

    Honest post-vaccination research has shown that those who took the Co-Vid19 vaccine(s) are not only likely to be hospitalized more than any unvaccinated with no co-morbidities, but they are more likely and quicker to infect other people and they are more likely to die from it.

    It looks to me like taking the jab not only is ineffective from catching new variants, but it blocks the body’s natural immune system from creating its own antibodies to fight new variants.

    Too bad Biden fell for Gates/Fauci’s okie-dokie on the vaccines (as well as masks). I honestly believe if Biden signed an executive order eliminating the vaccine program altogether as was done with other vaccines who killed even fewer citizens and told at-risk populations to socially distance and quarantine, under medical supervision, as well as let doctors prescribe ivermecting and hydrochloroquine along with the z-pack, he’d win reelection by a landslide.

    A smart leader would just throw Fauci under the bus and Bill Gates (and any other investors in jail).

    • You know, so many people die from flues. Especially when they are old, immuno compromised, or have other serious conditions.
      Someone goes to the hospital for a heart attack, and if they test positive for Covid, and die, they are labeled a Covid victim.

      People ought to see the holes in the whole thing. It really makes no sense.

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